She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


15. Forgive me? *unedited*


   "Marcel-I...I can't just pack up and leave my life!" Ella spoke as my spirits dimmed.

   "Harry and Emma could come!" I suggested although I purely wanted it to be us to.

   "Well, Emma has other friends than me, she's not going to leave them just so we can be friends. As for Harry he just got an apartment!" Ella sighed as I groaned, kicking the ground with the heel of my foot.

   "Than us two! We could constantly visit California and you could skype your friends everyday!" I said, hoping she'd ponder over the option.

   "Okay..." She sighed as my eyes widened. After all the shit I put her through she agrees to move with me? I knew what I was asking I just hadn't expected her to say yes. She had really said

   "Really? Are you sure-,"

   "Are you trying to talk me out of it?"


   She laughed, grasping my hand as shivers coursed up my arm. She was beyond frozen.

   "Come on, let's get you home, you're beyond freezing." I smiled, pulling her into me as I led her into the car, blasting the heater on the highest setting.

   "You're a dick for telling her but thank you." I said awkwardly towards Harry, scratching at the nape of my neck nervously.

   "What was that?"

   "I'm not saying it again."

   "Okay..." I chuckled, climbing into the front seat as Harry took the back, the car already hotter than a sauna. The blue in Ella's lips slowly faded until they were back to their nude pink plump nature. I kept my eyes on the road, asking Ella to call somebody about my car. She nodded in response, pulling her phone from beneath her leg as she dialed the number. I let myself zone her voice out, focusing on the most random shit I could think of.

   "Yeah, okay. Thank you." Ella finished, removing the phone and pressing end. She looked over at me, telling me the cost as I nodded. Not as bad as I thought. The idea of Ella and I moving, starting fresh brightened my thoughts, causing excitement to build in me.

   "Marcel?" Ella asked quietly as if she were scared to say something. I looked over to her as she nervously bit her lip. God, did that turn me on.

   "You do know were still not in a relationship...right?" Ella asked softly as a piece of my rough boy exterior broke, even closer to me breaking down and revealing how I really feel about her. I've told her I love her but nothing I've said was even relatively close to how I truly feel about her. How I truly love her.

   It is a love that even the finest Shakesphere couldn't begin to fathom. It's a love that Romeo and Juliet haven't even began to experience. It was a love that near no God's could explain. A love where it couldn't be written on paper because there was not one word to accurately explain how it feels.

   I looked over at Ella whose head was gently pressed against the glass, her lips slightly parted as she slept, her eyelashes rested against her cheek. I smiled, admiring the beautiful pinkness of her skin and how she had a slightly defined jawbone with a few freckles adorning the curve of her face. It was such a beautiful sight, not even an artist could capture every miniature detail.

   "Were home." I stated as we arrived at Ella's house after dropping Harry off. To my happiness, Ella had convinced the nurse to let her go home and although weak, she was pushing through. I held her arm tightly, my free arm enveloping her waist as I helped her up her porch steps. She thanked me, slowly opening the door. It was so different. When she saw me, soaked by the stream situation she was fast and quick. As if she were completely fine to get to me, but now. Now she was slow and hunched over in pain. Not that I can blame her. She got shot. Because of me. It's always me.

   "Wa-Want to go up to the bedroom?" I asked nervously, carefully helping her up top the stairs as she gripped the railing. She let out a quiet frustrated groan as a small smile indented my dimples. She was so beautiful, in pain or not. We finally reached the door of her bedroom, my hand forcing it open as I wobbled her in.

   "Thanks." She croaked, falling onto the bed as she sighed, leaning against the baseboard. I took a deep breath, admiring every spectacle of beauty that created such an amazing girl. She pulled the laptop from the end of her bed, pulling it open as she began typing. I waited a few minutes before her finger jabbed at the screen, excitement sweeping her face.

   "This, this, this!" She exclaimed as I cocked my eyebrow in confusion, an amused expression overtaking my expression. I walked around the bed, plopping down beside her as I looked over at the screen. A happy, giddy feeling raced through me as I kept my mouth from dropping over. She was looking at houses in Miami. She was not only willing to move, but find a place for us to stay.

   "This is amazing, I'm calling the realtor!" She exclaimed as I looked at her like she grew two heads.

   "That is way to much money, we can't afford it!" I replied as she looked at me glumly, pouting.

   "I'm still calling!" She smiled, finding her phone before she dialed the number, putting it on speaker.

   "Hello Laura Franklin, realtor of Miami Florida, how may I help you?
  "Hi, uh. My boyf-friend and I were thinking about buying a house in Miami...wait! Laura Franklin? It's me Ella! Gabriella!" She smiled as the lady on the other line gasped.

   "Young Ella! How have you been? How is it without your parents?" She asked as for some reason it angered me. Nobody should be allowed to mention the passing of her parents.

   "Difficult but I met this boy, he's a great friend and he's helping me through it." So I'm officially just a friend.

   "Just friends? With a boy?"

   "Okay, so I have feelings for him.."

   "Awe, does he know?"

   "Yeah, we dated for about six months. I love him..." She mumbled, trying to quiet her voice down although I heard. My heart leaped, a smile spreading across my lips.

   "Awe, young love! Exactly what your parents would have wanted!" Laura chirped as Ella laughed.

   "Why aren't you guys dating anymore?" She asked as I clenched my fists. It's none of her buisness.

   "Things were being hidden from me and I couldn't take it." 

   "Honey, people make mistakes. You've made mistakes, you can't hold his against him. Remember what you hid that cost your best friends life?" Laura spoke as Ella's face paled, her mouth dropping open. I looked at her confused as she bit her lip nervously.

   "I-Don't bring that up!" She snapped as there was silence.

   "I'm sorry but sweetie, give him a chance. You can't hold his mistakes over his head because nobody did you. Here, for a fresh start I'll give you the house you want, free. No charge. Take it as my present to you!" Laura spoke as Ella's face turned into shock.

   She sighed before answering, "Okay...I gotta go, goodbye!" She hurried before hanging up. Did she forgive me?

   "So?" I asked, hoping to get an answer.

   "God, I love you. Forgive me?" She asked before I nodded, her body leaning over and pressing her lips to mine. Right now nothing else mattered. Just the girl I love and the fact we'll be moving in together.








hey guys who do you think is crazier about the other? DO you think marcel is more crazy over ella or ella is more crazy over marcel? Anyways, hope you enjoyed, bye :) x




if you read this all comment your answer to the question :) x

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