She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


28. Crazy (unedited) +A/N

(Guys, I'm serious! Listen to this while you read the chapter! It's the perfect fit! ♥)

   I woke up and to my surprise, the sunlight didnt bother me. I looked down at the ring, my heart beating uncontrollably. I looked to my right to see Marcel with his face planted in the pillow. I smiled, the back of my hand gently resting on the curve of his jaw. I pulled my other arm from beneath me, admiring the ring is I shined bright due to the sunlight.

   A smile, without warning, pulled at my lips as tears collected in my eyes.

   "Baby? Is something wrong?" I heard Marcel ask, his voice deep and raspy. I sniffled, smiling wider as I looked down at him.

   "I can't believe this...I just..." I spoke, my voice barely above a whisper. A floppy smile inhabited his lips, his dimples indenting the skin on his cheeks as he pulled me down as that I lay beside him.

   "All for you angel. You're the only one I want to be with. For now and for always. Do you believe me when I say I love you?" He asks, his lips moving beside my ear as he pulls a strand of hair away so that it sat securely behind my ear. I smiled, nodding as my eyes glossed over once more.

   "All the drama I've put you through and you still want me?"

   "All the shit I've put you through and you're still here?" Marcel reciprocated, a serious truthfulness in his eyes.

   "That's because nothing can break me from you. We're not like other couples. I hurt you, you hurt me but that's what will make us last. Nothing will ever break us apart! Nothing." I repeat, pressing my lips to his as he let out of breath, slowly taking my cheek in his hand as he pulled me closer.

   After a few moments, we pulled away as I sighed, sitting up so that I leaned against the headboard.

   "Is Emma still here?"

   "Living room." Marcel replied as I smiled, nodding thankfully. My hand laid on his bare chest, tracing the lines of his various tattoos before I took a deep breath, swinging my feet off the bed as I stood straight.

   "Where are you going?" He asked, and the worry in his voice was beyond obvious. At some extent, it hurt me. I didn't want him to be so hateful towards himself. I didn't want him to be insecure about how I felt about him. 

   Truth is, when I first met him. I absolutely hated him. He beat a guy up before my eyes but something changed. And fast. He makes me complete and I hate him questioning himself. If he's ever good enough. Fact is, I'll never be good enough for him. He deserves someone so much better, who can give him what he wants yet last night, he slid that ring onto my finger.

   The thought warmed me as I started towards the door, shivering as the cold air surrounded me. The door creaked as I pulled it open, walking out into the dimly lit hall. Although faint, you could hear the quiet sounds of Emma inhaling and exhaling.

   I smiled, thinking back to six months ago. I would have never thought I'd end up here. Away from Dylan. With a guy I love. Suddenly, as if a walk down the stairs were a photo book of memories, everything replayed in my head.

   Mia. Dylan. Ryder.

   Becoming anorexic, cutting. Suicide.



   The thoughts swirled in my mind like a tornado, before calming down once my feet met the cool ground.

   "Ella?" Emma asked, sitting up as her hair poofed from her head. I laughed silently, walking over so that I stood behind her, quickly falling back onto the couch.

   "Can you believe it? I never thought Marcel Styles would love a girl let alone propose!" Emma exclaimed as I chuckled, my thumb twirling the ring around.

   "I was just this girl who sucked at Math and had a horrible past. What did he see in me? I truly wonder...what made him choose me?"

 "Of course I'm mad at you, you selfish bitch. You led those people to me, you knew they would follow you but you still led them to me. I should be alive, you should be dead. I should be with your beautiful boyfriend, not you. I should have Harry crushing on me, not you. I should have everything you do but I don't. I'm dead because of you, and if I have to be dead, so do you." She spoke, hate laced into each word.

   "Harry doesn't like me. I told you to run but you refused, I tried to save you." I gasped, the light fading before my eyes.

   "You fool, of course Harry likes you. Ever since you guys met he's loved you, but of course you chose Marcel. Harry broke on the inside but was forced to hide it just so you guys could be friends at the most. He wanted to be the one to hold you in his arms but you rejected him." She spat as I scrunched my forehead in thought. It all comes together now. 

   "Oh my goodness." I gasped, realizing who Harry was talking about when he said he fancied another.

   "And Marcel. He's constantly afraid you're going to leave him. He acts tough but on the inside he needs somebody to love. I don't understand why it's you, you've broken him plenty of times. You are no good for him, Marcel never loved me and soon he'll get bored of you. Soon you'll be another one night stand that lasted months to long. He'll forget about you. Think about it Gabby-,"


   "Gabby, he's embarrassed to be seen with you. He's praying for the day he leaves you so he's the one who feels victorious. He watches you throughout the day, hate in his glare. He hates you Gabby, get that through your head. You are so naive.'' She laughed as I bit my lips, letting tears roll down my cheeks, some in pain, some due to the fact every insecurity I had about Marcel and I was spoken out loud.

   "N-No, he loves me." I spoke, my confidence in the statement slowly dimming along with my vision.

   "No he doesn't. You're pathetic you fool! He's playing you!"

   I shuddered as the memory replayed in my mind. I felt fear course through me but I ignored it, trying to focus on the limited amount of time I could spend with my friend.

   "Ella, come on! Think logically. You're absolutely beautiful. Funny, smart. I think the question is why wouldn't Marcel choose you?"

   "Because he could have had Annabelle." I muttered as Emma cocked her eyebrows, looking into my eyes.


   "Annabelle. My old friend who died. Because of me..." I added bitterly as she looked taken back. Her eyes were wide as she fought to find the words to say.

   "A group of guys. Got my parents first, followed me and then got Annabelle. I dont know why they let me live. A-And. In my dream. The guy who fired the gun. He looked so familiar...and sounded so familiar. I just can't place my finger on it..." I sighed, confusion laced throughout each word.

   "What did he look like?"

   "I.......I can't remember..." I spoke, my eyebrows furrowing as I tried to think of his appearance. Tall. Definitely tall.

   Although that's all I could remember. Anytime I came close to finding out who he was, it seems like I was fighting for life. Fighting for air. Fighting for what rightfully belonged to me.

   What belonged to me.

   Why does this persons face. I feel like I've seen it before.

   I know I have.

   Ella. You're delusional. You couldn't possibly know the killer.

   Yeah, that's it. I'm just crazy.




Hey guys sorry if that sucked but I wanted to get a chapter up for you :) You'll find out who the killer is soon dont worry :) How manyof you liked the song? Isnt it absolutely perfect? O.o I love it!! Anywho, I loooove you ♥



If you read this all comment who you think the killer is :) x

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