She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


25. Annabelle + A/N



   I awoke, my eyes squinting to the overly excessive light, my nose plugged as I took in small packs of air. I sniffled, trying to clear my only source of breathing as Marcel walked into the room, carrying a tray which possessed many of my favorite things when I felt down.

   "Let's see, chicken noodle soup. Tea, a bit of Nutella, tissues and your brand new laptop!" Marcel listed as I laughed, playfully rolling my eyes before a sneeze exited my trembling lips.

   "T-Thank you." I croaked, my voice hoarse. Great, so now I had barely any voice, I was sick and I had a cast on my arm. What else do you have, life? Why don't  we throw in some bruises and disease, wouldn't that just be the bow on top of the present?

   "I thought we could watch movies together, I know how obsessed you are with watching movies when you're sick!" Marcel chuckled as I smiled, nodding in agreement as I sat up, the tray being placed on my thighs. I thanked Marcel, hurrying to take a sip of the steaming tea. I sighed in enjoyment as the hot liquid slithered down my sore throat. Tea makes everything better.

   "I..." I coughed, trying to catch the very little breath I had left. 

   "I still have to get my things from Jake's place." I informed, hoping not to aggravate Marcel, that last thing I need is the person I love being angry with me.

   "I can get them angel, stay in bed, and I'll go get them!'' Marcel was quick to say, already pulling an actual shirt over his head of curls.

   "Promise not to hurt him Marcel? I mean it?" I asked as sternly as possible, although it was difficult due to the lack of sound my faint voice could produce.

   Marcel sighed, gently massaging the bridge of his nose as his head tilted towards the floor, a frown appearing on his lips.

   "Okay babe, I won't." He mumbled as I shook my head, weakly propping myself up as I grasped his arm. Marcel turned to look at me as I tugged at his arm, gently pulling him down.

   "Get down here, look in my eyes and promise you wont. I mean it Marcel." I spoke sternly, as he sighed, bending down so that we were eye level. His beautiful bright, green irises peered into my plain brown ones as he began speaking.

   "I promise not to hurt Jake." He spoke as I smiled, pressing my lips to his quickly.

   "Thank you."

   "Only for you angel." He said before walking out. I heard his feet echo down the stairs and the door downstairs . I sighed, settling back down into the comforter as I pulled the book from beneath my pillow. Divergent. Hey, if I'm going to force Marcel to see the movie with me in March, I have to read the book first.

   I opened up to where the bookmark stuck from the tanned pages, finding where I was and began reading.

   I guess I was lost in the pages because before I knew it, Marcel was standing in front of me, amused as tears rolled down my cheeks.

   "Babe?" Marcel asked, a silent laugh leaving his lips.

   "I can't believe they turned Tobias against her. They have to get married and make little divergent children or my life ends!'' I exaggerated as he chuckled, setting my things on the ground.

   "Marriage is over rated and pointless." Marcel smiled, settling on the bed beside me. I froze while turning the page as I looked over at Marcel.

   "No it's not. It binds love and you're officially the others." I swooned as Marcel rolled his eyes, a playfullness to it although it only angered.

   "Marriage ends with an e. You want to know what else does? Divorce. People practically get married to get divorced." Marcel explained as I forwarded my eyebrows, my nose twitching as it so often does when I get angry.

   "Not if they share a true genuine love. A love that is solely for one another. Of course if one of the partners has eyes for another it leads to divorce, but if they truly love one another, there is no reason to part ways." I defended, crossing my arms across my chest but not before bookmarking my page.

   "Are you kidding me? Nobody has true love, I've certainly never felt it." He spoke as I eyes widened, my arms dropping.

   "Wow, thanks Marcel." I spat, moving to get up as Marcel's hand gripped my wrist.

   "No, no, no! I love you...that's not what I meant!" He hurried as I shook my head.

   "That's what you said, now leave me alone." I snapped, pulling my arm from his hold as I slid the book off the blanket, heading out of the room and downstairs. I let my feet carry me towards the back patio where I found a blanket, cuddling up as the sun shone bright in the sky. The worst part? It was only two. I couldn't sleep my insecurities away. Nor, could I eat them. But I could try...

   I let my eyes scan the pages of my book but it was no use, I was anything but focused on the small black print which swam in swarms in front of my eyes.

   I groaned, bookmarking the page as I threw the book onto the floor, soon after checking to make sure it was okay and no damage had been done. I looked over at the pool and hot tub, images flashing in my mind of when I tried to drown myself. I bit down on my lip, causing tears to flood my eyes. I shook my head, refusing to cry. I would not cry. Never.

   I looked beyond our house out towards the land, or in this case the backyard. It was amazing and had a small bundle of large trees. It was enough to build a tree house just as I had back home. Home. I quickly whipped out my phone, dialing the first number I could think of. Harry.

   "Hello?" He answered as a smile pulled at my lips.

   "Harry!" I exclaimed, gripping the phone tighter as if I would soon lose him.

   "Ella! How are you? I miss you so much!" He spoke, his voice more energetic as he spoke. I nodded my head quickly, smiling.

   "I miss you to, I wish you were here with me. I could use a friend..." I sighed, not intentionally pointing fingers towards Marcel.

   "Are you okay? What happened?" He asked, concern slapping itself onto each word as I stifled a laugh. He was always so concerned, it was sort of comforting to know someone cared so greatly of me.

   "Well. Marcel and I were talking," I began, explaining the whole story to him, detail by detail. I quoted everything Marcel and I said, making sure to pronounce each word painfully precise.

   "Oh, Ella. I wish I was there now to. Don't do anything stupid, promise?" He asked as I sniffled, letting the fresh tears fall down my cheeks.

   "I won't. I'm not suicidal little Ella anymore. I'm not going to let his words cause me to try and take my life, which I know was overly dramatic, but. It-it still hurts. His words, they haunt me. He literally just told me he never truly loved me and...that was my biggest insecurity played out. That the guy I love would never truly love me back." I sighed, thinking back to Divergent. It was as if I were in my own fear landscape. Each fear I had playing out and I had to find some logical way to calm down, and dissipate to fear. There was only one problem. I wasn't logical. I went crying and calling my friend instead of trying to do something about it. I felt as if I had my own leaders watching my every move, recording how fast my heart was beating. Whether I would make it or not.

   "Ella, you were insecure. People like you do things like that. You weren't being overly dramatic. You were being insecure and most people don't realize insecurity is like it's own person. It pushes you to do things you end up regretting and one day it might be to late." Harry replied as I listened thoughtfully to each word he spoke. Even his voice sounded like Marcel's. English accent, deep and raspy...beau-, Stop it Ella. Focus on Harry, not Marcel.

   "I know it's just I felt like back then he would've gone to work or something and I would've thought he's cheating. That would lead me to try to fucking stab myself. I over analyze everything but this...this scenario you can't over analyze. He said what he did and there's no other way to think about it." I responded as I fiddled with the hang nail that was painfully tearing down near my nail bed. I heard glass slide open as Marcel stepped onto the patio.

   "Babe?" He asked as I shook my head, pressing my index finger to my lips in a signal to be quiet.

   "Is that Marcel?" Harry asked as I replied with a simply yes, training my eyes on the the threadbare end of the blanket.

   "Are you going to talk to him?"

   "No. I'm done trying to talk to him. Every time I do things are normal for maybe a day or two but another problem arises." I groaned, leaning my head back as I closed my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose.

   "Ella, I think you should talk to me. You make mistakes to." Harry answered as I remembered the talk I had on the phone with Laura.

   Honey, people make mistakes. You've made mistakes, you can't hold his against him. Remember what you hid that cost your best friends life?

  I shuddered, panic coursing through my veins.

  "I didn't mean to kill her. I was only thirteen!" I shouted into the phone, gasping as my hand flew to my mouth. Marcel's mouth dropped open as silence lingered between Harry, Marcel and I.

  "K-Kill who?" Harry stuttered, fear evident.

  "No, please don't be scared. It-it was a mistake. A mistake. She, I'm sorry. No, a mistake. Don't, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I stuttered, mainly talking to myself as tears flowed down my cheeks, the heel of my hand pressing into my eyes as I wiped away the tears which proved unsuccessful.

   "Kill who?" He asked again, his voice more confident although it still held a certain hold back to it.

  "I-she was my best friend. I'm sorry. We-I'm sorry." I sobbed, wails leaving my lips as I trembled. I felt arms wrap around my as I jumped, screaming as I pulled away from Marcel, running to the other side of the deck.

  "No-no, no. Don't-don't touch me. Don't touch me. I said it was a mistake!" I shouted, talking to no one in particular. Is this what it's like to go absolutely insane?

   Almost instantly my throat tightened. I remembered how I barely have a voice and everything I had said was strained, barely passing my lips.

   "Ella, you need to calm down!" Marcel, or maybe Harry said. My mind was a large tangle, I didn't know who said it.

   "I-I didn't listen and they took her. I'm so sorry Annabelle. I'm so sorry, please forgive me, I'm sorry..." I cried, tilting my head towards the sky as I sobbed, the warm yet eerily cold air surrounding me.

   "Ella," The same voice spoke, a hand touching me arm.

   I screamed, jumping further back.

   "I'm sorry, please don't kill Annabelle. Kill me instead, I'm sorry." I pleaded, continuous tears streaming down my cheeks like a shower.

   "I'm not killing anybody," The voice answered as I shook my head, refusing to open my eyes.

   "Please don't hurt her. What do you want? Please, don't." I sobbed before completely breaking down. I fell onto my knee's, letting my body huddle up into the lump on the floor as sobs left my lips, a few catching in my throat.

   "Ella, Ella." I heard two of the same voice spoke as I plugged my ears, groaning as I cried out in memory.

   Suddenly, it's as if everything went quiet. Trembling, I lifted my head from my hands as I looked around. A gentle breeze swept through the area, making the leaves rustle. My phone and Marcel had disappeared and it's as if I were somewhere else. I looked straight forward only for my eyes to be met with a tomb stone. My eyes widened as I gasped, rushing to my feet as I stumbled back.

   "No, no, no." I cried, my eyes puffy as I tripped over pure nothing, falling onto my back as I still scrambled backwards. On the tombstone, was my name engraved. My birth date and today's date. Today's date. I breathed in air, trying to get far away but each step I took back only seemed to bring me closer to my death.

   Right beside mine, was Annabelle's stone. Although she wasn't in the casket. She was standing right beside the hole dug in front of my stone. I gasped, looking closer.

   "Annabelle?" I asked in disbelief. She looked just like she did when we were thirteen except older.

   "You're the reason for my death so now I'll be the reason for your's." She stated but before I could respond a sharp pain spread throughout my back. I looked down to see the tip of a knife plunging from my skin. I gasped for air, my head tilting back to look at my killer.





   I jolted up, screaming as the book fell to the floor. I panted, tears quickly leaving my eyes as strangled sobs left my lips. I didn't even pay attention to the fact it was barely past noon. I had fallen asleep and with that dreamed the worst possible thing out there.

   I looked to my right, screaming before realizing it was simply a dress hanging on a hook, not Annabelle. I looked to my right, screaming before realizing it was simply a heater, not my stone. Images of the knife plunging through my heart filled my vision as I sobbed, shaking my head as I felt my chest. Nothing.

   Why had Marcel killed me?

   I looked down, screaming as I calmed down yet again. It was a pen, not a knife. I couldn't stand to be in this room, I just. I scurried out of bed, dashing out of our room and quickly down the stairs. Before I could advance I felt arms wrap around me as I screamed, thrashing and crying.

   "Baby, baby. What happened?" I heard Marcel asked concerned as I broke into sobs, crumpling in his strong, muscular arms.

   "Y-You, k-killed. Annabelle, why. I'm dead, you killed me. Stop, this isn't real." I murmured to myself as if I were trying to convince the air.

   "Who's Annabelle? Babe, what are you talking about? You're still alive." He spoke, concerned sweeping along with his deep voice.

   "Y-You're going to kill me, where's the knife!" I gasped, my hands patting against my chest trying to find the tip of the blade.

   "Ella, stop it. You're fine. What happened?" I heard Marcel ask as I shook my head, squeezing my eyes shut letting the trapped tears fall. I backed away from his tall structure, hitting the end of the stairs railing, screaming as I realized it was the railing, not a knife.

   "Don't kill me, I'll kill myself before you can!" I shouted, running over to the kitchen where I threw the drawer open, finding a long blade and pointing it towards my heart.

   "Ella!" He screamed, as footsteps ran towards me.

   "Come on, Ella. Do it." I urged, as I thrusted my hands forward, sending the knife towards my heart as a blood curdling scream left both mine and Marcel's lips.





Hey guys, can you say drama? You may not be but I actually REALLY like this chapter! I was listening to music while writing it which I never do. Should I start listening to music when I write? Hah, leave an answer down below :) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you guys have an awesome New Year.


Love you ♥



If you read this all comment if I should start listening to music when I write AND your new years resolution :) x

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