Love is Dead, Literally.

So this is one of my Quotev stories. It cusses and includes suicide and graphic scenes. Reader discretion is advised.


5. Chapter 5: Injuries and Realizations

The weekend went by fast. I spent the entire time talking to Elizabeth and playing video games. On Sunday I had faked sick and stayed home alone while everyone else went to church. I blared Kottonmouth Kings throughout the house, and when people were home, it blared only in my ears. There wasn't anything to do other than hang out with Elizabeth and play games. I learned she had been physically bullied by both guys and girls for being, get this, "too skinny!" How the hell is that possible? Anyways she turned to cutting only a little bit, nothing much. Then her mom remarried this ass hole drunk who seemed to hate Elizabeth. Within a moth of her mom marrying him he started making Elizabeth feel uncomfortable. He was always tipsy and making crude sexual remarks. One night when he was completely wasted he found his was to her room. He covered her mouth and when she resisted he hit her. He told her is anyone found out he'd kill her. Then... he raped her. This continued for a year and then he, like kids at school, started to beat her. Finally, she snapped. One day wen she was home alone, Elizabeth sharpened her knife to where touching it would draw blood. Then, she easily sliced deep wounds into her wrists. She died within a few moments. I told her how I did the same thing for those same reasons except the step-dad one. She and I came a lot closer over the weekend but now she stayed at my house while I went to school.

The bell rang dismissing school. I picked up my back pack and walked out of the class room. I turned left and headed for my locker. I felt a hard impact as I was shoved down into the janitors' closet. I scrambled back to my feet and looked at the door which now slammed in front of me. Next thing I know, a fist slammed into my jaw. It spun me around and my head hit a metal shelf. I felt a gash in my skull as blood filled my eyes. I heard footsteps as my attacker left the closet and took off for home. I simply fell on the floor and my vision blurred. Last thing I saw was feet as the janitor showed up for supplies.

He must have called 911 or something, cause I woke up in the hospital. I had five staples in my forehead, but I couldn't feel a thing. I noticed my mom and the principal talking to a nurse. When they noticed I was awake they all three walked over.

"How are you feeling?" The nurse asked.

"I'm fine."

"Who did this?" My principal asked as the nurse smiled and walked away.

"I couldn't see they had a good on."

"We can't help unless you tell us who."

"I don't know who it was."

"We need you to be honest."

"I SAID I DON'T KNOW! I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!" My principal was dumbfounded. She stepped back and my mom let me have it.

"You do NOT talk to ANYONE that way EVER young man! Do you hear me!? You owe her an apology right now!" My mom screamed.

"I'm not apologizing for shit. I told her twice before and apparently I'm a liar. Yeah, a straight A student is lying to the principal about a bully. If I knew who hurt me wouldn't I tell? I mean I'll tell who made me do this!" I held up my wrists and showed them both all my scars. "Every mother fucker who as ever hurt me physically or emotionally, like you mom! Or the people who know something is going on but never do anything till it's too late, like you Mrs. White! Now will you please both leave me the fuck alone!?"

They were both in shock.

"I should go now..." Mrs. White said walking out the door. We all noticed a doctor standing in the door.

"You're free to go home now." He said before awkwardly walking away.

I stood up out of bed and grabbed my accessories. My mom followed the doctor down the hall to sign papers, but I just went outside. I sat in the car for about thirty minutes before my mom came out. She tried talking to me but I ignored her. I stared out the window and listened to Eminem all the way home.

"How was your... Whoa what happened!?" Elizabeth yelled as I walked in my room.

"Drop it."

"But your head is busted open!"

"I said drop it."



I noticed her ghostly eyes filling with what I assumed were tears as she flew out my wall. Great, as if I didn't feel like an ass before. Suddenly my mom bursted in. Without a word she took all my knives, my releases, and left. I slammed my door and locked it as she stomped down the stairs.

"Dumb bitch, I can hide them too." I chuckled as I thought of all my hidden knives.

Suddenly a thought crossed my mind. Elizabeth. And not like I had been thinking of her, more feeling to it. I already yearned for her to return. Something deep inside me broke. My heart? Couldn't be... Or maybe... No... I'm not going crazy am I? How could I possibly love a dead girl? I swear... I'm not going crazy... Am I? In an instant I realized in one single weekend I had fallen for Elizabeth, and now I had run her off. I hated myself now more than ever. I flipped over my mattress and reached into the hole I had cut and pulled out my dad's old military tomahawk, the only thing I managed to keep mom from throwing out. I sat against my bed and gripped it in my right hand and stretched out my left arm. I swung the tomahawk and it got caught in the bone. Blood sprayed everywhere from my wrist and I clenched my jaw tight to keep from screaming. I now did the same thing to my right wrist then fell limp with my head back. As I stared up at the ceiling and my vision blurred I couldn't help but smile. I finally was strong enough to do it.

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