Love is Dead, Literally.

So this is one of my Quotev stories. It cusses and includes suicide and graphic scenes. Reader discretion is advised.


3. Chapter 3: The Woods

I was in the woods behind my house just walking. A light drizzle had set in and I could hear the soft pitter-patter of rain droplets hitting the leaves overhead. A quiet, soft, beautiful, female voice could be heard in the distance singing a soft sweet melody. I walked over the lush green grass in the direction of the angelic sound. When I reached the top of a hill I had never been to before, I noticed a crowd of people in black. They were all looking down at the ground. One girl stood out of the bunch. She looked about fifteen. She was in a short, white lace dress. She was singing and crying at the same time as she watched the crowd of people. Once they all dispersed I walked down the hill. Only the girl in white remained. When I arrived at the bottom of the hill I noticed a grave stone. "Elizabeth Jackson. Beloved daughter, sibling, and friend to many. 1983-1998." I stared at the grave as the girl in white walked up to my right side. I looked over and she looked back with black makeup running down her beautiful, pale white face. I reached over and wiped a few tears from the stranger's face which also took off some runny make up. I noticed, when I looked down, there were red stains on her dress and all up and down her arm; she had been cutting a little too deep if you ask me. I looked back up at her and she forced a smile.

"Did you know this girl?" I asked looking into her shiny green eyes.

"Know her?" She paused as if contemplating her next move. "That girl is me."


I jumped straight up in my bed with sweat pouring down my face. It was all a dream. A messed up freaky dream, but it didn't feel like one. It felt like I had actually been there. It was all so real. Downstairs I could hear the sound of laughter. I looked at my clock and noticed it was noon. I got dressed and walked downstairs. My sisters and their friends all stopped laughing as soon as they saw me. I didn't care, they were all bitches anyways. I walked into the kitchen and threw a HotPocket in the microwave as I strapped on a pair of combat boots with my blue jeans and black button up shirt. As I grabbed it out of the microwave my sister Sarah, the only person who was ever nice to me walked into the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"For a walk... not like y'all want me around."


"Don't even attempt lying." I said as I walked out the back door.

"What a freak." I heard one of her friend's muffled voice say as I trotted down the back stairs and looked off into the woods.

After about an hour of walking through the woods I found it; the hill. Looking down I saw nothing. I slowly walked down the hill and looked around. I swear I heard a voice but no one was there. As I took one misstep, my foot caught on something on the seemingly flat ground. I rolled onto my back and looked towards my foot and found a carved round stone.

"Fuck... that hurt."

I stood up and looked down at the stone which had unreadable carvings in it. Suddenly something clicked in my head.

"That girl is me."

I reached into the backpack I had brought and grabbed a piece of paper and a marker. I laid it flat on the stone and scribbled seeing if anything would appear. Sure enough, my fears became reality. The words off the stone were now on the paper. Elizabeth Jackson.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I turned and stepped back tripping over the stone again as the girl in white stood in front of me. She looked scared. "Y-you can actually see and hear me?"

"Are you..."

"Yes that is really me. I can't believe you can actually see me!"

"I can't believe the dream was real!"


"Why did I see it?"

"I don't know. Maybe you're just special in some way." She smiled. "I would help you up, but... yeah I kind of can't."

I stood up and looked at her. "So no one else has seen you before?"

"Very few can. It gets lonely."

"I can't just leave you hear."

"Its okay. Really."

"Do you wanna come back with me?" I asked without thinking.

"OH MY GOD! REALLY!? A FRIEND!?" We both laughed a little.

"Sure. Looks like we could both use one." I replied getting up and walking back towards the house with her close behind.

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