my old bullies boyfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)

Sarah-Jayne got bullied alot through out primary school by the same girl and when she got to high school she thought that everything would be different, a fresh start. what happens when she meets her old bully 4 years later? does what she thought was burried deep in her mind, all the tourcher, and fear come back? or will Sarah forgive her and become friends? what happens when she meets a new guy, but she finds out that it's her old bullies boyfriend? find out in My old bullies byfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)...
Copyright 2014


1. who am i? well i'm glad you asked!

Who am i? Well, i'm glad you asked!

My name is Sarah-Jayne Tompson. I am a nobody. I am invisable to everyone at school. Well it seems like it anyway. I live in Australia in the small town of Orange, on a farm. I have lived there the majority of my life. I attend a Catholic School and i am in year 11, and 16. A year younger than everyone else. Great. I have medium length stawberry blond hair, bright blue eyes and a black spot on my left cheek. When people actually notice me they ask if it's real or not. They also love to call me an orangutan or a "ranga" because my hair looks more red than strawberry blond. I live with my dad, Edward. Along with all my pets, my 2 horses, lots of cattle, my 5 chickens and my presious dog Abbey. I use to live with my mum Leane, but she passed away 2 years ago. She died from breast cancer and a tumor in her brain. I miss her so much. My younger brother John who is 15 lives with my Auntie Jessy. Ever since mum died and John moved in with Jessy my dad has become an alcholic. He gets so drunk that he beats me. He makes me go and get his beer for him and if i don't get it i get punished. And it hurts. Everyday i am hurt in one form or a nother. He would beat me for the fun of it, just becuase he can. I sit in my room either studing or reading a book. He makes me feel as normal as possible so if i have friends over (which has never happened EVER) it doesn't look so suspitious. I go into town and do all the shopping and everything else. I have basicly become a "Mother" in some form or a nother. I do all the chorse, groceries, mow the lawn, get the beer, and stuff like that. (he makes me do it though). Dad lost his job because he stoped coming in when mum died. He got a new one. At the same place as me. so I see him more than I wnat to. I don't ever want to see his face. EVER AGAIN. But I live with him, so there is no escape. Great.


(A/N this is my first movella and i want t know what you think so far!



love SarahXP <3

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