my old bullies boyfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)

Sarah-Jayne got bullied alot through out primary school by the same girl and when she got to high school she thought that everything would be different, a fresh start. what happens when she meets her old bully 4 years later? does what she thought was burried deep in her mind, all the tourcher, and fear come back? or will Sarah forgive her and become friends? what happens when she meets a new guy, but she finds out that it's her old bullies boyfriend? find out in My old bullies byfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)...
Copyright 2014


16. Was that really her?

Harry’s P.O.V.

I was playing hide and seek with louis late last night. He must of gave up and I must of dozed off, because I woke up behind one of the couches in the corner of the music room.

I woke up to someone playing the piano.

"are you going to sing for me yet Sarah?"

that was Niall. Sarah must be on the piano.

"I um, didn’t see you standing there."

He must of startled her.

"sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. So are you?"

he’s being pushy? That’s not like Niall.

"I um, don’t know what to, um, sing."

She’s going to sing for him? She knows how to play the piano? She keeps to herself, and doesn’t talk much.

"well then. We will have to work on that."

I think he’s walking over to her. I’m just going to lay here before I make it awkward, I want to hear her sing. I don’t want to move and give myself away.

"who is your favorite artist?"

"well I’m not singing a song from you guys so, my next would be either, Adele, Birdy, Bruno Marz, Olli Murs, Pink or Ed Sheran. There all my favorites. Well besides you guys"

they both laughed with each other for a little bit. We’re one of her favorites? Huh, I like her more now.

"ok so, can you sing me an Adele song? How about Someone Like You? Then Skinny Love by Birdy?"

"I’ll try. Oh then can I do Classic by MKTO?!"

"haha ok that sounds good."

She has a beautiful laugh. She is just beautiful all round. She’s not a girly girl. She likes to get dirt under her nails. I like that in a girl. Not afraid to stand up for herself and yet can be very innocent.

"ok here we go. I might me a little rusty."

She starts playing the tune. Then she sings.

She is the most amazing singer you will ever hear! Her voice is gorgeous.

Once she has finished singing and there is quietness. I thought I should get up and leave before something happens. But just as I’m about to move she speaks

"you know. You are the first person I have sang to since my mothers death? I don’t know what it is, but when I’m with you I don’t feel afraid anymore. I feel confident and happy again. The last time I sang was when my mother was in hospital. I sang her favorite song for her just before she died. Then I sang it at her funeral. That was 2 years ago. I haven’t sang since. That’s why I’m a little rusty."

Oh no. I’m to late. But that’s so sad that her mum died in front of her in hospital. They sit there for a few seconds and she bursts out into tears.

"hey. Shhh, it’s ok. I’m glad I make you happy again. I don’t like it when you cry because it makes me cry to. You’re to beautiful to cry."

After a while she stops crying. She must of fallen asleep. I stand up and Niall looks at me in shock while he has his arm around her and rubbing his thumb on her shoulder while she slept. She looked beautiful. Even if she had tear stains and around her eyes were puffy. It just shows how strong she is. She has held it in for so long, she had to let it out soon. She’s a soldier.

"Harry? What the heck are you doing back there? How much have you heard?"

he whisper screams at me

"well I was playing hide and seek with louis late last night. He must of forgot because I fell asleep and woke up to her on the piano. So I heard everything. She is amazing. Was that really her?"

I whispered to him back

"well don’t mention it to anyone. She doesn’t like people hearing her sing. I don’t know why, she’s amazing. But she didn’t even want to, but I told her that she can teach me to ride a horse if she sang for me."

really?! I have got to see that. I hide my laugh by covering my mouth with my hand and just let out quiet giggles.

"you riding a horse?! Did you really say that to her?"

"yeah I did. I know it was a stupid idea. But you haven’t seen her ride, she’s so graceful. It comes to her naturally. You should see the boxes of ribbons and trophies she’s won."

He was talking about her like she’s the best thing in the world. I think our Niall has fallen. And fallen hard.

"do you like her Niall?"

he looked suprized that I caught onto his game.

"I er, um, like her. But I’m not sure if I like her as a friend or more."

He looked at her and had a goofy smile on him as soon as he saw her.

"Niall, mate. You’re drooling. And I can tell that you truly, madly, deeply in love mate. You’ve fallen and fallen hard my friend."

He sighed still tracing circles on her arm ever so lightly.

"I guess you’re right. I mean every time I look at her, my heart skips a beat, I get butterflies in my stomach and not just a few, millions. She just does something to me what no other girl has done before. She makes me love her just by looking at her and she doesn’t even know she’s doing it."

Oh wow, he has gone beyond fallen, he’s just crazy in love.

"here. I think we should take her up to her bed."

"yeah your probably right."

He stood up and picked her up bridle style and she didn’t even make a noise. She must of known she was being moved because she snuggled up to Niall’s chest and took a big breath, as if she was startled and as soon as she did she had a smile on her face. She looked so cute when she slept and when she smiles she looks even more beautiful.

When we got to her room, I opened her door and saw all her boxes still packed up. I walked over to her bed and pulled back the covers and Niall laid her down and pulled the sheets up.

"you go on mate, I’m going to stay with her."

I just nodded and left. Why would he want to do that? Unless he was going to get in with her? Oh well that’s not that bad.

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