my old bullies boyfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)

Sarah-Jayne got bullied alot through out primary school by the same girl and when she got to high school she thought that everything would be different, a fresh start. what happens when she meets her old bully 4 years later? does what she thought was burried deep in her mind, all the tourcher, and fear come back? or will Sarah forgive her and become friends? what happens when she meets a new guy, but she finds out that it's her old bullies boyfriend? find out in My old bullies byfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)...
Copyright 2014


9. Chatting

Sarah's P.O.V.

(3 days later)

*BING* my laptop goes off. i look at what the notification is and i see i have 2 new followers on twitter. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. now i'm buzzing with excitement. i know, i barely know anything about them but i know they're in One Direction and they're freinds with Niall. Tomlinson sounds very farmilier to me. i can't quite remember. to be honset with you i have a horrible memory i forget anything and everything. my mum use to say that i would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on properly! well, i probably would.

i start talking to the 2 boys and Harry keeps flirting with me and saying that i'm really beautiful, while Louis calls me pretty. i honest to god don't see what they see. all i see is a girl who is invisable to the world and that i always do things wrong and so i get punished for it. no-one knows my secret. i keep to myself. recently i've sarted cutting. because, i mean what is my life worth if i am ignored and i am always beaten and bruised all the time. anyway. they have asked me all these things like where i'm from, how old i am, what kind of a guy i like, if i'm single and those things. why they want to know is beyond me.

i have a huge drive way and live 10 minutes from town. (yeah, when i got Auntie Jessy and John's present i had to walk into town. on foot. cruel isn't he?) so i am out of town away from all the trafic and noise, accept for when the planes fly past and the trains go past. i live near an airport, and my back paddock is next to the railway lines. i guess living in the country isn't so bad. i mean you have all this space. i live on 65 achers and dad owens a few more places that he runs cattle on. oh yeah i'm in the school's cattle team where you break in cattle and lead them around and i'm also ignored there, well at least i can get the work done quicker. yeah i'm kind of a country chick.

the boys conversations:

@harry_styles: what kind of a guy do you like?

@sarah_XP: umm... blondes.

@louis_tomlinson: where do you live?

(ok i'm going to be lazy so sarah is going to be s, louie is L, and harry is h)

S: in orange, 5 hours away from Sydney

H:who is your favorite member?

S: Niall

L: are you single?

S: yes. i've never had a boyfriend.

that was the last of the conversation before i went to bed. i have decided to ask Auntie Jessy if i could stay with her tomorrow. Steve is going to hate me. he hates me anyway. The feeling's mutual. i am lying awake with so many things buzzing through my mind. i turn and look at my clock. 11:39pm. crap. i am going to be so tired when i wake up tomorrow. but not tired enough to not ask Auntie Jessy if i can live with her. i hope they all agree.



*BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!* my alarm goes off. i roll over and turn it off. it was to early to get up. i must of just automaticly turned it on last night, well i was tired. i roll over to see the time i set it at and it says it's 5:00am. well fuck. i doze off to sleep again. only to be waken up by what seems like only minutes later by John jumpng on my bed.

"Get up!!! it's 10:00am!!!! get your lazy butt up!!"

i wack my hand across my bed with my eyes still shut unknowing of what went thud. then i realised i had pushed John off my bed and he landed on the floor.

"sorry!" i say with my hands to my mouth in shock that i had done that with no effort at all!

"thats ok."

John manages to say. thats when i realise i had wacked him in the balls. to be fair he was jumping on me and he weighs alot to.

"Auntie Jessy and Dad said to come in and wake you up."

when i remembered i had something importent to tell Jessy. i quickly shooed John out of my room and picked out some nice clothes to wear becaue they are leaving today. i know it's along shot that they will say yes. i mean they might not have any tickets for there flight left. i rumage through my wardrobe and pick out my denim shorts, a white singlet and my favorite flanolet shirt, my favorite pair of cowboy boots (the brown ones wit hred patterns through it) and put my Bridgallow cowboy hat (it's like plastic woven kinda hat and it's water proof, so good for Orange weather :)) on my bed ready, if they say yes that is, my belt with the R.M. Williams signiture bull horns belt buckle on it on. i put my hair in a plate to the right side leaving a small little bit on the left and leaving my side fringe out which is in the right. once i'm done i head out of my room, down the stairs and into the living room where i quckly eat breakfast.

"so, your father has been telling my that you ride your horse alot now?"

"yeah, i fave. i'f been, food" i say with a mouthful of cereal in my mputh trying to finish quckly so i can go for a horse ride and then ask Jessy my question.

"haha. classy. i was wondering if i caould see you ride today?"

i get up from the table and put my spoon and bowl in the dishwasher.

"yeah, sure. i'm about to head out now for his daily exercise."

i say smileing. i quckly run upstairs to get my stack hat (helmet) and race downstairs to see Jessy at the door.

"daily run? i haven't seen you on him the whole time i have been here!''

"well that's because i get up at 5:30 in the morning to ride him. thats why i've been grumpy when you wake me up. because i'm up so early.''

"oh, well that's very early to get up to ride a horse. why? and how long do you spend out here?"

"i do it because i keep him fit for bending, flags and barrel races. and i spend about an hour out here."

we walk in silence most of the way up to the horse paddock to the shed with all the gear in it. i go in and get the bridle, rug and saddle. i think now would be a good time to ask.

"i have a question for you. it's very i important." i sy as i go and call the horse over and put hte bridle on him.

"yeah sure what is it? do you want me to hold him?"

"yeah please" i say handing her the reins while i get the rug to put on, than the saddle.

"i was wondering if i could come live with you for a while?"

i say trying to yank up the girth some more, to make it tight.

"here i'll take him now."

i ask taking the reins and start walking him around making him breath so the girth won't slip. i do this because they don't like the saddle and hold there breath and so walking around make them breath so you can pull it tighter so you don't slip off.

"yeah i see no harm in it but you will have to ask your father ok?"

YES! i can't beleive she said yes. there is no way in hell that i'm asking Steve if i can go because he'll say no. maybe i should ask him when she's there so he won't yell at me.

"oh thankyou Auntie Jessy! you are the best!"

i say hugging her with one arm because i'm holding the horse in the other.

"woah! why so eager?"

"i just wanted somthing different. mabye John could stay here with Steve and i could stay with you. like we swap or something?"

"yeah but once again you will have to ask you father. and your brother this time. you know that right?"

"yeah i know"

after my hour of training, showing Auinte Jessy in the arena what bending, flags and barrel racing is, i head back and put him to pasture with the other horse. once were inside i decide to tell the boys what might be happening.

"so what do you think?"

 i say with all the hope in the world that they will agree. i look over at steve and he looks pissed.

"i'm ok with that" john said looking a bit excited and a bit disapointed.

"fine. but you are taking all of your stuff with you. including your horses and the dog."

uh oh i didn't think about them. shit what am i going to do now? Auntie Jessy could see the worry on my face and so does steve, now with a smirk on his face, realisein that, because i have nowhere to put them that i'll have to stay here.

"it's ok Sarah i have close friends who live on a property nad Abbey can live with us!"

Auntie Jessy says wit hone arm around me knowing my worry about leaving them. John has a smirk on his face and i have no idea why.

"hey. whats with the smirk?"

"no reason." he says rcking on his heels.

soon after that i race up the stairs and quckly pack my bags and i found my charger so i can use my iPhone2 now. yay!

i come down stairs and have to make 2 trips with my arms all full. i look like a pack horse!

*1 hour later*

we have all the flights for my horses and my dog aranged and my extra luggage that i wasn't aloud to bring on the trip and the araingment for Johns stuff to be transported here. now we are in the car pulling out of my drive way.



(A/N! hey lovelies! thankyou for reading my story. this ones a long one i know! but it's getting to the Niall part again don't worry. i'm contemplating wether or not to put them meeting in the next one or not. if i do then that will be a very long chapter like this one!










love always SarahXP <3)

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