my old bullies boyfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)

Sarah-Jayne got bullied alot through out primary school by the same girl and when she got to high school she thought that everything would be different, a fresh start. what happens when she meets her old bully 4 years later? does what she thought was burried deep in her mind, all the tourcher, and fear come back? or will Sarah forgive her and become friends? what happens when she meets a new guy, but she finds out that it's her old bullies boyfriend? find out in My old bullies byfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)...
Copyright 2014


21. an unwelcome visitor… and memories

Being with Niall is great, I have the hottest guy in the world and he is just as sweet as he is hot. And he is such a hopeless romantic and he likes to do little cute things that make you love him more. It’s been a week since I had revenge on Louis. I won’t ever forget that. Haha it makes me laugh everytime I think about it. Niall and Liam laughs along with me. I remember his face when we pranked him the last time. He actually fainted! That’s when we drew on him. Haha he was scrubbing it off his face so hard that he had red blotches on his face. He took more care with the rest of his body though, because you couldn’t tell which ones were his tattoo’s and which ones were the ones that we drew on him. We had to help him in the end because he threatened to tell Paul about it and I didn’t want to deal with him. He didn’t like me, I could just tell that he didn’t.

I get down to the kitchen, only putting an oversized tee on (it was really hot last night so I slept in my underwear and bra.) and make bacon and eggs, enough for Niall and I, so all the eggs and all the bacon. I'm only having a small amount of scrambled eggs and a fair amount of bacon because I love it! I finish cooking. The other boys have already eaten and are watching TV. I'm suprized that Niall didn’t wake up at the smell of the breakfast like the other boys did. Even auntie Jessy and Paul got up. I made breakfast for everyone else too. I thought I’d be nice like that. I put Niall’s on a plat and mine as well. I get the juice out of the fridge an poor 2 glasses and put it back. I put Niall’s breakfast on a tray along with his juice. Once I’ve finished I sit down to eat my breakfast. I thought I’d sit on the couch and watch TV with the boys. Harry sat there looking at me, he hasn’t told anyone that I can’t sing and so auntie Jessy, Harry and Niall are the only ones that know about my voice. I'm not very confident with my voice, so I don’t talk to many people about my music love.

I finish my breakfast and walk into the kitchen and put my glass and dish in the dishwasher and grab Niall’s breakfast and walk up to his room with his breakfast I made him. As soon as he smelled it he shot up right in his bed.

"YOU MADE ME BREKFAST!" he threw his arms out staring at the food.

He put it to the side and jumped out of bed and hugged me then leaned down and kissed me.

"your welcome"

I say to him with a smile returning the kiss.

"do you want any?"

he says to me, sitting back on his bed pulling the food closer.

"depends. What is it that I want any of?"

I say to him in a playful tone while crawling onto the bed from the end. I crawl towards him all sexy like, with a dip in my back, and pushing my butt upwards and give him my sexy face.

"hmm, I ment the food, but I don’t mind me some of that."

He growls to me in his sexy voice and with a smile and a wink. I get close to him and only centimeters away from his lips and put one hand on the side of his face, gentle and carefully.

"well you’ll have to wait."

I use my sexy voice and giggle at the end then kiss him and get off the bed and walk towards the door. I lean on the frame and turn to look behind me.

"oh, and buy the way. I have already eaten."

He just sat there and ate his breakfast with a smile on his face.

I walked back into my room and get dressed for the day and redo my hair as a proper messy bun, not bed hair bun. Then decide to grab my laptop and look up the on the CD that auntie Jessy got me. his name is Taylor Henderson. He’s quite cute. I watch his xfactor video’s, songs and video diaries. He’s a lot like me. like’s to sing. We can play an instrument. We are both Aussie’s. we both know someone famous. And he’s a cowboy and lives on a farm. That’s what really turns me on. Cowboys. There’s something about then that I find absolutely H.O.T. HOT! They’re just so muscular, because they work a lot and they look even hotter when they have a cowboy hat on. I mean watch the Hannah Montana movie with Lucas Till and then tell me that that’s not hot! (A/N I watched it because my cousins made me :/ but it was good, only because of Lucas) but I love Niall more. There’s something about him that I love. Not the Irish accent, or the fact he’s famous or he has blond hair. It’s something else that I am attracted to. It’s like he’s a giant magnet and I'm the one that is attached to the magnet. That’s what it feels like. I know it might not make sence or weird but trust me it’s so weird the feeling or how I'm attracted to him. But I treat him like a normal guy, because there’s no other way I know to treat a guy. Anyway, back to Taylor Henderson. I put the CD in my laptop and I listen to every song then the original. He out sings some of them he’s that good! (A/N Taylor Henderson is a real guy that was on xfactor 2013 and he did get 2nd. You should look him up. He is super hot and everything I said about him is true. Buy his album. It’s amazing and you will love it!) once I have

listened to all of his songs about 5 times I put my laptop away and walk down to the living room and watch TV with the boys. There still there, (yeah I know, lazy right? Well it’s there day off) and I have decided that my favorites song that Taylor sung were Human Nature by Michael Jackson and his song Borrow my Heart. I get bored of watching the TV after a while and start to head to the music room when the door bell rings.


I walk over to the door and unlock it and open it and you’ll never guess who it fucking was.

"what the fuck are you doing here?"

I ask them

"I could ask you the same?"

"well Hannah, I live here with my boyfriend and your ex and my auntie and her boyfriend who happens to be Paul."

She looked at me like she didn’t give 2 shits. Well like I give 2 shits if she does or not.

"well bitch, who is the unlucky guy?"

she is going to shit herself when I tell her.
"your ex."

Oh burn! Haha. I look at her with my most bitchiest face and her smirk drops from her face faster then last time I did that to her.

"well. Good luck, I dumped his ass because he was a dick."

"oh really? Because he told me he dumped you because you kept bullying people and were just a plain old BITCH!"
with that I tried to slam the door in her face, but she caught it with her foot.

"I didn’t tell you why I was here."

"why are you here slut?"

I say to her through a sigh while rolling my eyes.

"well I came back to get my stuff that I left here."

"well where is it?"

"in Niall’s room."

Shit. I'm not letting her up there alone. She’ll rape him if I'm not there. she’s that crazy.

"well I'm coming with you because I need to wake him up."





"ugh! Lets just get up there so I can get my stuff and leave for good ugh!"

"well get inside!"

we walked up to his room and I knocked on the door and peaked my head in.

"babe, you need to get up. Plus your ex is here to collect her shit."

He fell back asleep after breakfast and shot up when I said that Hannah was here.

"WHAT?! Who let that bitch in?!"
"I did. Sorry. She’s standing out in the hall."

"oh, shit."

"yep that’s what I said."

He looked over my shoulder and yelled


"thanks babe."

I just narrowed my eyes at her. And she seemed to know that pissed me off.

"shut up and get your stuff and leave me alone."

Niall said, clearly pissed off

"where is it?"

"it’s in the back of the closet. At the back. Out of my sight."

"thanks baby."

"don’t call me that. Get your stuff and leave. Now."

She opened up the closet and got her stuff. There was about 5 quite large boxes and she took them out to the car 1 at a time. God did she have to ruin my mood?! She came back up and got the last box out of the closet and as she came out of the closet she spotted the pictures of me and Niall from the time he asked me out. He was down one knee. The other one was him lifting me in the air an we were kissing. Louis printed 2

out. One for me and one for Niall each. I have the same ones in my room.

"you proposed to her?!"

she looked furious.
"nope that’s how he asked me out."

She straightened her posture and stuck her neck out a little with her large nose in the air.

"oh. Ok."

Then she left the room. I followed her, making sure she didn’t enter any other room. Especially mine. As we walked down the stairs I was walking behind her and death glared her the entire time. The boys saw us coming down the stairs because they were going up to get changed. They just looked at us dumb founded. Hannah looked stuck up and I looked like I was going to kill her. Well I can’t lie because I was going to kill her. I didn’t look at the boys but I could see them out the corner of my eye and they look puzzled when they saw Hannah and then they saw me and they looked terrified when they saw me. well at least they know not to piss me off. I smirked to myself at that. She walked out the door and turned around. She was just out the door. And she said to me

"well slut, you are going to have a tuff time here. He’s mine watch your back you filthy bitc-"

"well thanks now. Byyyee!"

I slammed the door on her face and rolled my eyes and stormed up to the stairs where the boys haven’t moved since and they just looked at me.

"WHAT?! I'm a human who’s pissed off and you look like I'm an alien! Fuck!!"

and with that I had the boy quivering as I stormed up the stairs with tears forming in my eyes making my vision blurry and slammed my door shut and locked it and slid down the back and cried my eyes out.

Minutes later I heard a knock on my door.

"babe it’s Niall."

I stood up and unlocked the door. He saw me and we quickly ran up and hugged each other and I bawled my eyes out, soaking mine and his shirt, I cried that much.

"shh. Honey. Don’t cry. Shhh. The boys told me what happened. They heard the whole conversation from when she walked into the house to when she left. They also told me what you said to them. Everyone else in the house heard you to."

I just cried into his shirt even harder. Just then I opened my eyes and saw the other boys standing behind him. I let go of Niall and wiped my tears and walked up to them and hugged each one of them

"I'm so, so, so sorry boys. I didn’t mean it. I was mad and you were there and I needed to let it out."

I saw untie Jessy standing with Paul. She looked at me and ran up to me and pulled me into a huge hug.

"oh honey I heard everything. What she said to you. Plus the boys told me what I couldn’t hear. I'm sorry I couldn’t be there to help you."

She let go and just rubbed my shoulders

"are you ok now?"
"yeah Jessy I am."

Then she stood next to Paul. But Paul came up to me and hugged me to, which took me by suprized but I hugged him back. He was rubbing my back

"I promise that she won’t get back in, to hurt you or anymore or hurt Niall either. I promise you that. We are all family and when one or more is in danger, we will do anything to help them."

He let go and I just nodded my head and wiped more tears away. Paul suprized me by saying that. He might like me after all, it’s just his looks that make him look like he hates everyone. But Jessy said he was a nice guy and I guess I should take her word for it after all.

I was scared. Hannah reminded me of my father then and everything he did just came back and haunts me. It will haunt me for the rest of my life.

"I don’t want to sound mean but she didn’t threaten you that big, is there something else that she’s done?" Zayn said to me walking over and putting a hand on my shoulder.

well I guess I have to tell them now.

"well, it’s not her as much but…"

I said blinking back yet more tears

"but what?"

Niall said to me with so much worry on his face as he put his arm around me comforting me.

"well, she reminds me of my father. And all that he has done."

Niall’s P.O.V.

"well it’s not her as much but.."

she said to us with her voice breaking and blinking back more tears. I am really worried now. What could Hannah have done to traumatize her this much?!

"but what?"

I said putting my arm around her to make sure she’s safe. I know that’s stupid but if she feels safe now than I am happier now.

"well, she reminds me of my father. And all he’s done."

What the fucking hell has he done to her? I want to beat him to a pulp for hurting her this bad. Her back was bad enough, but the pain she want through when he did that must have been unbearable. The mental pain and scars he has put on her seems just as bad as her physical pain and scars.

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