Into the Battlefield

For the Battlefield contest. My first Movella short story! Enjoy! I may make a "Sucked In" series about people being, quiet literally, sucked into video games. Any ideas? Let me know!


2. Chapter 2: Accept Revive



"What's going on?" I asked as I reached out and touched the green A.

Suddenly a soldier rushed by and into cover in front of me. Gunshots were everywhere and I choked on the battlefield fumes. Dust was everywhere and I had to rub my eyes before I could even see that I was in a combat uniform. I was taken back from this fact as I stared in shock. When I finally looked back up I noticed the Battlefield 4 map I had just left with all the skyscrapers, "Invasion of Shanghai." This was really weird. I placed my right had on the ground and felt something, a SCAR-H with foregrip and red dot sight. I picked it up and shouldered it as I ran to cover with the soldier who passed me earlier.

"WHATS GOING ON!?" I yelled over all the commotion.

"WAR SOLDIER! WE HAVE TO CAPTURE THE OBJECTIVES!" The soldier yelled back as a bullet tore through the side of his head splattering blood on me. He fell limp.

As soon as this happened the in-game HUD (Heads Up Display) appeared in front of me. I noticed health, ammo, objectives, mini-map, and compass were here. I felt like I was just like the actual game itself. I smiled. This would be a piece of cake.

I popped up behind a concrete barrier and looked down the red dot sight directly at the shooters. I squeezed the trigger and one of the men fell down. A big "Enemy Killed 100" appeared on my screen showing I had received points. I smiled and shot at the other. As soon as he fell and my points notification showed up, I was knocked onto my butt with excruciatingly painful blow to my right shoulder. I had been hit by a sniper. My health dropped from 100% to 20% in an instant. I crawled to cover and laid down a medical kit for myself. My health quickly rose back up to 100%, and I reloaded my gun. Suddenly an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) pulled up outside the building I was in and honked its horn. I ran over and hopped in taking control of the gunner's seat.

We sped across the bridge that lead to the destructible skyscraper, but passed it up as we crossed another bridge to the next two objectives. We pulled up to the next objective, which was in an open mall and the driver pulled inside the building. I opened fire on surrounding enemies on the first and second floors as the kept re-spawning in the area to protect it. Eventually, we captured the flag and rolled on.

After capturing all flags but the one on top of the skyscraper, we decided to make the final push. With eight elevators and sixteen US Soldiers we split up into eight two man teams. We all took the quick ride to the top and stormed out as the doors opened. Two men had not taken the elevators, but rather flew an attack helicopter up to the top for support. Our enemies were waiting for us. As soon as the doors opened up bullets poorer in. Many of the men fell and had to re-spawn back at one of the other flags, but my partner and I stood strong. He tossed a grenade out the door, and after it exploded, he and I both came out shooting at hostiles. We fought out way across the roof top to the flag before my team mate suddenly dropped dead.

Shocked, I turned around to see yet another soldier fall dead. Next thing I knew my health was back at 20%. I spotted the sniper and charged forwards as he reloaded. He noticed me and tried swapping to his pistol, but it was too late. I pulled my combat knife from its sheath and slammed it into his chest, right below his throat. I placed my left hand on his chest and jerked the knife out, along with his dog tags, with the right hand. He fell off the building as it started to shake.

I ran for the flag but the skyscraper started to lean. Knowing I didn't have time to capture it now, I jumped off the building and deployed my parachute. The building fell to the ground causing a large dust cloud to take flight. I glided through the dust landing at the edge of a small peninsula. I ran up a small hill and took up position by the flag. Multiple Chinese soldiers rushed me, but I held my ground. Eventually my SCAR ran out of ammo causing me to switch to my G17 sidearm. After it too had run out, I was only left with a knife. I had already captured the flag and only five enemies remained. I ran and hid in cover as they approached. I ran up behind one and slid the knife into his throat knowing my end was near.

Suddenly one of the men fell dead, then another, finally the last two did also. A sniper, MRAP, and helicopter approached my location waiting for me to finish my kill and win the match.

"Game over." I said yanking on the knife.

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