Loving You


5. Her Name Is Sophia

Harry's POV

It was 7pm and there was a knock on the door. It was Niall and Tori. I gave Tori a kiss on the cheek and gave Niall a hug. Tori had at least 50 bags with her. Gee am I glad that I boosted Katie's renting price up. "Harry I spent $2,000 today in Santa Monica" she said. "YOU WHAT!?!" I almost screamed. "Just wait till you see what I got you" she said. She pulled out a Beatles cardboard cut out that I had to set up but it had all of them on it. She spent a lot but she knows how to spend it, plus she gets all of Katie's rent plus she works at Starbucks and TD garden. She's pretty rich for a 19 year old but then again so am I. "GOSH, THANKS BABE" I said while giving her a kiss on her forehead. "Your welcome" she replied.

Liam's POV

Okay so I didn't tell the boys but I started this dating website and I met this girl named Sophia. Sophia Smith. The first person I want to know is Tori. I can really trust her. "Tori?" I said. "Ya?" said Tori. "Can I tell you something?" "Anything Liam!" "I joined this dating website and I met a girl named Sophia. I really like her but she lives in London. I was wondering if you and I could take a week trip there so I could meet her in person but the rest of the boys don't know yet. Could you please come with me?" I stated nervously. "AHH! Liam I'm so happy for you and of course I will I'll just let my professors know and we can leave Sunday night?" "Ya that will be great! Thanks so much Tori! I love you!" I said as I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I love you too Liam!"

Tori's POV

So after my talk with Liam I wrote my note to my professors.

"Dear Professor,

I will not be able to attend this weeks classes. Unfortunately a family issue came up and I will be taking the week off to attend London to take care of this issue. I will make up everything I missed. Thank you.

From, Tori C."

That should work. I started to pack my bags when Perrie walked in. "Where are you going?" "N-no where just visiting my parents for the weekend coming up heh" I said. "Oh okay well tell them I said hello!" She said with a smile on her face. After she walked out Louis and Zayn walked in. "Yes?" I said with a slight laugh. "Hello, love El is having her baby shower and Perrie Is having her wedding shower tomorrow around noon will you be able to make it?" They said. "Yes of course" I said. I gave them quick hugs and kisses and asked them if they could leave the room cause I had to change. When I finished I walked out and found Harry laying on the couch watching Toy Story with Liam. What is this the 23rd time since I moved in. My phone buzzed in my sweatpants pocket I took it out and looked at it. Blocked number? I answered it and they boys came near me, it was on speaker. "Lower the rent Tori or you will pay more than I have to" a voice said into my phone. I knew it was Katie but it wasn't her voice. "What a bitch" said Harry. I can't stand her. "I know hun but honestly can you just kick her out." "Sure babe" he said while walking over to his office and grabbing the phone. I looked at Liam. "When do we leave?" I asked. "Tomorrow 11:30pm, when everyone is in there rooms." He said. "Okay" I said back.

Zayn's POV

I heard Liam and Tori talking about flying somewhere tomorrow at 11:30 at night. What's going on. Liam wouldn't steal Tori from Harry I know he wouldn't and Tori wouldn't cheat in Harry and I really really know that one! I gotta find out what's going on.

A/N: I know my chapters are really short but I am going to have a lot of them so don't worry. Leave a comment on what you think is gonna happen next.

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