Loving You


2. Back Off

Tori's POV

We showed up at our destination. I didn't know where I was. I was blindfolded. Harry started to walk me towards wherever we were going and I was walking like a drunk person and we both laughed. It was pretty funny. Once I stepped foot on the place we were at I knew exactly where we were. The sand was like flour on my feet and then Harry untied the blindfold. He gave me a kiss in the cheek as he continued to untie it. Once I saw the beach I got so excited it was empty but it was starting to cloud up. Nothing that could blind me like the sun did this morning. The water was clear it was beautiful. We sat on the beach and talked for a bit. Then he told me how one direction split up but I went into my own little world. Why would Katie flirt with Harry? She knew I loved him and he loved me so why? It just bugged me. I started paying attention and caught him at the right point why the boys split up. Management. Ugh how I hated them. Louis and El live in America somewhere and El is pregnant. Zayn and Perrie live in the UK. The rest of the boys live with Harry int e pent house. After talking for a while Harry and I took a walk on the beach bare foot. Hand in hand with shoes in our other hand. We walked on wet sand so it didn't really stick to our feet. We got close to a peer and walked on the dock. And yes. We did put our shoes back on. We went to a restaurant and ate. After that Harry paid the bill and we left. We got home to my apartment and walked inside. It was 5pm when we got home. We walked inside and I saw Katie on the couch but she looked different. OMG she was wearing a push up bra. Unbelievable! She had jealously all over her face like before. Just to make her more jealous I graved Harry and pulled him into a deep kiss. That got her. Ha! Oh well. After that Harry kissed me goodbye and left. I say on the couch and that's when it all started.

Katie's POV

I woke up at 7am. Got dressed and left before my parents saw my in my skin tight black dress. I texted Tori.

Katie: Hey ill be home at noon.

I started driving and was about to take the exit when I got a text from Tori

Tori: Kk see you soon!

She misses me. Haha. I hope our friendship doesn't get ruined from what I'm planning. I got to the apartment and went inside it was 11am I always show up early to things. Oh well. I got to the door and knocked. Tori opened it and gave me a confused look but then gave me a big hug "KATIE" she said "TORI MISSED YOU SO MUCH" I said. We talked for a bit then I asked her why she was looking all pretty and she said one sec cause there was a knock in the door. She headed for the door and just in case it was Harry I fixed my hair a little and fixed my dress. I think Tori noticed cause she gave me a confused look. Oh well. She opened the door and Harry came in. Stuff happened. We talked for a bit then I flirted with Harry but he wasn't flirting back. Dd he really like Tori more than me? How? They were about to leave and I got so jealous when they kissed and she took Harry's hand and they left. Once they left I unpacked and threw some comfy clothes on. I ran to the train about 2 blocks away front e apartment. I jumped on and headed toward Boston. When I got there I ran into Victoria secret and got a push up bra. Tori and I were in Boston a lot. She had 2 jobs here. Starbucks and TD Garden. I worked at a small cafe and Victoria Secret. After I jumped back on the train and headed back to the apartment. I put on the dress. Did my hair. Then made sure the push up bra looked good. I actually looked really good in it. I must say. I heard Tori come in and I was on the couch making a pose. Not one of those poses when people say act natural and you make the most unnatural pose ever. This one was very natural. They walked in and Tori gave me a dirty look. She noticed the bra. Then Harry just looked at me like I was crazy. Tori pulled Harry in for a long kiss. That made me jealous. She knew it did to. After that Harry said his goodnight to her. Kissed her again. Then left. That's when it all started.

Tori's POV

"Katie why are you flirting with Harry. You know I'm dating him. Please don't steal him he loves me and I love him and he isn't to fond of you already" I said to her nicely. "No, Tori I want him I'm sorry but he is going to be mine" she said. That set me off. YOU TRY TO STEAL HIM WATCH WHAT HAPPENS" I screamed. "WATCH ME BITCH" she screamed back. I didn't say anything. I went to my room and locked the door behind me. I packed everything my clothes, shoes, tech toys, blankets, everything that I owned except my furniture but ill be back for it. I waited in my room for Katie to go to sleep but instead I heard the shower go on. I made my move. I waited till I heard the water hit her body, then I opened my door, walked outside and got all my stuff. I put it outside the apartment in the hall and close and locked my bedroom door. I put the key in my pocket. I ran to the elevator with my stuff and went to Harry's pent house on the top floor.

Harry's POV

I got out of the shower and heard someone at the door. I went to the door and saw it was Tori. I opened it. She had a lot of stuff in her hand so I took it from her and told her to follow me. I out it in my room and while I got dressed she told me everything that happened between her and Katie. She got a little teary eyed but I told her to go take a shower and she will look brand new. When she came out she got dressed then I went up behind her and put my arm around her and kissed her shoulder. I picked her up and threw her over my back and threw her on the couch in the living room. Niall was in there I say in my comfy chair and Tori and Niall hogged the other couch. They started talking but I dozed off.

Niall's POV

After Harry threw Tori on the couch we introduced ourselves and then talked about how her and Katie had a fight. Chick fights haha. Then Liam walked in and joined our conversation. Eventually we got tired. Harry was snoring so we left him on his couch. Liam went to his room and Tori and I were bestfriends already she asked if she could sleep with me. We cuddled up like best friends do and fell asleep. I must say I haven't had a bestfriend like that in a long time. Tori was my #1 bestfriend already. I love her. As a bestfriend. No sister.

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