After moving a lot, Lizzy finally has a place she can call home. But when her class takes a three day trip, their plane crashes. Now, she, her best friend, a handful of classmates and five best friends. Will they survive? And how will the boys handle their... Instincts. Will they live, or will they end up killing each other?


4. The "bad boy" and the jock check me out.

I was walking down a hall looking for my locker. I had my head down looking at the paper and occasionally looked up. As I was checking the paper I crashed into a boy with dark hair and a leather jacket. I was pretty sure this was the "bad boy" of the school. Great just who I needed to run into. I quickly muttered and apology while he was straightening his jacket and checking whatever was in his bag. 

"You'd better b..."

He stopped talking and looked at me. I put on an innocent look as he checked me out. Why did I wear a dress!? 

"I'm Zayn Malik. You must be new here huh?" He said.

"um, yeah I just moved here. My names Liz." I said. 

He just smiled and walked away. As he did I realized I was right next to my locker. As I put all of my things in I realized I couldn't stop thinking about Zayn. He was cute. But I knew I had to keep my distance from the bad boy so I took my phone out and texted Harry.

Found my locker! It's number 174. Now I'm off to maths see u there! Xoxo

I looked up from my phone and saw Louis walking towards me. I held my breath. As he saw me he smiled. He had such a beautiful smile.

"Hey, um you're the new girl huh?" He said a he ran a hand through his hair. 

"Um, yeah." I said.

he grinned and took my hand like one of the guys in the old movies an kissed it.

Well my lady, I'm Louis and I shall be a humble servant of your beauty." He said.

what a gentleman!it was Creepy but  eventhough i was creeped out I could feel myself blushing. 

"I'm Liz. Um, it's nice to meet you Louis and you can stand up now. Please cuz people are staring..." I said. 

He had knelt  down on a knee while holding my hand. He stood up and laughed. 

"My lady would you grant me access to my locker?" He asked.

"this is your locker? Mine is that one. And I won't move unless you promise to act like a regular guy and not someone from Macbeth."

"Fine." He said as he threw his hands up as if in defeat.

i giggled said goodbye and walked away.

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