Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


9. Chapter 8:


 *Chapter 8


He left me without another word. I just sat there for a while and think about what just happened.

'I called him dad!' 


Even after everything that I was put through after he left, I still love him and he knows it. 

Soon after I hear someone thumping up the stairs. I walk over to my door, open it and peek out to see Noelle making her way towards me.

"Everything okay?" She utters slowly. 

It takes me a while but I finally realise she was talking to me. I point towards myself and she nods.

"Me? Oh yeah! I'm great!" I push enthusiastically, she doesn't buy it though.

"Look Cali, I have only known you for a few hours, but I can already tell when something is bothering you."  She declares. 


I sigh and let the smile fall from my face. 

"OK fine, I'm just stuck in a train of thought okay? But I'm alright." 


"OK, well dinner is ready so come down when your ready." She says slowly turning around and opening the door. 

I hold out my hand and shout, "Wait! Noelle, I don't know anyone down there." 

She raises her eyebrows and says, "Seriously?" 

I give her a strange looking glance than nod. 

She sighs and smiles, "Alright, come with me and I'll introduce you." She gives a bit of a laugh and walks out the door. I follow her down into the kitchen and into the room again. I feel like history is repeating itself and all the attention is on me. 


I feel a cold breath on my neck and turn to see Noelle staring contently at me. 

"What?" I finally say. 

She makes a slapping sound with her hands and then says, "Seriously?" 

"Seriously what?"I say again. I see two of the boys stand slowly and walk over. 

I look at the ground until I hear an unknown voice whispering, "Hello," above my head. I look up see a boys with light brown hair and a fringe falling across his face in waves. He looks vaguely familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.  


I turn and look at Noelle who is staring hopefully at me. She locks eyes with me and realises I still don't see what she is trying to tell me. 


"Oh for crying out loud," She says walking over to me, "Cali, this is Louis Tomlinson and this is Niall Horan." 


I turn to her and say, "Who?" 


She gasps and yells, "What!" 

 I see Louis Tomlinson, or whatever his name is give a slight chuckle, as if amused by me. 

"What?" I say back to her. 

"You don't know who these guys are! Have you been living under a rock?" She shrieks. 

I am angered from her last comment. 

"No! But I HAVE been living with my..." I trail off thinking about what I just said. I widen my eyes and start to make up a bunch of lies. 

She looks me in the eyes and sternly says, "With who?" I feel all eyes in the room flick over to me. 


I have never been one of the best people at responding to peer pressure. I scream and run out the front door and into the garden. I find my way under the leafy archway and the twinkling lights. I start to calm down and slow my pace to a walk as I take in the beauty of the garden around me. I sit down next to a bush full of pink flowers. I catch sight of a moth and watch it fly through the air. 




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