Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


4. Chapter 3:


*Chapter 3


I wake up to a wet face and a wet pillow. I get out of the hospital bed and slowly make my over to the small bathroom in this room. I look into the mirror. My face is blotchy and bruised all over. I must've been put to sleep crying. 


'Weird' I think. 'I don't remember crying.' 


I grab a small cloth from the rack and wet it down. I wash all of the dried up tears and blood from my face. I in the mirror again and gasp.

Both of my eyes are black, my hair is stained red with the blood from earlier, I have a scar running from my forearm to my wrist. I'm a wreck. I walk back into the hospital room to see a nurse already in there. 

"Hi." I say. 


She doesn't answer my welcome, she just says, "How are you feeling?"


I look at her with an annoyed expression and say, "Fine, Thank You."


She nods towards the small table beside the bed, "Take you medicines. I will be back soon, take a shower if you want." 

She walks straight out with out saying another word. I walk over to the table and find my pills. I grab a glass of water and quickly swallow everything. I walk back into the bathroom and grab the towel off the rack. I jump into the shower and turn the water until it burns my skin. I scrap the dried blood from my hair with a Close-bristled comb. 


Once I'm clean I dry off and change into a new hospital robe. I walk slowly into the room again, only to find my mum sitting on the bed.She stands as soon as she see's me she stands up.I just stare at her until she speaks.


"Hi, Cali." She says.


I just nod and walk over to the bed, shaking my head to get the left over water from the shower out of my ear. 


"There is something I need to tell you..." She says trailing off at the end.


I stare at her expectantly. A different nurse walks in this time, the one that put me to sleep yesterday. 


"Hello Dear, How are you holding up?" She asks with an over-cheery smile.


"Fine, Thank you." 


"OK, Well your all right to leave whenever you feel ready. I will just go get your prescription and you can be on your way, but if anything happens, anything at all don't hesitate to call up and get our help, OK?" She says quickly and then looks my mum up and down, judgementally. 


"Thank you." I say suspiciously, there is something my mum hasn't told me, at least not yet.


The nurse walks out and my attention turns back to my mother who's starting to weep. 

"What do you need to tell me?" I say forcefully. 


She takes a big breath in, than exhales loudly. 

"All right, Cali you know I love you, more than anything. I know how much you've been suffering, but I couldn't help it. I bailed Greg out of jail, He's supposed to be home by tomorrow."


It takes a while before I understood what she just said. I look towards the ground while I work it out.


"What?" I say.


"I bailed Greg out of jail."


"WHAT!! After all this time, after you've watched me suffer under his hand, you giving him another shot at me. Mum are you serious?"  I yell at her.


"Cali its not like that, I need him!" She yells back with equal force. "And there's more, I'm sending you to London to live with your father!"


"You're leaving me with the man that left us in the first place?! And why do you need him, he doesn't even have a job. Mum, What are you doing?!"


Those words of mine break her and she starts to cry freely. 


"Take me home so I can get out of here."





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