Niall Imagines :)

Hi guys! New writer here and I've been told that I'm good at writing imagines so I put one on here. 10 reads then ill post the next!


2. how you become Mrs. Horan :)

Meeting Niall then him eventually proposing/how it's going to happen in real life: You and your best friend are finally getting to meet One Direction at a signing. You both walk up and you see Niall looking at you as you both walk over. You both smile uncontrollably and they sign posters and CDs for you both. Niall keeps looking up at you and smiles. "Could i ask you for something?" You nod your head and he motions for your iPod and you pass it to him. He types something into it then checks his phone seeing that he texted himself, giving him your number, and you his. He passes your iPod back to you. "thanks" he says smiling. "Message me sometime?" You nod blushing then go to meet the other boys and when you and your friend are on your way home you get a text. "Hi it's Niall. I never did get your name?" You smile then send a text back. "(Y/n). :)" he replies "that's a beautiful name. I think it suits you." You smile and blush at the message. You and him text back and forth for about a month then one day you are home alone and your iPod starts to ring. "Niall Horan wants to FaceTime" it's says on the screen. You try to fix your hair and then answer. "Hey (y/n)" he says smiling and laughing. "Hi Niall" he smiles and ruffles his hair. He backs away from the camera and you see he isn't wearing a shirt. You start to blush and he laughs a bit. You both talk for about an hour then the cycle continues for about 3 months you both talk. One day he calls you again but this time he isn't alone. There's a girl with him. He introduces her but instead of talking for an hour you make an excuse and end the call early. For the next month you only text Niall until one day he facetimes you again. His eyes are red. "(Y/n) can we talk please? You're one of my best friends and I really need someone to talk to right now." You immediately start trying to help him. The girl he had with him the last time he ended up dating but she dumped him for another guy. "I'm sorry for dumping this all on you but, I guess she didnt really care did she?" He says still crying a bit. You try to cheer him up and by the end of the call you keep talking like best friends again. "I've got to go. But in about a month we are having a concert near you, I can give you tickets for it if you'd like. I'd like to see you again." He smiles then blushes a bit. "I.. I'd love to." You smile then say bye and he hangs up. You both keep talking for that month then you and your friend go to the concert and to the meet and greet, but you got front row seats so when Niall saw you he smiled like crazy and waved at you. At the meet and greet he gave you a big hug smiling. "Thanks for helping me with that, by the way." He smiles and hugs you for a while. "I'm in town for the rest of the week. Call me of you want to hang out anytime." He smiles then you sadly have to leave. He gives you a cheeky smile then waves as you leave. During the week you decide to call Niall, but he surprises you and brings all the boys to your house. "Surprise!" Niall yells and gives you a hug as they all come in. You smile and hug him back. "Why are all the boys here?" You ask him smiling. "Oh so you don't love us too?" Louis says in a loud voice and you all laugh. There's a knock on your door and it's your friend again. Her eyes go wide. "One..... One Direction is in........ In your house..." Niall laughs and pulls you over to the couch. And you all talk and laugh. Around the end of the day they have to leave so Niall is the last to leave, and he gives you a kiss on the cheek before he leaves. He smiles and closes the door as you stand there shocked. For the next few years you both talk and meet occasionally. But after a few years it ends up being the day before your 20th birthday and Niall calls. You are in the tv room when he calls. "Hey (y/n). I've got a surprise for you. Walk outside." He says then hangs up. You walk outside and see Niall with a large card that says happy birthday. You run up to him and give him a hug. "Festivities don't end there" he says laughing as he hugs you back and you both go into his car and he takes you to a fancy restaurant. You both talk the whole time but you see Niall is looking at you differently than when you both FaceTime. Around the end he takes you home but before he lets you go inside he tells you to wait until it turn midnight so he can give you his gift. You wait until it does then the second it does , he kisses you on the lips, slowly and passionately. You are shocked for a second then kiss him back and he keeps kissing you for a few minutes then pulls out and smiles. "Happy birthday"

*1 year later*

You get a call from your boyfriend Niall. "Hey babe. Are we on for tonight?" He says to you. "Sure. Where are we going?" You say to him. "Can't tell, but wear something nice okay?" he says in a Happy tone. "Okay. See you then." You say. "Love you see you then." He hangs up and you put on a nice white dress. In about an hour he comes to pick you up and he is wearing a tux. "Wow. You look... Wow." He says in awe. "You're looking pretty wow yourself there Horan." You say then he leans in and gives you a kiss. You both walk to his car and drive to an outdoor restaurant. After the dinner he takes you to the garden and you both walk onto the bridge but he stops you halfway. "(Y/n)..." He gets down on one knee "Will you Marry me?" He says holding out the ring. "Yes! Yes Niall a million times yes!" You say and he stand up and kisses you but then pulls out to put the ring on you the kisses you again smiling. "Thank you." He says crying of happiness.

*1 year later*

"(Y/n), do you take Niall Horan to be your wedded husband?" Says the officiate.

"I do" you say smiling at him.

"Niall Horan, do you take (y/n) to be your wedded wife?" Says the officiate.

"I do" he says smiling back.

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. Mr. Horan you may kiss the bride."

Niall pulls you close and gives you the biggest kiss in the world. "I love you" he says after the kiss. "I love you too Niall" you say smiling.

"Ladies and gentlemen I give you, for the first time ever, Mr. And Mrs. Niall and (y/n) Horan." The officiate says as you both walk back down the aisle.

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