Popular Girl

Luanna was a popular girl everyone loved her. But that wasn't the real her she was a secret book worm and she loved playing video games but she was scared to be outcast and didn't want anyone to know only one person knew her bff until Niall came in her life.but then she met harry


2. Talking To Niall

Its ok love, it was my fault for sitting in the middle of the floor,Here let me help you up- A sexy Irish voice said(Niall) He held out his hand and helped me up Thank you Niall- i said (omg i didn't mean to say his name hes gonna think im a crazy fan) Your Welcome beautiful let me buy you another latte, Wait how do you know my name he says as we walked to starbucks Well im kind of a fan-( I was trying to keep it cool but i was freaking out in the inside) Oh so your a fan huh, im surprised your not fangirling, or asking for an autograph Well i fell like your a regular boy , and im not one of those girls who would invade your privacy only because your in one direction- i said nervously I Heard Niall laugh- it was so adorable So,where you planning on buying any books -he said breaking the silence Actually yea but there were so many amazing books i didnt know which one to get, i look at he time in my phone it was 9pm its late i think i should get going- i said let me take you to your car- um, i dont have a car niall i took the bus here my house is an hour away but its worth comming here Ill take you home im not taking no for an answer. Its really dark outside and its dangerous to take the bus at night. i finally gave up and accepted his offer
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