Popular Girl

Luanna was a popular girl everyone loved her. But that wasn't the real her she was a secret book worm and she loved playing video games but she was scared to be outcast and didn't want anyone to know only one person knew her bff until Niall came in her life.but then she met harry


5. Meeting the boys

Luanna's P.O.V We had arrived to the studio.I was in shock.Harry,Louis,Liam, and Zayn were right infront of me i couldn't believe it. i was dying in the inside.

"Love i know you know who they are, but let me introduce them anyways, they are harry, Liam ,Louis, and Zayn."

"Boys this is um my um.............friend Luanna"

"oooooh someone's got a crush"they all said together

me and Niall both blushed suddenly Simon came in and said

"Brake time is over, Niall your finally her and whos this pretty lady you got here" Niall was holding my hand and i didnt even notice

"Its his crush her name is Luanna" Louis screamed all the boys chuckled and Niall blushed

"so your future ms.Horan huh i think niall found his princess" he said with a smirk on his face "um.........hi " i said shyly he shook my hand

"its time to rehearse boys" Niall took me into the rehearsing room

***************Harry's P.O.V********************

She was so Damn beautiful and the fact that she was a fan but didnt get all freaked out when she saw us made her better, i felt like she was special but she was niall's future girl and i had to respect that.

**************Liam's P.O.V*****************

I caught harry staring at her, i mean yeah she was beautiful but she was Niall's or was about to be his and he has to respect that. I wasnt going to let harry ruin this for him.I walked to where harry was

"Mate back off she Niall's and you cant ruin this for him"

" dont you think i know that liam but i just cant get her off my mind"

"if you try something wit her niall would never forgive you, and if u try to do it you will regret doing it" "What do you mean"

"if you steal her from niall he would never talk to u again and we both know that after you get tired of her your going to brake her heart and if that does happend Niall would be capable of leaving the band, he loves her i could see it in his eyes"

"But mate i just cant get her of my mind" " no buts harry just forget about her" whit that said i left harry alone

*********Luanna's P.O.V**************

Nialls voice was amazing actually all of them where amazing little things started playing on my phone it was a phone call from Krizz , i told her everything that had happend, she couldn't help but start fan girling, i told her to come to the city mall at 4:30 and i told her i was going to ask the boys to tag alone.


It was 4 when rehearsals finished i askedall the boys if they wanted to come and they said yes. itetxted Krizz

to Krizz- They all said ye, try to keep it cool meet us by starbucks from

Krizz- kk lol ill try to keep it cool omggggg im dying inside 

to krizz- llmao see u there were on our way. love you <3

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