Popular Girl

Luanna was a popular girl everyone loved her. But that wasn't the real her she was a secret book worm and she loved playing video games but she was scared to be outcast and didn't want anyone to know only one person knew her bff until Niall came in her life.but then she met harry


4. I want you to stay

****Luanna's P.O.V **** I felt dizzy i had a headache and i was about to fall everything was spinning around.Right before i fell a pair or strong arms cough me it was Niall. He carried me all the way to my room laid me on my bed and kissed my cheek, then he said he was gonna go.suddenly the words just slipped out of my mouth

"Niall please stay i don't want to be alone"

*****Niall's P.O.V***** I didnt say anything i just laid down next to her i wrapped my arms around her waist and she started playing with my fans it was adorable, i kissed her shoulder and he drifted off to sleep. I was glad she didn't want me to leave because i didn't want to let her go. **************

One more night started playing on my iphone i had gotten a text, oh shit! it was 4pm iwas late to rehearsal i was supposed to be there 2 hours ago.The text was from Harry.

From;Hazza Niall? where r u ???!!!! your late and Simon is mad.

to Hazza; Sorry mate ill be there in 20 min . Tell simon i over slept and im gonna bring someone from Hazza; Oh so you "over slept" and your gonna bring someone ;)

to hazza; it nun like tht i like her but we didnt do anything

Harry had texted back but i decided not to answer and went to wake up lulu i noticed she wasnt sleeping all along.

"Babe where you staring at me while i was texting"

"no!" she said with a big smile in her face

"Luanna" i said she just shook her head, i decided to tickle her until she wanted to admit it

"Ye..s N..iall i .did she said in between her laughs

"Beautiful do you want to go to rehearsal with me, i wont take no for an answer after all you said you wanted me to stay with you"

"sure babe let me go get ready"

"hurry babe we gotta be there in 20 min , your lucky you have clothes"

"Here wear this" she said handing me and an Adidas tempacool soccer pants i went and changed 'I make this work dont i babe" i said in a joking voice

"they fit perfect"- she said laughing

I wanted her to be mine i had decided to ask her out over dinner later tonight. <3


Hi loves sorry my chapters are short they will get longer later in the story and zayn will appear later too hope you like my fanfic <3


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