Popular Girl

Luanna was a popular girl everyone loved her. But that wasn't the real her she was a secret book worm and she loved playing video games but she was scared to be outcast and didn't want anyone to know only one person knew her bff until Niall came in her life.but then she met harry


3. Cup of tea

****Niall's P.O.V****

    She was beautiful, she had to biggest and most darkest pair of brown eyes. Her dark brown wavy hair fell perfectly over her shoulders, it had small hints of red and honey, she also had a dimple in her left cheek, and her smile was just amazing.

Niall Niall- she said i snapped out of my toughts

yes love-

Turn right then drive ten blocks down and we will arrive to my house-(i followed her orders)

um love whats your name-

Its Luanna - she said shyly    

Thats a beautiful name would you mind if i call you lulu

Not at all everyone calls me that-

****Luhanna's P.O.V****

Were here- ( i saw Nialls darkened he look sad)

Would you like to come in for a cup of tea- I saw his eyes start shinning he looked happy

Yes love, but will your parents mind- all the nightmares came back i was about to cry 

"Um , my dad walked out on my family when i was very young and my mom died two years ago, i have no family the only person that has been there for me my best friend Krizz" - i said whit a tear rolling down my cheek.

****Niall's p.o.v****

I saw her start crying, without thinking about it i pulled her into a hug, and told her i was sorry i was just trying to calm her down.

-she was still crying

-"Niall its ok you didnt know thankyou for making me fell better.


Hi lovies 

so this is my first movella and i couldnt help but be the main character lol sorry um yea but how am i doing <3


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