Popular Girl

Luanna was a popular girl everyone loved her. But that wasn't the real her she was a secret book worm and she loved playing video games but she was scared to be outcast and didn't want anyone to know only one person knew her bff until Niall came in her life.but then she met harry


1. BookWorms

Hey lulu- My best friend krizz said

hi Krizz

Your going to the party tonight

Um i cant im um grounded-( I wasnt really grounded but i wanted to go book shopping)

******Luanna's Pov*****

School was the usual. Same old boring conversations just about party's and New music. I have no idea how i ended up fitting in  here but i did


I finally arrived to my favorite book store it was called "BookWorms" It was a really big store it had 3 floors all filled with books and it also ad a starbucks. I ordered a vanilla latte.

As i was walking i got a text


hey lu i called ur house and talked to ur mother and she said you weren't grounded where are you ??!!

I decided not to answer- I wasnt looking in front of me suddenly i fell on top of someone and spilled my latte all over him.

"Im so sorry,i didnt mean to -i didnt  get to finish my sentence he left me speechless (he was a really handsome guy he had the most amazing blue eyes, and blond hair- i knew him from somewhere wait omg he was Niall Horan)

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