Missing Souls Die Eventually

Quinn "Q" Jacobs and Valentine Felicity are the low-down, alternative but perfectly happy couple that pretty much nobody knows about. They live in the shadows and are completely ecstatic with that. However, when Q goes missing one April evening, Valentine finds herself more lost than she should be, spurring her to go on an adventure to find Q.


2. "Good luck with your wicked stepsisters and conspiracy theories"

Two hours later, Valentine sat, head in hands, knees pulled up to her chest, going over her lines in her mind. She was excused out of her lessons after lunch as the production was tonight. She had screamed, fought and refused but was forced to in the end.

A person came into the backstage area where she sat against the wall, "Hey, whats up?"

"Wicked stepsisters and stupid royal ball, you get me?" Valentine mumbled, at this point not even caring who she was talking to.

Silence. A roar of laughter erupted abruptly, pulling Valentine's head up in shock. She stared as her English teacher, Mr Damons laughed, clutching his stomach. She almost laughed with him but pulled herself together and fixed him with an icy glare, as he gradually stopped laughing.

"It really wasn't that funny." She pointed out, feeling like laughing at herself for being so stubborn.

"Oh dear, it's gonna be okay V," He said brightly, making a nickname up on the spot, "I know you can do it, you have this charm about you that's rare to find."

Valentine frowned, "Sir, I'd be flattered if you weren't an English teacher. English teachers know fancy words to pull charms on kids and that frustrates me," She started, "It's all part of a conspiracy theory." She concluded, a small smile on her face.

Mr Damons laughed again and Valentine came to an unnerving conclusion.

Her best friend was her English teacher.

"Right fine, I'll leave you then" He smiled at her, "Goodbye and good luck with your wicked stepsisters and conspiracy theories!"

He walked out of the backstage area, replaying the conversation they just had. He couldn't help but laugh at her innocent face and sly but hilarious remarks. Silly little crazy girl.

Valentine reeled back slightly, shocked by the nerve of him, but realised they were 'friends' and he was probably allowed to do that to her.

"Okay then." She spoke aloud to herself, before continuing with her script.


Mrs Fairsworth appeared half an hour later, panicking about makeup and hair for Valentine.

"You don't have a makeup stylist." She told Valentine when she questioned her about her nervousness.

"What do you mean? Why can't one of the other makeup people do it?" There were about six makeup stylists employed for all the actors/actresses.

"They all have other actors and actresses to work on, their schedule is packed."

"What about Serena's makeup stylist? The one who was supposed to get her ready?" Valentine asked.

"That was her brother and because of her injury, he's in hospital with her."


Mrs Fairsworth went back to pacing the room, cursing under her breath, deep in thought.

"Well..." Valentine started. The teacher looked up hopefully, "I might know someone- well he's not great... but- yeah... uhm, he might do it?" It was like admitting defeat for Valentine because she was genuinely quite excited about it now, but Mrs Fairsworth sighed in relief.

"Wonderful! Call him here." She skipped out of the room, happiness radiating from her face. Valentine sighed but pulled out her phone and scrolled down to Quinn's mobile number.

"Hey, could you come to my school like A.S.A.P? We're kind of having an emergency."



I know this is kind of a boring chapter, it's more of a filler I suppose. I promise it's getting good in the next one.

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