Missing Souls Die Eventually

Quinn "Q" Jacobs and Valentine Felicity are the low-down, alternative but perfectly happy couple that pretty much nobody knows about. They live in the shadows and are completely ecstatic with that. However, when Q goes missing one April evening, Valentine finds herself more lost than she should be, spurring her to go on an adventure to find Q.


1. "No, you don't understand. I'm awkward..."

Valentine sagged her shoulders, sighing at the polished gates of the school, seeing students pile in, talking amongst themselves, letting snippets of conversations flow through her ears. A warm pair of arms engulfed her fully as she leaned into Quinn's body.

"Why do you always smell of rain?" She moaned, breathing deeper to let more of the scent flow into her. "I'm not even complaining but it's weird because you smell of rain when it's sunny outside."

"I'm a freak of nature," He grinned to himself, unable to see her as they were still hugging. She let go.

"You're my freak of nature, okay?" She smiled, but her voice was lined in a serious undertone, "And I love you."

Q smiled brightly at her. He always felt like he could never stop smiling when Valentine was talking to him. "I know. And I love you too darling." They grinned at each other, not wanting to break the 'moment', but the moment came to a halt by itself when the school bell rang.

"I guess that means I'm late." He smirked innocently. His school was about a 10 minute walk from Valentine's and it was always frustrating him how they couldn't spend enough time together. Valentine pouted her lips at him, truly annoyed at how he had to leave her.

Q shrugged and pulled his backpack up on to his shoulders again, "Right, okay, I'm leaving. Have fun at school darling." and with a swift kiss on her forehead, he turned away and started to walk towards his own school.

Valentine swooned silently as she watched him leaving, before realising she was late herself and grudgingly turning and entering school.


School went normally for Valentine, she spent most of her lessons doodling on to scrap pieces of paper and staring at other students, trying to read their minds. Needless to say, she didn't get much more than weird glances.

As she sat down in her normal seat on the back row of the English classroom, she remembered that she had lunch next and feeling overjoyed at just one hour left until partial freedom, she got out her English book and started reading through her previous work to kill time. English was one of her favourite lessons, especially compared to the other ones, but she often found grammar lessons annoying, mainly because she only liked the 'creative writing' side of English.

The lesson started normally, but after finding out it was a grammar lesson, she lost interest quickly and so did not notice a year 8 kid come into the class.

"Ah, Valentine," Her teacher, Mr Damons called out to her. She looked up. His pen was balancing precariously on his ear and his dark brown was ruffled, as always, giving him a permanently shocked look. Valentine often found he'd be much more suited to being a science teacher but didn't complain about it, considering he was one of her favourite teachers too.

"Yes sir?" She asked, mildly confused as to why she was getting a note in the middle of class.

"It says here you have to see Mrs Fairsworth at the start of lunch in room 18, so don't forget" He crumpled up the note and threw it into the bin under his desk. He shot her a smile before continuing the lesson. Valentine turned back to her work, confused as to why Mrs Fairsworth wanted to see her. Mrs Fairsworth was Valentine's drama teacher and probably one of the nicest teachers ever according to her.

The lesson ended normally and Valentine walked slowly out of class, still deep in thought. She stayed that way until she got to the room but as she raised her fist up to knock, the door flung open and Mrs Fairsworth came rushing out.

"Hurry up darling, I really need your help." She pulled Valentine by the arm and they entered the room, only to be greeted by other assorted drama/music/performing arts teachers.

Valentine blinked slightly as they beckoned her into a seat in front of them.

She sat on the edge of the typical class chair, not knowing what to say. Silence ensued for a second before they started talking.

"Right, I'm supposing you're wondering why you've been called here," A random teacher started. She nodded.

"Well, we need your help." Mrs Fairsworth said.

"I see..." Valentine mumbled, for the first time feeling slightly nervous.

"Yeah, well, you know Serena Green? The lead actress for this years school production? Well she fractured her leg in several places because of an accident yesterday and we need someone to fill in for her."

Valentine looked around weirdly. She still didn't understand why her of all people had been called out to be informed of this. Suddenly, puzzle pieces clicked together and she looked back at the row of teachers in horror.

"I can't fill in for her. I'm not even close to being as good at acting as her!" She exclaimed, eyes wide.

"Yes, you actually are Valentine! Please believe it."

Her head was spinning and she shook her head pointedly.

"No, I can't, I just-"

"No, it's just that you don't have enough confidence darling, trust me, you're amazing!"

Valentine turned away annoyed, anxious but quite frankly flattered at being picked. "No, you don't understand. I'm awkward. I'm weird. It'll be depressing. I'll just end up going on stage and fainting, I refuse to do it." She concluded strongly.

The teachers didn't seem fazed at all. "Well you kind of have to do it. No choice now..."

"What? What do you mean I don't have a choice? Of course I do." She said defensively.

"Actually no, we changed all the fliers, they all have your name on them."

Valentine's mouth dropped. "Well I guess you'll have to change it again because I'm not doing it." She composed herself once again.

Mrs Fairsworth breathed in deeply, slightly satisfied with the fact that she'd changed all the fliers, "Oh really? We'll see about that..."

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