Phyre Gunner: The Spy (Editing Process)

Phyre Gunner. Teenager. Rebel. Spy. Troublemaker. Genius. American. Genetically Perfect.

After the passing of her father, Phyre became the imperfect daughter. After too many detentions and schools, LSA comes looking for the one person that can help them save the world, the same person that is genetically perfect, Phyre Gunner.


2. Phyre


Edited :)


Phyre Gunner.

​Chapter One...


I have no clue as to why my parents chose a name with the meaning of fire for me,  maybe because I like to set things on fire (it’s not my intention), but they couldn’t have know that. My name is Phyre (pronounced f-ih-er) Gunner, as you all already know, I’m  a sixteen year old teenager living on a small town right outside Los Angeles. A lot of people tell me that I’ve got the looks, meaning that I have long black hair, a slim but sporty figure, big round gray eyes and fair skin. 

People catalog me as a tomboy, only because I like playing video games, skating, surfing, and any kind of extreme sports. Though I don’t always agree, it might be true. I like all of those things thanks to my father, who taught me everything I know, even how to be the best secret agent. Together we used to create gadgets to make missions easier and to save the world, but since the mission when he was shot, I’ve done nothing but grieve in my own way, by keeping his memory alive.  

I have three older brothers who turned out to be the perfect kids, making me look like the black sheep of my family. They all moved away when they finished high school, leaving me alone with my mother and father, until sadly my dad passed away and now I am alone with my mother.


My mother thinks that what I do (all the expulsions from schools and junior detentions) are because I’m missing my dad. Yes, I do miss him, but I don’t do this things to call the attention. I simply do it because I have always loved doing this kind of things, and my dad was the one who tried them, but since he passed away I have to try them myself.


I have at least been in thirteen different schools. I’ve been expelled from every one of them. If am not been expelled because of fires, or explosions it’s because I’ve been on a fight with someone else.
Yeah, I do know how to fight. My father taught me that at the age of four, and the next year, he taught me how to hack, and by the age of six, I was already creating powerful weapons and designing some other crazy but awesome ideas. 


My mother says that I am a genius who is not fulfilling my life, but guess what, I don’t care. I’m not going to be the type of girl who will become something the world wants so that people accept her, no, I will do what I love to do, and I couldn’t care less if people like me or not. 


I’m not in this world to please everybody. I am here to create and become the best I can.


Become better than my father.


And I will do it.



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