Phyre Gunner: The Spy (Editing Process)

Phyre Gunner. Teenager. Rebel. Spy. Troublemaker. Genius. American. Genetically Perfect.

After the passing of her father, Phyre became the imperfect daughter. After too many detentions and schools, LSA comes looking for the one person that can help them save the world, the same person that is genetically perfect, Phyre Gunner.


36. Getting Asked On A Date


I sat down on my usual spot next to Brad as we waited for our history teacher to either stand up and start teaching the class or tell us that we had a free hour. I had the perfect plan for Brad to invite me to his father’s party. If I could get invited, there was no playing around. I would have to find out everything I could and make sure to get everything sent over to Michael so that he could help me out. 


“What are you doing this weekend?” I questioned Brad. 

“My father has this party on Saturday.” Brad sighed. “I am so not looking forward to that.” 

“Oh man.” I pretended to care. “I was going to see if you wanted to hang out Saturday night.”

“Really?” Brad smiled and I nodded. “I’ll see if I can bring you over so that it isn’t so bad.” 

“That would be really nice.” I smiled at him. 

“I’m texting my father right now.” Brad said as he sent over a text message. 


I smiled and opened up my laptop as our teacher left the classroom. I quickly wrote an email to Adam asking him to find out everything he could about Allan and to send it over to me, I knew we already had done it, but I wanted to compare some things now that we knew some other things. 


“Phyre.” Brad said and I turned to face him. “My dad said that he was dying to meet you.” 

“Saturday then?” I questioned with a smile. 

“I’ll pick you up at your place say seven?” Brad questioned. 

“Sure.” I smiled. “Gotta finish the Biology report.” I chuckled. 




I was sitting on the detention room staring at the back of the kid who got me into detention. If eyes could shoot invisible daggers, this kid would be dead as hell. I was supposed to be making all the little details for Saturday. I am more than sure that I can end this on Saturday and I intend to do so, I don’t want to know that ALLA is looking for a Gunner, or whatever, I want to end the hunt of the Gunners. 


The detention teacher still hadn’t arrived to let us out, and I could see how uncomfortable the kid was in front of me. I could see his sweat dripping and how every three minutes he would stare at the door. I smirked as I made a noise on my chair and he jumped in his. 


“Where the fuck is he?” I muttered as I stood up to throw away my bubblegum.  

“He should be here already.” A random spoke. “Oi girl, why are you here?”

I turned to the random and gave him a fake smile. “Apparently you can’t call someone a twat when they are, and if you do you get detention.” I finished giving a death stare to the twat. 

“He got you here as well?” The random nodded. “He tends to do so, and then somehow he gets himself on detention too.” 

I shrugged and sat down back on my desk. I grabbed my pen and kept writing out the plan to get all the information needed. I knew by  a fact that Brad was not going to leave me alone, but then again, I could lie saying that I was going to the bathroom and search for that vault. I needed a map of the house. 


I took out my phone and typed a quick message to Adam telling him what I needed, I knew that he could get me whatever I need. The teacher came the second I placed my phone back on my pocket and he let us out. 


I grabbed everything and ran back home, not caring to call anyone to pick me home. My life was at state, I was going to safe me.

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