I Hate Love You.

Ever since Freshmen year, I started to hate him. I hate his guts, I hate his smile, I hate the way he laughs, I hate his eyes, and most of all I hate what he did to me just to be popular with his friends.

So I ignored him for the rest of highschool and went on to college and graduated from Cambridge with a doctorate in oncology. Now I’m moving to London permanently to work in my favorite hospital there. And the first fucking person I meet at my new work is, Zayn fucking Malik. Fuck my life.

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1. Welcome to Fairview England Hopsital

Welcome to my first Chapter! This is my first time posting a story so I hope you guys like it :)










Chapter 1:

Belle’s POV:


You know life is always easy for certain people. For me life has been not really easy and not fucking impossible either.


I opened my eyes breaking myself from my deep day thinking session and rolled over to look at my phone.


“SHIT!” I scream as I jump out of bed, “ITS FUCKING 6:30!”


“ANNABETH MARIE JACKSON ITS FUCKING 6:30! WAKE UP!!” I yell through the door to wake up my roommate.


My roommate Anna… oh how to describe the child. She’s quirky, funny, really smart, sweet and a super duper fashion expert. Oh and in highschool she liked the guy I fell in love with. But that’s the past now.


Anna walks up to my door wearing a sweats and a hoodie and eating a bowl of cereal. She stares at me and laughs.


“ISABELLE KATHERINE WILLIAMS what the hell are you doing? We still have time. Lol I changed the time on your phone just to see your reaction,” she said dying of laughter, “And I have to say that was FUCKING HILARIOUS!!”


“Ugh! I hate you!!” I scream as I throw a wad of socks at her. She dodges, laughing and walks away from my room leaving me to get dressed. I threw on my sleeveless white top and a short gold skirt. I tied my peach pearl bracelet on my wrist and put peach lip gloss on.


Belle’s First Day of Work Outfit:


I grabbed my peach Sole side bag and my peach ballet flats and walked down the stairs and pick up my gold iPhone 5S and check the time again.


“Okay its 8 now we should leave for work now,” I say as Anna walks into the room wearing a gorgeous white dress, white heels, white cream and peach bangles and her perfectly straight auburn hair falling carelessly on her shoulders.





“I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!” we both scream at each other. We both started laughing hysterically.


“LOL! Okay let’s go,” I grab my keys from the table and walked the door to my car.


I climbed into the drivers seat as Anna climbed into the passengers seat drove out of the driveway and towards work.

When we hit a stoplight, Anna screamed, “OMG! BELLE LISTEN TO THE SONG THEY ARE PLAYING!!!!”


After a couple seconds, realization dawned on me. I looked at Anna and in sync we both screamed “BEST SONG EVER!!”. We both sang along to the song. Right as the song ended, I turned into the parking lot of Fairview England Hospital. As I turned the ignition off, Anna turned to me, and looked me in the eye.


“Are you okay?” Anna asked concerned.


“Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” I laughed.


“Cause we just listened to One Direction,” she said like it was obvious and it was.


I took a deep breath and replied, “They are my favorite band no matter what Anna. Regardless of what happened between me and Zayn. And anyway that was a long time ago, you know that.”


“Yeah I do,” she nodded and smiled, “Now come on forget about all this old stuff, let’s enjoy today. After all it is our first day.”


We got out of the car and walked into through the gold glass doors into Fairview England Hospital and walked up to the front desk. I look down at my phone checking my Facebook notifications.


“Welcome to Fairview England Hospital,” the man at the front desk said.

The voice sounded familiar but I didn’t look up. My phone buzzed meaning I got a new message, I opened my phone and saw a message from my friend, Harry. I met Harry at a coffee shop 4 months ago on my first day moving to London. He was sweet and kind and offered to help me around London. Oh he also saved me from one of my crazy psycho ex. And we’ve been best friends ever since.


I smiled at his text Have a fun day at work! Save lives, do your thang and then meet me at our spot for lunch. I have a surprise for you.  -xoxo H


I listened as Anna talked to front desk guy giving our names filling forms, registration, etc. I typed my message to Harry saying Thanks Harry :) I will <3 - xoxo B.


I looked up and froze when I saw him. It was him.




Chapter End Notes:

Hope you liked it Please please review and tell me what you think/feel/hate/love/like/dislike about anything. Please review and you can also tell me what you would like to happen next I'm kinda stuck :) so peace :)




Belle <333

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