Truly Madly Deeply <3

Ciara is just a 19 year old girl that is turning 20 who never had never let anyone in her heart sides her best friend Travis and her parents. She is easy but she won't trust or love you that easy. But it all change when she meet a cute Irish lad from the member of One Direction, Niall Horan.

As for sweet and loving Travis, He's been kick out of his own parents house at age 12 for being gay. The love of music has helped him up. And the best band in the world that is #1 idol. One Direction. His life as well change when he realise his crush in the of One Direction is gay and also falls deeply in love with him.

Would Ciara and Travis fall madly, deeply in love with the lads or will Ciara try her best not to let Niall into her heart and go on with her life. READ AND FIND OUT.


1. ~Prologue~

Now living on my own and out of high school. I moved to Los Angeles for college at UCLA. My best friend Travis tag along since we live together freshmen year.


I'm turning 20 today and my best friend decided to take me out clubing which I didn't want to go. Tonight he wanted me to be ready by 5:30 or else he would dress me up himself. Not that i care since he's gay and that he loves dressing me up all the time. 

Work clothes: 

I was driving, on my way to work when I got a call by Travis. Ugh, he better not talk about tonight or else I'm going to hurt him when I get home.


"Hello?" I ask in my irish voice. I did live in Ireland since birth and i am a proud Irish girl. 


"Ciara, guess who's here in LA!" He yell. Bloody hell does he knows that I could hear him! Maybe not. 


"Travis I could hear you loud and clear you don't have to yell... I have sensitive ear." I groan. I hate when he does that. "Who is here." I ask. 


"One Direction!" 





Hey there my loves. I think this story is going to be of my favorite story besides Kidnapped By One Direction. I really like typing Kidnapped by One Direction... well Because i didnt know it was going to be funny or good and look at it now. I love the comments and i  hope get the same good comments here. This story will be a a little slow update. Along with my other stories. Because my dad always hogs my mums tablet so i dont use as much. 


I cant put up Ciara's outfit up becuase it is hard to put it on the tablet so i would it up soon when i have a laptop. 


Well i hope you guys like this story like the other ones. I'm still writing this story on paper but chapter one will be up next week maybe. 


Lots of love 



--- Heidi ♥♡♥♡ :) 

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