The Days Before She Died

My name is Lucas Hunt,
The chances are you’ve never heard of me, never met me, and don’t even know who I am. I was a boy; I am now a man, with scruffy brown hair, big blue eyes and a body that all girls adore. This all means nothing to me. I don’t need or want the girls anymore, because the girl I truly love died. Rose is dead. I try not to think of her as dead, because she’s still alive in my heart. I live with the painful thoughts of her death, and the happiness of her smile. It’s the greatest of contradictions. That’s what I remember most though, her smile. But at least I Know that she died a happy woman because of what we did in the days before she died…


10. Day Ten

Fourteen days were left. Just two weeks, and we were already married. The time was passing quickly, and there was nothing that I could do. I woke up and I was lying next to Rose. She was dressed in ‘White Wedding Underwear.’ For the first time I could see every scar that she had ever had. There were hundreds. Every operation she’s ever had left groups of scars. While she was sleeping that morning I counted all of them. Even with the scars she was beautiful, her pale skin had some kind of magical hold over my body. And so, I got up and made breakfast so she didn't wake up to me randomly staring at her beautiful body- that would’ve been rather weird. Rose got up a few hours later.

“What’s up Mrs. Hunt?” I asked Rose as she slid her hands around my waist, and gave my sides a quick, yet loving squeeze.

“Nothing is wrong my handsome husband.” Rose whispered softly as she stood up, making herself pancakes. “Wait… How many days have I got left roughly?”

“Fourteen.” I whispered.

“Two weeks… That’s the average honeymoon time. But how long is ours going to be?” She asked.

“Four days in Spain is all I can offer you.” I laughed; Rose had always wanted to go to Spain, ever since I had known her, it had always been about her dream journey to Spain. Unlike most boyfriends would’ve, I always paid eager attention to Rose’s wants and needs.

“SPAIN? I have always wanted to go to Spain!” Rose squealed, as if she was a child getting a puppy at Christmas.

“I know.” I said through a mouthful of granola. “We leave today.” I picked up my bowl, and Rose’s plate, carrying them to the sink while Rose sat there, dumbfounded by the thought of going to Spain.

“YES!” She screamed finally, I originally thought she was speechless, but obviously not by the squealing sounds she was making. They sounded like the little squeals a puppy makes when you throw a ball, so sweet and innocent.

“Now go pack your bags my princess.” I laughed, she smiled and went to go and pack her bags. After a few minutes I started to pack Rose’s medical bag, incase anything major happened while we were in Spain.

“Oh. My. Gosh!” I heard her scream; just several seconds after I had zipped the medical bag shut, and labelled it so we could get it through customs without any hassle.

“What’s wrong baby?” I called after her scream, my voice was filled with panic stricken fear, as my body locked and waited for her to answer.

“Lily and Lukas have pooped over our bed, and there’s a ‘painless lump’ on my underarms’.” Rose replied. My breathing began to pace itself again, and my heart rate became normal once again, lessened by the fact that there was nothing majorly wrong with Rose.

“Just don’t touch the bed and ignore the lump, it’s just the Lymphoma.” I shouted back at her, not angrily, just so she could hear me through the thick, brick walls of our house. I heard her grunt. Rose hated anything that had something to do with her illness. Soon she appeared from the bedroom fully dressed with a suitcase.

“I’ve packed your clothes as well sweetie!” She giggled.

“Do you understand why I can only offer you four days in Spain?” I asked.

“No. Maybe it’s because I’m dying?” She replied, a slight amount of sarcasm tinted her voice, which made a slight laugh escape from my lips because Rose was always cuter when she was angry.

“It’s because your birthday is the day we get back.” I whispered.

“It will be my last birthday.” Rose cried into my shoulder, dampening the sleeves of my shirt.

“Yes, and I promise you that it will be the best yet.”

“Married with two kids (pets) and dying, has MTV got a programme that covers this yet?” Rose joked.

“I’ll sell your story if you want.” I laughed.

“Yeah, when I’m dead you should write a book. Call it ‘The Days before She Died’ or something.” Rose suggested. As you can tell, I went along with the suggestion. I pulled the suitcase into the car and we drove to the airport just like we had when we went to Italy.

“Can I see your passports please?” The security officer demanded.

“Rose, can I have my passport please?” I asked.

“I thought you had it!” Rose said.

“No, you packed!”

“Please let us through officer, I have our tickets. This is meant to be our honeymoon, my last holiday before I die of cancer. Please.” The officer let a tear fall from his eyes.

“My wife’s dying of cancer too. Let me talk to the manager and I’ll see what I can do for you lovebirds.” He said. Within minutes we were boarding the plane. Rose put her seatbelt on and fell asleep. It wasn’t even lunchtime. Somewhere along the flight Rose slept through lunch and I was hungry.

“Hostess, do you know where I can get a sandwich or proper lunch?” I complained.

“Yes Sir, please follow me.” She ordered. I followed. Soon I was in the small staffroom that was empty.

“What sandwich would you like?” The hostess asked.

“Chicken and bacon sandwich please.” I replied easily.

“Sure, But could you show me how to butter the bread?” The Hostess asked teasingly. I didn’t think anything of that comment at the time but I realized later that she was heavily flirting with me. Without thinking I put my hands either side of her or showed held her hands and he knife to show her how to butter the bread.

“So that’s how you do it…” She whispered. I pulled away.


“YOU SICK WOMAN!” I shouted. “YOU ARE TRYING TO FLIRT WITH ME WHEN I’M ON HOLIDAY WITH MY WIFE! MY WIFE HAS CANCER… SHE HAS FOURTEEN DAYS TO LIVE. I DON’T WANT TO FLIRT WITH YOU. COME NEAR ME AGAIN AND I’LL GET YOU FIRED!” I screamed louder. The woman looked embarrassed. I ran and took my seat next to Rose. I told her what happened. She just shrugged and went back to sleep.

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