The Days Before She Died

My name is Lucas Hunt,
The chances are you’ve never heard of me, never met me, and don’t even know who I am. I was a boy; I am now a man, with scruffy brown hair, big blue eyes and a body that all girls adore. This all means nothing to me. I don’t need or want the girls anymore, because the girl I truly love died. Rose is dead. I try not to think of her as dead, because she’s still alive in my heart. I live with the painful thoughts of her death, and the happiness of her smile. It’s the greatest of contradictions. That’s what I remember most though, her smile. But at least I Know that she died a happy woman because of what we did in the days before she died…


18. Day Eighteen

Rose sat in bed peacefully, holding our little baby petal in her arms.

“I want to see her grow up.” Rose whispered. “I'm a seventeen year old mother who won’t see her daughter grow up.”

“I know Rose, but the doctors and I have tried everything to stabilize you. I don't want you to die either honey.” I explained. As her time was running out Rose was beginning to realise just how badly things were getting. Roses skin was transparent, her eyes a gritty grey, weighing just over seven stone. A living corpse was the way I think most people would’ve described her on the eighteenth day.

“Six days.” She said. “I can’t have a whole lifetime in six days.” Shaking her head she went and got showered, humming the gentle tune of ‘Moon River’. I twisted the wedding band that was round my finger, I was really bad at all the morbid things that Rose talked about.

Petal was happily crawl-walking around the room.

“What’s up Petal?” I asked as she suddenly stopped and began staring out of the castle windows.

“Scared” Petal replied. I hadn’t thought about little Petal listening to our conversations, I don't think I even thought of Petal seeing her mother dying. When I saw my mother dying, I was in tears for days. You see everything so clearly, and it hurts, more so than anything else because you came from your parents, and suddenly someone has taken away the one thing you were entitled to.

“It's okay to be scared Petal, but we’ll always have each other.” I said. For a little girl that was just about six months old, she was smart. Petal listened with such caution, and even spoke a bit.

“Do you promise?” She asked gently, her little new voice gave me a very fatherly idea, and I scooped her into my arms.

“I promise. There will always be a Petal and a Lucas.” I declared. Petal curled up into a ball and cried into my chest. For a six month old she had a lot of bad luck. The night she was born her parents went to take her home. The car got hit within seconds of leaving the hospital. Petals twin brother, mother and father all died. The brother almost survived, but in the end the doctors had to use him to save Petal. Petal was my little wonder woman, and was almost as amazing as her foster mother. Rose and Petal were wonders of the earth.

“Come on lazy bum!” Rose called from the doorstep. All the time I was curled up with Petal Rose had been getting ready.

“Rose, are you SURE you’re well enough to go out today?” I asked. Rose’s face went a glazed red with anger after analysing what I had said.

“Of course I’m okay!!!” She screamed before calming down. “We’re going for a walk around Painshill Park, because I want to see what it’s like when you don't have it hired out.” Rose announced.

“Okay, is this on your schedule?” I asked, she looked in her ‘bucket list’ book and furrowed her eyebrows.

“No, but you have to do this, because I have to do the last one for you both.” Rose said in a deceptive, secretive tone of voice.

“Okay then, let’s go.” We all walked out of the door with wide grins our faces, the sun was out and the day was pure bliss. In the car we had the radio on max, the roof off and all windows down. Rose used to have one car rule:


I think it was that, maybe it was the other way round. It's hard to remember sometimes. The song on the radio was PASS OUT by Tinier Temper. Rose was getting her groove on, and I found it very funny. She used to do club dancing with T-Rex hands, thinking she was all cool. She wasn’t always.

Rose and I always wanted to have a romantic visit to Painshill, however this turned out to be a photography lesson...


I took pictures of Rose and all the little things that they have in Painshill. Taking the photos was hard because Rose looked painfully beautiful and fragile. It made me realise that I was about to lose the one thing that had ever mattered. I had no parents, no family until Rose. She gave me family, she gave me love. But most of all Rose gave me hope. She made me think that there was a chance that my life was going to get better. It did get better, but then my luck ran out. I was losing her. Day by day, six days were left. 

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