Safe And Sound (Triquel to Red)

"Elizabeth Ashton was more that just a girl to me. She was my best friend, she was the love of my life, she was my light. Since the day I met her when we were 5 years old there hasn't been a single day that I didn't love her. Without her, I wouldn't be the man I am today. She taught me so many things. She taught me to never give up on myself and to never let anyone tell me who I am, who I want to be. She taught me to believe in myself even when no one else did. Through the 15 years that I knew her, just the thought of her made me smile. Now I can't help but look back on all of the memories we made. The pillow fights, the sleep overs, the ghost stories. She made me happier than anyone else ever could. She put a smile on my face even when I was on the verge of tears and she always knew what to say. So much of the world knows Elizabeth Ashton as the girl who broke free from her past and created a future...


53. The Truth

***Beth's POV***

"Liam hurry up. We can't be late for the interview!" I told him.

Today we were going to officially confirm our engagement. We would finally put the rumors to rest.

"I'm coming." Liam stated, running a hand through his hair.

He and I walked outside and I locked the door behind me. We got into the car and Liam pulled out of the driveway and began driving towards the interview studio. I took out my phone and scrolled through twitter and saw that many people had posted links to engagement rumors. I clicked on one of the links and began to read.

Elizabeth Ashton and Liam Payne: Engaged?!

Rumors began to spread of the supposed engagement of Elizabeth Ashton(23)  and Liam Payne(24) late tuesday afternoon. Ashton was spotted leaving Starbucks with friends, a diamond ring on her finger. Of course, none of us would be surprised if Payne finally popped the question on his long time best friend of eighteen years and girlfriend of six. When fellow bandmate of Liam, Louis Tomlinson was asked to report on the subject he replied with "No comment.". Could it be that Liam Payne has finally settled down?

"How do you think your fans will react to their little Liam getting engaged?" I asked.

Liam smiled. "I hope they'll be happy for us. Most of them love you anyway."

"Lets hope so." I told him.

Soon he pulled into a studio and he and I got out. We were immediately swarmed by paps.

"Elizabeth! Liam! Is it true that you two are engaged?!"

"Elizabeth! How did Liam pop the question?!"

"Liam! What makes you think Elizabeth is the one?!"

Liam and I hurried inside where I saw Grace frantically pacing. As soon as she say me she grinned and pulled me into a hug.

"Congratulations. I'm so happy for you." She told me.

Grace looked at Liam and smiled. "Hold on to her okay? I don't want to hear about her crying in her dressing room again."

Liam smiled. "Don't worry. I have no intention of letting her go."

"Alright you have five minutes before you need to go on. Go get your mics." She told us.

A man clipped mics to our shirts and I turned to Liam. He pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I love you." He said, kissing my temple.

"I love you too." I replied with a smile.

Minutes later we were about to go on.

"Now my next guests have been the topic of the biggest celebrity rumor. Please welcome Elizabeth Ashton and Liam Payne!" The interviewer named Melissa smiled.

Liam and I walked onto the tv set and took our seats. Our fans filled the audience.

"So Liam, ELizabeth, how are you two?" Melissa asked.

Liam and I smiled. "We're fantastic." He told her.

"So rumors have been going around that the two of you have finally tied the knot after Elizabeth was spotted with a diamond ring on her finger. What do you have to say about that?" She asked.

I looked down at the diamond ring on my finger and smiled. 

"Yeah. Its true. Liam and I are engaged." I told her.

I huge grin spread across Melissa's face. "So tell us, how did he ask you?"

"Well its actually a pretty long story. The day he proposed was August 20th, our 18th anniversary of being best friends." I began.

"18 years? Wow." Melissa smiled.

I nodded. "Liam had set aside an outfit for me to wear, it was a light pink dress, white marry jane heels and a white bow. That was what I wore the day we met. I was picked up by a limo and it took me to various places in Wolverhampton. At each place, one of our friends would hand me a note and there was a child hood memory that Liam and I shared written down. The final place I went was the place Liam and I met 18 years ago. Our primary school classroom. When I got out of the limo there were 18 people standing in a line, each holding a white rose. As I walked by they handed me the roses and I was told to go inside. I walked to the room where Liam and I met and opened the door. He was standing there in a blue plaid shirt and khaki pants. He handed me a fake red rose and said that the white roses that I received represented the 18 years that he had known me. The red rose symbolized our future. The reason why it was a fake rose is because fake roses cant die and thats how he wanted us to be. He didn't want our relationship to die. Thats when he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring ever and asked me to marry him." I smiled.

I couldn't wipe the grin off my face and I saw that neither could Liam.

"Who knew Liam was the romantic one." Melissa smiled. "So when you say there were other people that were part of the engagement, who do you mean?"

"Well there were the other four boys of One Direction. Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn. Their girlfriends who are my best friends, Miranda, Eleanor, Emily and Perrie. Liam's family was part of the rose thing, his mum, dad, sisters, grandparents, aunt, uncle and two cousins." I told her.

"Now Liam, what made you finally decide to propose to Elizabeth?" Melissa asked him.

"Over the past six years that we've been dating, I've lost her more times than I should have. We broke up for six months, had fights, she even got kidnapped and supposedly killed. I think during the time when everyone was under the impression that she was dead was when it finally sunk in. I'm not complete without her. I'm not me without her. She is like my other, better half and I couldn't live without her. I mean, without her I wouldn't be where I am today." Liam told her.

"So have you two begun planning the wedding?" Melissa asked us.

"We've started but we're talking it slowly. We don't want to rush things." I explained to her.

"After the wedding do you two plan on continuing your careers? Will you release more albums and do more tours?" She asked.

I looked at Liam then back at her. "Of course. Just because we're married doesn't mean we want to stop our careers. While tours may mean being away from each other, it doesn't mean we'll never see each other." I told her.

"Yeah, I agree. We both hate not seeing each other during tours but its part of our jobs and we do it for our fans." Liam explained to her.

"Do you think you two will start a family anytime soon after the wedding?" Melissa asked us.

I could feel myself blush a little.

"I suppose. It all depends on our schedules." Liam said, a smile on his face.

"So what would you say were the best and worst parts of your relationship?" Melissa asked.

"I think the best parts are just her and I being together. I'd have to say my favorite moments are when we're just together, no words spoken. Im with her and thats all that matters." Liam smiled.

I looked at him and smiled. "I couldn't agree more." I looked back at Melissa. "I'd have to say, without a doubt the worst parts of our relationship were when a certain person kept trying to get between us and it ultimately resulted in me getting kidnapped."

Liam nodded. "Yeah. Like we've had rough patches but those were the worst."

"Elizabeth, what would you say is the most romantic thing Liam has ever done for you?" She asked.

I smiled. "Well there are lots of things, besides the proposal I'd have to say one of the most romantic things he's done is take me to my old house when I thought everything was coming crashing down. He helped me remember all the memories that we had shared when we were younger and we even relived a few of them later."I told her.

"Thats sweet." Melissa smiled. "Well thats all we have time for today. Thank you Liam and Elizabeth."

Soon the camera was shut off and Liam and I walked off stage. We took our mics off and walked outside where we were mobbed by paps.

"Liam, Elizabeth! Have you two set a date for the wedding yet?!"

"Elizabeth! Are you pregnant?!"

Liam and I pushed our way through the crowd, never letting go of my hand. Finally we reached the car and slowly pulled out. Finally once we were on the road I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, now the whole world knows we're engaged." Liam smiled.

"Its kind of relieving." I told him.

He nodded. Finally we pulled into the driveway of our house and we got out. As soon as we walked inside Liam grabbed my by the waist and kissed me passionately. I jumped and my legs went around his torso. My hands ran through his hair and his arms tightened around my waist. As he began kissing my jaw and neck he walked up the stairs. As soon as we were in our bedroom he laid my back on the bed and I kicked off my heels. I began tugging at his shirt and he slipped it over his head, placing his lips on mine again. Soon my top and skirt were in a pile on the floor right beside Liam's pants and shirt. It seemed like every second that passed I fell in love with Liam Payne even more.

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