Safe And Sound (Triquel to Red)

"Elizabeth Ashton was more that just a girl to me. She was my best friend, she was the love of my life, she was my light. Since the day I met her when we were 5 years old there hasn't been a single day that I didn't love her. Without her, I wouldn't be the man I am today. She taught me so many things. She taught me to never give up on myself and to never let anyone tell me who I am, who I want to be. She taught me to believe in myself even when no one else did. Through the 15 years that I knew her, just the thought of her made me smile. Now I can't help but look back on all of the memories we made. The pillow fights, the sleep overs, the ghost stories. She made me happier than anyone else ever could. She put a smile on my face even when I was on the verge of tears and she always knew what to say. So much of the world knows Elizabeth Ashton as the girl who broke free from her past and created a future...


4. The Last Time

***Liam's POV***

- 5  months later-

People say that darkness represents hate, sadness, depression. What they really don't realize is that without the darkness we wouldn't be able to see the stars. We wouldn't be able to look forward to the light. As I look up at the night sky, the stars twinkling I wonder if the light will ever emerge from what seems like and eternity of darkness. My hands shoved deep into my pockets as the chills of winter rush through me. I would be lying if I said that everything was alright now. If anything, things were worse.

"Liam, Simon needs you to come inside. He needs to have a meeting with us." Harry said, popping his head out the door.

I didn't look at him.

"What more is there to talk about?" I asked, harshness in my voice.

"The band Liam! Its falling apart and we need to talk about it." He sighed.

I turned around and looked at Harry. 

"I don't see how a meeting can help this." I said coldly.

I followed him into the building and into the conference room where the other boys and Simon were already seated. Harry and I took our seats and I slumped in my chair.

"Alright. Boys I think you have an idea of what this meeting is about. You're falling apart. You were supposed to have an album out two months ago but due to Liam's lack of singing we were not able to accomplish that. Liam, how are you supposed to complete this album and go on tour if you refuse to sing?" Simon asked.

I looked up, my eyes meeting Simon's. "Its not that I refuse to sing. Its that I can't sing. I hope you realize that every single song that I wrote is about her. About Beth. And every... every time I think about her, about how she's not here anymore I break down." 

"Oh come on, it can't be that many songs. We'll just skip all of them that you wrote." He said.

"So you want to skip One Thing, Everything About You, More Than This, Gotta Be You, Last First Kiss, Back For You and Nobody Compares?" I asked, glaring at him.

"I don't like your attitude Liam. Are you drunk again?" Simon asked.

"No." I spat.

"Yes you are Liam." Louis sighed.

"What happened to you Liam? I understand that you loved Beth, she was an amazing woman but it was five months ago." Simon said sternly.

"What happened to me? You know exactly what happened to me! Then again none of you have loved anyone like I loved Beth! None of you have loved anyone for practically your entire life!" I said harshly.

"Well your new attitude is not only worrying your fans but your fellow bandmates too. Ever think about how your actions are effecting them?" Simon asked me.

"Yeah well I would trade all of this for a moment to have her back!" I yelled, standing up.

"Its just the alcohol talking." Zayn mumbled.

"Liam damn it! Pull yourself together!" Niall said harshly.

"This is all fucking bullshit! None of you get how I feel. I thought all of you had my back! That I could trust you with anything!" I yelled.

Louis stood up and glared at me. "You know whats bullshit Liam?! You! You honestly thin Beth would like the new you?! Do you think she would want this?! I may not have known her for as long as you but I sure as hell know she wouldn't want this! She would be utterly disgusted!" Louis yelled.

I glared at him, my eyes burning into his. I looked around at everyone.

"I'm done. I'm fucking done with all of this! This band! This fame! Everything!" I yelled. "Have a nice fucking life!"

I stormed out of the studio and got into my car. As I drove away I felt a pang in my stomach. Louis was right.

***Louis's POV***

We all sat there in shock. Had One Direction really just broken up? Was it really all over?

"Well... boys. Looks like Liam made the decision for all of you." Simon sighed.

"Are... are we really done? Is One Direction over?" Niall choked out.

"Niall we all know that Liam is never going to be the same. Beth is the only one who can change him back and its not like people can rise from the dead. One Direction isn't One Direction without Liam." Harry told him.

"How are we going to tell the fans? They'll be absolutely heartbroken." Zayn sighed.

"I guess we could do a twitcam." I sighed.

"Get the laptop." Harry said.

Simon got a laptop and the four of us that remained sat around the screen. I logged into my twitter and posted a tweet.

@Louis_Tomlinson: We have an important announcement. We're going to do a twitcam so please watch. xx

I started the twitcam and the amount of viewers soared.

"So we have an important announcement." I sighed.

'As you know, five months ago our friend and Liam's girlfriend, Elizabeth Ashton was killed. The thing is, Liam hasn't been the same since." Zayn said.

"We finally decided that this band cant work if Liam isn't here. Just a few minutes ago Liam quit the band. We all know that One Direction isn't the same without him." Niall told the fans.

"So... you have no idea how hard this is. As of five minutes ago One Direction is broken up." Harry said.

"We would like to give a massive thank you to each and every single one of our fans that supported us. We wouldn't have gotten where we were without you." I said.

"So for the last time... we're One Direction and we're signing off... for the last time." Harry said, tears clearly threatening to fall.

We all waved to the camera and turned off the twitcam. I shut the laptop and we just sat there for a moment. I turned to the three lads whom had become my best friends over the three years we had been a band.

"I just want you boys to know that the past three years have been the best years of my life. I am proud to call you all my best friends and although we may not be One Direction anymore, we'll always be best friends." I told them.

We all pulled each other into a group hug.

"I'll never forget the moments we shared together, the auditions, the video diaries, the tours. Everything." Niall said.

"None of us will."

***3rd Person POV***

All over the world hearts broke as they watched the final Twitcam of One Direction. As they logged off they couldn't help but go back and watch the old video diaries and auditions. Tears fell, hearts broke and lives came crashing down. That was the day that changed so many girls lives forever. When Elizabeth Ashton went down, she not only took Liam Payne with her, but the whole world.

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