Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


2. Chapter Two

I got to my house, putting my bike in the garage. I walked into the living room, throwing my bag on the couch, “Mom. I'm home.” She smiled, “How was your day?” I smiled, “It was great.. I met some friends. They're really nice,” I said, walking into the kitchen, “and umm.. one of them is Austin Mahone.” She gasped, “THE Austin Mahone?” I nodded, laughing, “Yeah. The Austin Mahone that I was going to see in concert.” She smiled, “Well, that's just amazing!” I nodded, grabbing a cup from the cabinet, “Yeah! And he actually... kinda... invited me to a party tonight with him and his friends. He's coming to pick me up at 6.” She nodded, slowly, “Okay..?” I smiled, “Yeah. So I really need to get ready,” I said, getting some lemonade from the refrigerator. She looked at the clock on the stove, “Yeah, it's already 4:30.” I poured the lemonade, then walked upstairs to my room. So many boxes that still need to be unpacked. I walked into my closet, sipping a little bit of my lemonade, and looking around. “What to wear... what to wear,” I thought to myself. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket, logging onto instagram. I typed in: “@AustinMahone” I saw all his recent pictures. Bingo! He posted a selfie 2 minutes ago with the caption, “#OOTD for #WhatAboutLove Party tonight!!! Can't wait!:) #BigPlans..” I clicked the 'like' button, and tried my best to coordinate my outfit with his. I wore a red tank top with sparkles, tied with blue skinny jeans, and my red TOMs. I curled my hair, and put on my makeup. Not that much.. but a little bit. I looked at my phone and saw a new text from Austin.

From: Austin Mahone:)

Hey:) I'll pick you up in 5. You ready?

I smiled, texting him back. Wait, why am I smiling? I shook my head, “This shouldn't be happening..” I shook off my feelings and replied.

To: Austin Mahone:)

Yeah(: I am actually matching with you.. xD Haha. I know it's stupid, but idk I just wanted to match :p

I put my phone down, brushing my teeth, then putting on my lip gloss. I heard my phone ring, and I looked down at the lock screen.

From: Austin Mahone:)
Hahaha:) Nice!! I like when I match with somebody. Alright. I'll about to pull into your driveway.

I looked at myself in the mirror, doing a final check. I put my purse over my shoulder, grabbing my phone, and walking downstairs, turning off the lights.

“Nicole! Austin's here,” I heard my mom yell from downstairs. I smiled, walking down the stairs, quietly. Austin was talking to her about what we were going to do tonight, “Oh, yes ma'am. I will take good care of her. We're going to the studio, and we're going to have a party because my song, What About Love went triple platinum. And I will have her home by-,” his sentence got cut off when he saw me walking down the staircase. He blushed, walking over to me, looking me up and down. He smiled, grabbing my hand, “Nicole.. you look beautiful.” I blushed, looking down, interlocking our fingers. I smiled, “Thanks, Austin. Mom, we'll be back later. I'll text you when we're coming home.” She nodded, “Nice to finally meet you, Austin. She's your biggest fan!!” I blushed, shaking my head, “BYE MOM!” I said, running out the door, him following me. He smiled, unlocking his car, and opening up the door for me, “Hmm.. biggest fan, huh?” I rolled my eyes, “No. I've watched your music videos and covers, liked you, then.. became obsessed with somebody else. Not your biggest fan.” He nodded, smiling, “It's okay. I get it.” I sat in the seat, looking around. I smiled, waiting until he got back in. He smiled at me, “Okay, let's go.” He cranked up his car, turning the radio on. “Oh my God!!!,” I screamed, covering my mouth. He raised his eyebrow, “Umm..... Directioner.” I nodded, laughing. He smiled, turning up the song. He sang along, “AND WE DANCED ALL NIGHT. TO THE BEST SONG EVER!!” I giggled, shouting the lyrics. He stopped singing, and stared at me. I blushed, then stopped. He smiled, “No! Keep going! You're really good.” I shook my head, pulling out my phone. I went on instagram. He looked over, “Hey, we should take cute pictures together!!” I looked at him. He shook his head, “No! Not cute, but I mean.. like.. funny selfies.” I laughed, “Austin. You're so awkward. It's really funny.” He smiled, “I try my best.” I rolled my eyes, pulling up the camera. I pointed it at us. He stuck out his tongue, and I smiled normally. I snapped the picture. He looked at me, “Really? Now what part of that do you think is funny?” I smiled, “Nothing. I just like smiling.” He laughed, “Alright. Tag me!” I nodded, adding the caption, “Bout to go to the #WhatAboutLove party with @AustinMahone(: #BigPlans?.. I dunno!! :p”

He smiled, looking at his phone. He laughed, “Cute. And I have big plans for tonight. You'll find out.” I sighed, “I don't like surprises!!!!” He gasped, “How can you not like surprises?!?!” I laughed, “I dunno!” He rolled his eyes, smiling, “Loserrrrrr.” I laughed, “Nope. That's you.” He pouted, “Aww. That hurt my feelings.” I smiled, kissing his cheek, “That better?” He blushed, smiling from ear to ear, “YE- I.. I mean, pssh. Yeah. I guess. It's whatever.” I smiled at his cuteness.



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