Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


13. Chapter Thirteen

I was awakened to a guitar. I opened my eyes and saw Austin sitting on the floor, writing on a piece of paper. I stretched out, yawning. He smiled, looking up, “Oh, did I wake you up?” I laughed, “No.. the magical wizard with the guitar woke me up. No, duh, Austin.” He smiled, standing up and kissing my lips. I smiled, kissing him back and then moved away, “What time is it?” He looked at his phone, “3:30.” I nodded, rubbing my eyes. I looked at his guitar then back at him, “What were you writing?” He smiled, “A song.” I nodded, “Can I hear it?” He shook his head, “It's not ready yet.” I nodded, “Ohhh.” He smiled and looked at his phone. He smiled and unlocked it, typing. I looked at him, “Whatcha doing?” He looked at me, “Oh, Alex sent me something.” I nodded, “Oh, tell him I said hey!” He nodded, “Alright.” He looked up at me, putting his phone in his pocket, “What do you want to do?” I shook my head, “Don't know.” He nodded, “Well I'm gonna change into my pajamas. Be right back, babe.” He put his phone on his desk, and walked into the bathroom. I waited, then ran to his desk looking at his texts.

From: Her.<3

I miss you:(

To: Her.<3

I miss you too!:( Only a couple days til I can see you!<3

From: Her.<3

Can't wait.<3 Love you!!(:

To: Her.<3

I love you too!!!:) Gotta go. Call you later. Bye xoxo

I can't believe this. My heart sank. I looked up and saw the bathroom door open. I screamed, “WHAT THE HECK, AUSTIN?!?” He looked at his phone in my hand, “What?” I rolled my eyes, “YOU KNOW WHAT! I KNOW ALL ABOUT “HER” AND YOU KNOW WHAT?,” I bit my lip, as the tears fell down, “Goodbye, Austin,” I ran past him, running outside. He followed me, “Nicole!!! Nicole wait!!” I ran down the street to my house. I got out of breath, but didn’t stop until I got there.


I tried opening the door. Locked. Great. I beat on the door, “Mom!!” I looked for her car. Gone. I fell down on the step, crying my eyes out. I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up, the sun was piercing in my eyes.


I looked at my phone. 135 texts from Austin. The last one read.
From: My Boy.<3:

I'm sorry. I know you probably don't want to see me, but the plane leaves at 8:00.... bye. I love you.

I looked at the time. 7:52. I jumped up, running to the airport.


When I got there, he had his head in his hands. Dave was hitting him, but he just sat there. He looked sick. I stood behind a post, looking at them. Dave sighed, “What's wrong?” Austin shook his head, “I just miss her. She ran out last night.” He looked at him, “I'm sorry, man.” I walked out, “I ran out because you were texting that girl.” He stood up, turning around, “Nicole..” I nodded, “Dave, give us a minute?” He nodded, walking to Starbucks. I bit my lip. Austin looked at me, walking towards me, “What's wrong? You look like you slept on the ground. Why do you have these marks on your arms?,” he asked, concerned, and touching my arm. I pulled away, “Stop. I slept on the concrete because I didn't have a key to my house and my mom left to go to see my aunt.” He looked hurt, “Nicole..” I rolled my eyes, “Stop saying my name, Austin!” He nodded, “I'm sorry... I just..” I sighed, “I know about 'her' and I came to see you. Not because I wanted to, but because I told you I would come. I don't break my word.” He smiled, “Listen, Nicole, you've got it wrong. She is my cousin.” I looked at him, “What?” He laughed, “You're still my girl. She lives in Atlanta. The first stop on my tour.” I looked down, smiling a little, “Oh..” He laughed, grabbing my hand, “You didn't give me time to explain. You just ran.” I interlocked our fingers, laughing a little, “I'm sorry..” He smiled, grabbing my face, and kissing me.” I smiled, kissing him back. I heard somebody clear their throat. I looked up. Dave was smiling, “Hate to break this up, but we gotta go.” I nodded, “You gotta go..” He nodded, “No, we do.” I nodded, “Right. I'm gonna miss you.” He smiled, “You too, babe.” He kissed me one last time, then ran off. A couple seconds later, he screamed, “WAIT! I FORGOT SOMETHING!!” I looked around, “What?!” He grabbed my hand, “You.” I looked at him, “Austin, you know I can't go with you! My mom, my family, I’m not packed?!” He smiled, pulling out a plane ticket, “Surprise.” I gasped, “Austin Carter Mahone!!!” He smiled, “Hurry! We gotta go! I already talked to your mom. You're already packed.” I smiled, running into security, “Geez, I love you!” “I love you, too!,” he said, following me.

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