Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


10. Chapter Ten

Two hours later, I woke up to the sound of my mom, yelling, “Nicole! You have a package. I think it's from Austin.” I groaned, “Ugh... bring it up here!” I heard footsteps, then a knock on my door. I turned over, getting up, and walking to the door. I opened it, rubbing my eyes. “Whoa,” I mumbled, looking at the big present in front of me. I read the card, “To my beautiful girlfriend, from Your boy.” I laughed, then grabbed the bow, slowly opening it. I opened the lid, then jumped back, Oh my gosh!!” Austin popped out, smiling. I held my chest, “Austin Carter Mahone! Why did you do that?!” He smiled, jumping out, “Good present?” I rolled my eyes, “Yes. Other than the fact that you almost gave me a heart attack!” He smiled, hugging me, “Aww. I'm sorry, babe.” I sneezed, moving my head away from him. He laughed, “Oh my gosh.” I moved away from him, laying down in my bed, pulling the covers over my head, “You shouldn't be here,” I said, stopped up. He smiled, walking over to me, laying down, “Yes, I should.” I shook my head, “No, you're going to get sick!” He sighed, pulling the covers down, “I don't care. I'd rather be with you, and get sick, instead of not being with you, and not getting sick.” I smiled, “Okay.. I guess you can stay.” He laughed, “You didn't even look at the rest of your presents!” I yawned, getting up, “Okay. Let's see.... we have tissues, a box of skittles, thank you by the way, and a cute, romantic movie that I bet you could care less to watch.” He laughed, “Come on! I have a soft side!” I laughed, laying back down, “Okay.. let's watch it then.” He smiled, getting up, and putting the DVD in. He jumped on the bed, wrapping his arms around me, and kissing my forehead. Let's just say... I was asleep within the first 20 minutes of the movie. But Austin stayed there, checking on me every 5 minutes. He would ask me, “You okay?” or “You cold?” or “You too hot?”. You may think it's annoying, but in all reality, it was super sweet.


“You wanna stay here, Austin?,” I heard my mom ask. I felt him nod, “Yes, ma'am. If I can.” I smiled a little, securing my grip on his waist. He laughed a little, “Babe. You awake?” I nodded a little, then made an un-human noise. He laughed, “What was that?” I laughed, opening my eyes, then stretching my arms, and yawning. He smiled, kissing me. I kissed him back, “I feel a little better now that I took a nap.” He smiled, “Good.” I looked at my phone, and looked at the time. 3:30 in the afternoon. I sighed, “This sucks!” He laughed, “What does?” I rolled my eyes, “Not being able to do anything!!” He smiled, “I'm sorry. Hopefully by tomorrow you'll be better. We can go on our actual first date.” I smiled, “Hopefully!” He smiled, hugging me, and putting his head on my chest, “I love you... a lot.” I smiled, “I love you too.” He leaned in to kiss me, but then his phone rang. He laughed, kissing my nose, “Be right back.” He got up, grabbing his phone out of his jacket which was on the floor, “Hello?” I looked out the window, and saw the cars passing by. I heard him sigh, “What?” I looked over at him. He looked at me, “But.. I can't.” I raised an eyebrow. He looked down at the floor, then nodded, “Okay.. bye.” I looked at him, “What's up?” He shook his head, “Nothing..” I sighed, “Austin. Please?” His face was turning red. He sighed, looking down at his hands, “Nicole.. I-I.. I'm leaving.” I looked at him, “What do you mean, 'leaving'?...” I could tell he was about to cry, “Nicole.. I am going on t-t-tour.” I looked down, biting my lip, not saying anything. He looked up, “Say something!” I tried to hold back my tears, and he was, too. I looked at him, “Austin, I love you. I love you so freaking much! I don't want you to be gone for that long!” He nodded, “I know, baby.” I covered my face with the covers, so he wouldn't see me about to break down. He sighed, rubbing my back with his hand, “Babe.. are you okay?” I didn't say anything. He sighed, then uncovered my face, “Alexis.” This was the first time that he had called me Alexis.. ever. I looked at him, “What, Carter?” He laughed a little, then kissed me. I kissed him back, “I'm gonna miss that...” He nodded, “Listen.. we're going to Skype everyday. We're going to text everyday. We're going to call everyday. Okay? We will make this work. And I promise I will do a show here. And I will get you tickets to any shows you want!” I smiled, “Really?” He nodded, “Of course, babe!” I smiled, “I love you so much...” He smiled, “I love you, too.” I got up, “When are you leaving?” He ran his hands through his hair, “A week and a half. The 6th.” I nodded, “Okay. Get up.” I stood up. He raised an eyebrow, “Ummm...” I smiled, “Get up, Carter! We're going shopping!” He laughed, “But you're sick!” I smiled, “We're wasting time to be together. Our official date can be at the movies.” He smiled, getting up and putting on his jacket, “As long as you're sure.” I nodded, looking around my closet, “Hmm.. what to wear, what to wear?” I pulled out my silver “#YOLO” shirt with silver sparkles on it, and my jeans with the sparkles on them, and my silver UGGs. I smiled, showing him my outfit. He smiled, “Ooh. Very pretty.” I laughed, “Thank you.” I kissed him, quickly, walking into my bathroom, “Hey!,” I yelled through the door, “you could go hang out with Lindsey. I'm sure she'd be happy to see Sir Austin the Great again!” He laughed, “Whatever. Don't hate me when she likes me more than you!” I laughed, “She will not.” I smiled, locking the door, and started taking my shower.

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