Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


6. Chapter Six

I ran downstairs, opening the door. I looked down the street, running to his house. I was running for about 15 seconds, and it started raining, “You have got to be kidding me.” I looked around. 283. Bingo. I knocked on the door. Austin opened it. I looked down at the ground. He grabbed my chin, pulling my face up to look at his. I thought he was going to lecture me, instead, he crashed his lips onto mine. I kissed him back, tears falling from my eyes. He hugged me tight, putting his head on my shoulder. By now, the rain had cleared up. I looked up at him. He looked down at me, kissing my forehead, “Let's get you dried off.” He grabbed my hand, taking me in his house, leading me into his bedroom. I looked around, “Nice room...” He nodded, “Thanks.” I shivered, biting my lip. He looked at me, throwing me some sweats and a hoodie. He pointed to the bathroom, “You can change in there.” I nodded, “Thanks...” I walked into the bathroom. Dang, his bathroom is huge. I dried my hair, and pulled it up in a bun. Then I took off my shirt, putting his “I <3 Mahomies” hoodie on. I took off my shorts, putting on his sweatpants. I walked into his room. He was sitting on his bed, legs crossed. He was on twitter. I sat beside him. He smiled, a little, “Hi.” I smiled, grabbing his phone. He reached, “Hey! Give It back.” I shook my head, “Nope.” He sighed, “Nicole, seriously.” I stuck my tongue out at him, “Nope. I'm gonna do something real fast.” He sighed, sitting down. I smiled, kissing his cheek, “Give me 1 minute.” He nodded, grabbing his iPad. I rolled my eyes, “If you have your iPad, why do you need your phone?” He frowned, “Because my phone is red.” I rolled my eyes, “Loser.” I smiled, typing something. Then I took a selfie. I handed him back his phone. He logged onto twitter, laughing, “Wowwww, babe.” I smiled, “Read it out.” He smiled, “I was not at all hacked by the best girl in the world. @Nicole_Cupcake22 you should go follow her because she's amazing and cute, and I love her so much. #HackedByNicoleCupcake. And a heart.” He smiled, putting his phone down and tackling me on the bed. I laughed, pushing him up. He kissed me. I kissed him back, smiling. He pulled away, “Ugh. I'm hungry.” I laughed, “Me too.” He smiled, “Skittle milkshake?” My jaw dropped, “You like those too?!?!?” He nodded, “Best milkshake ever, right?!” I nodded, getting up and running downstairs to the kitchen. He picked me up, setting me on the counter. Smiling, he looked at me, “What do you put in yours?” I smiled, “Vanilla ice cream, skittles, and milk. Then when it's all like... shaken? I guess. Haha. Then I put whipped cream on the top. And I put a cherry on it for effect. But I hate cherries.” He smiled, “I'll eat the cherry on yours then.” I smiled, “Okay. Let's get to work then, Mr. Mahone.” He smiled, helping me down.


After we were done, I handed him the cherry. He smiled, eating it off the stem, “Thank you!” I smiled, “You're very welcome.” He smiled, hugging me. I hugged his side, drinking some of my milkshake. He smiled, “Let's go.” He grabbed my hand, taking me outside. I looked at him, “Where are we going, exactly?” He smiled, “You'll see.” I sighed, “You know I don't like surprises.” He laughed, “As true as that is... I think you'll like this one.” I nodded, “Okay.” I looked up into the night sky, “Wow..” It was a treehouse. I smiled, looking at Austin, “It's so cute.” He nodded, “Let's go! It has an air mattress.” I laughed, handing him the milkshake. He put it in the little mail basket. I climbed up, smiling. When I got to the top, I looked at the sky, “Wow... look at the stars. They're so pretty.” He wrapped his arms around me, “They're beautiful.” He whispered, “But not as beautiful as you.” I blushed, grabbing my milkshake. I looked at him, “Austin...” He shook his head, “No, Nicole. I love you. I have had so many people in my life who I have loved, and I didn't tell them and then they left.. I need to tell you.” I looked down, then sat on the air mattress, “Austin, you're so sweet and I mean, you're a good friend.. but don't you think we're moving too fast?” He sighed, laying down on the air mattress, “Yeah. I guess.” I kissed him, “I just don't want to get hurt.” He sighed, “But you won't!” I shrugged my shoulders, “I don't know that.” He sighed, looking up at me, “Okay.” I looked down at his face, “Austin, I've known the real you for a day.. so far, you have hurt me. Really bad.” He nodded, sitting up, “But I'd rather that happen than you get hurt by seeing thousands of magazines with her lip locking me!” I nodded, looking down, “I know.” He grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers, “Please believe me?” I nodded, “I do.” He kissed my forehead, “You tired?” I laughed, yawning, “A little.” He smiled, getting up, “You can sleep here if you want.” I shook my head, “No, what about we sleep inside?” He nodded, “That would be better. Wouldn't it?" I smiled, "Yeah. I think so." He grabbed our empty milkshake glasses, climbing down. I followed him. I grabbed my cup, walking into the house. He smiled once we got in the house. “So you can sleep in my room, and I'll sleep on the couch.” I nodded, “Okay.” He smiled, hugging me, “Goodnight, beautiful.” I smiled, hugging him back, “Goodnight.” I walked into his room, turning on the light. He followed me. He grabbed a pillow and a blanket, and then walked over to me. I smiled. He kissed me and then walked out of the room. I turned off the light, then used my phone to light up the way to his bed. I yawned, crawling in. I tossed and turned. “Ugh,” I groaned, getting up. Without thinking, I got up, walking into the living room, “Austin?” He jumped up, “What's wrong? Are you okay?” I nodded, “Austin, I can't sleep.” He laughed, getting up, “Come on.” He grabbed my hand, leading me back into his room, “I'll stay here until you fall asleep.” I nodded, getting back into the bed. He laid beside me, wrapping his arms around me. He hummed a song in my ear, rubbing my back in circles, as he played with my hair. I smiled, “Goodnight, Austin.” He smiled, kissing my cheek, “Goodnight, Nicole.”

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