Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


7. Chapter Seven

I woke up, only to find the spot that was previously occupied by my silly pop star empty. I got up, yawning. I walked into the kitchen, smiling. Austin smiled, giving me a hug, “Goodmorning, beautiful! Did you sleep good?” I nodded, “Yeah. Goodmorning, Ms. Mahone.” She smiled, on her laptop, “Goodmorning, Nicole. Please, call me Michelle. Or Mama Mahone. That's what the Mahomies call me. Haha,” she said, laughing. I smiled. Austin smiled, “Hey, what do you wanna do today?” I shrugged, “I don't care. Haha.” He looked at me, “Umm.. okay. I have to be at the studio at 10:00 for dance practice. Then I have to be in vocals at 12:00. After 2:00, I'm free. I'm all yours!” I laughed, “Okay. Well, it's 8:30 now. What about you drive me to my house, and I can get ready and I can go to the studio with you! I wanna see how it is to be in the life of Mr. Austin Mahone for a day!” He laughed, “Alright. I'll be back later, Mom! Bye!” He grabbed my hand, running out the door. “BYE!,” I screamed, running out the door. I got in his car, smiling, “Okay, I have to take a shower, which takes 30 minutes, and then drying my hair takes 15 minutes, and then after that, I am gonna just put on sweats and a t-shirt, because I want to dance with you. I wanna see what it takes to be an Austin Mahone dancer.” He laughed, “Okay. It's not that easy, trust me.” I smiled, “Okay. I took dance for 6 years tho. I think I'm good.” He nodded, “Fair enough.” I laughed, “Okay, then after that, I'm gonna put on my makeup, and then I should be good.” He nodded, “Alright. Let's go.” I nodded, getting out of the car, and walking into my house, “MOM. I'm home!” He laughed, closing the door behind him, “So loud.” I nodded, “Yes. Yes, I am.” He rolled his eyes, smiling. I ran up the steps, “Okay. Stay downstairs, and find something to do while I get ready.” He nodded, “Okay.” He sat down on the couch. I ran to my room, opening the door, and going into my bathroom. I took my shower, faster than I thought, then put on my “$wag” t-shirt. I put on my “Love 93” sweatpants, then dried my hair, putting it in a bun. I tied it with my “Hipsta Please” hoodie, and put on my makeup, then brushed my teeth. I ran downstairs, turning off my light. I smiled, when I saw Austin playing with my little cousin. She smiled, “Now, you set your cup down in front of you, and make sure your pinky is out!” He laughed, “Of course! Who's ever heard of a princess with a bended pinky?!” I laughed, pulling out my phone, and videoing him. I walked up the stairs, quietly. I walked down, “Austin. I'm ready.” I walked down, and saw him sitting on the other couch, looking at his phone. He looked up, then stood up, “Oh, cool.” I smiled, “Oh, did you meet Lindsey?” She nodded, “Yeah! We played-” “Angry birds. Yeah, we played angry birds on my phone, didn't we?,” he said, smiling. I smiled, hugging her, “See ya later, Lindsey.” She waved, “Bye, Austin! You're my new bestest friend!” He smiled, giving her a kiss on her forehead, “Bye, Princess.” He grabbed my hand, walking out the door. I smiled, getting into the car. When he got in, I smiled, “So, what was your princess name?” He blushed, looking away, “I don't know what you're talking about.” I laughed, “Ohhh, yes you do!” He smiled, “I was Sir Austin the Great, if you must know. And I was not a princess, I was a king. And you were the queen. And she was the princess.” I laughed, “Aww. That's cute.” He smiled, “Yup. I have a little cousin. I know how to pretend.” I laughed, “I think you have the mind of a 6 year old.” He glared at me, “Yes, yes I do.” I smiled, pulling out my phone, and posting the video on instagram, “@Nicole_Cupcake22: Aww.<3 #Cuties @AustinMahone playing princess with Lindsey(': <3” He looked at his phone, his jaw dropping, slightly, “I can't believe you did that!” I laughed, “What? It's cute!” He smiled, “Whatever.” I smiled, turning the radio up. I sang along to the songs that came on, and he finally drove into the studio parking lot. He smiled, “Good luck. You're gonna need it.”


We walked into the studio, setting our stuff on the floor. I looked at him. He smiled, “Nicole, this is my choreographer, Shaniqua. We call her Shay.” I nodded, extending my arm, “Nice to meet you, Shay.” She smiled, shaking my hand, “You too, Nicole. I've heard some things about you.” I looked at Austin. He smiled. She laughed, “Alright. Y'all ready to dance?” I nodded, “Totally!” She looked at Austin, “Does she know how hard this is?” He threw his hands up in defeat, “I tried to tell her! She said she'd be okay.” I smiled. Shay laughed, “Alright. Break into your circles, and warm up. After we warmed up, we started practicing the Banga Banga dance. She looked at us, through the mirror, “Okay. 5, 6, 7, 8.” The room was filled with Austin's voice. The music blasted, as we started dancing. After that was over, we did Say You're Just A Friend. That was pretty easy. Austin fell on the floor, “Oh my gosh!” I laughed, “You okay there, tough guy?” He nodded, “Need.... kisses.... and.... water...” I laughed, bending down giving him a kiss, then giving him my water bottle. He chugged the water down. I laughed, “You seem more into the water than me!” He laughed, getting up. Shay looked at me, “Wow, girl! I gotta say. I'm surprised!” I smiled, “I like surprising people!” Austin stood up, looking at his phone, “It's 11:45.” She smiled, “Alright. I know y'all wanna spend some time together before vocals, so you may have the next 15 minutes off.” He smiled, running over and hugging her, “Thank you!!” She laughed, “You're welcome.” I smiled, “Austin! I have something fun we can do!” He smiled, grabbing my hand and running out the dance room. I looked at him, as he smiled, “Silly string.” His eyes widened, “Yes! I have some in my bag, and in the vocal room. I also have a load of them in the chill room downstairs that Mahomies send me.” I smiled, “This is gonna be cool!!” He grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers, and we ran downstairs to get the cans.

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