Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


4. Chapter Four

“Nicole? Can you hear me?,” a deep voice asked. “I think she's starting to wake up,” another one said. “Nicole.. are you okay?,” I knew that voice.. it was.. Austin. I heard him laugh, “I should have never let go of you... I could have saved you from that mess.” I heard a girl's voice say, “It's not your fault.” I slowly opened my eyes. Austin's eyes were red and puffy. I looked up at him. I was on a couch. He grabbed my hand, “Nicole!” I smiled, slightly, “Hi,” my voice was weak. He wiped a tear that fell, “Are you okay? I'm so sorry.” I nodded, smiling, “I'm okay.” He smiled back, “Nicole, meet my mom, Michelle.” She smiled, “Nice to meet you, Nicole. I've heard lots of great things.” I looked at Austin, who was blushing. I smiled. So that was the girls voice I heard. I looked up. Austin smiled, “And this is my background dancers, Sean, and Lucas. They were the ones who saw you fall.” I nodded, grabbing my head, sitting up a little, “What time is it?.. W-where am I?” He looked at his phone, “It's 6:24. And you're in my recording booth right now.” I nodded, “My head hurts.” He looked at Lucas, “Go get her some Tylenol for her head, Luke.” He nodded, running out. I smiled. Austin sat beside me, “Mom... can you leave us alone for a sec?” She nodded, “You have 5 minutes before the party starts, Austin.” He nodded, “I know. Thanks, Mom.” She smiled, walking out. I looked at him, laying back down. He smiled, “You okay?” I nodded, “I'll be fine.” He kissed my forehead, grabbing his phone and taking a picture of me. I looked at him, “What was that for?” He smiled, “You'll see.” I heard my phone buzz. I looked at the lock screen. It was a notification from instagram. “@AustinMahone: #MyMahomies hurt my Short Stuff :( Not good. #FeelBetterNicki <3 @Nicole_Cupcake22” I smiled, “Thanks.” He smiled, “You're welcome.” I sat up, “Ready?” He nodded, “You sure you want to go?” I nodded, “Totally.” He smiled, getting up, and helping me up.


We walked into the lobby. Hundreds of girls were behind a rope. I laughed, “Go.” He raised an eyebrow, “What?” I smiled, pointing at them, “Go. They want you.” He smiled, “You're the best.” I smiled, walking over to Alex and Sarah. She smiled, hugging me, “Nicole!!!” I smiled, hugging her back. Alex smiled, “Hey, Nicki.” I smiled, “Hey.” He pointed at Austin, “I think it's about to start. Let's go.” I nodded, walking over to the stage. Dave went on the stage and introduced Austin. He came on the stage, smiling and waving. The girls were screaming and crying. I rolled my eyes. Austin smiled, “Hey, guys! Thanks for coming out. I just wanna say thank you guys for buying the single, and just supporting me through anything and everything. This song is for you,” he said, smiling in my direction. He put his guitar strap around his neck and started strumming his guitar, and started singing Let Me Love You. I smiled, singing alone. After that, he sang 11:11, Say Somethin', Say You're Just A Friend, and What About Love. He smiled, after he got finished with the last song. He smiled, “Okay, so for this next song, it's a new one,” he said, getting up off the stool, “I'm gonna need.. I'm gonna need a girl. A special girl. Anybody wanna come up here and help me out?” “SHE DOES!!!,” Alex and Sarah screamed, pointing at me. He smiled, “Hmm... you. Right there in the red sparkles. Come on up here, beautiful. What's your name?,” he asked, pointing the mic in my face, as I walked up to the stage. I rolled my eyes, smiling, “Nicole.” He smiled, “Well, isn't that a lovely name! Nice to meet you, Nicole. I'm Austin. I'm gonna sing a song to you, today.” The girls were screaming and cheering for me. I smiled. Austin pointed, helping me sit on the stool. He smiled, “Alright. This song is called U.” He started smiling and singing to me, putting his arm around me, and kissing my cheek, “Just give me a minute, I'll be making you my Mrs,” he said, getting down on one knee, holding my hand. I laughed, smiling. (Since this is an unreleased song.. there are no lyrics yet. I don't know the lyrics because it's not out yet, and he only has the live version. Soooo... if you wanna hear it, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=co_oJ1Cm_BQ xD) He finished the song by singing, “I just want U. Oh, baby, only U.” I smiled, clapping my hands. He smiled, hugging me. I hugged him back. He smiled, “Give it up for Nicole everybodyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!” Everybody cheered, some said mean things, but I ignored it. Austin Mahone is my best friend, and actually showed me to the world... Life is sweet.

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