Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


8. Chapter Eight

“Shh, be very careful and quiet,” he whispered, uncapping the silly string cap. I looked at him, doing the same to mine. I nodded, “Ready.” He nodded, “One...two...three!,” he mumbled, running into the vocal room, spraying everybody there. I giggled, spraying Dave and the other people there. “RUN!,” Austin said, running out of the room. I followed him, laughing. We ran downstairs to an empty room, hiding. I giggled. “Shhh,” he said, covering my mouth. I smiled. He pulled his hand away. He pulled me closer to him, then kissed me. I kissed him back, forgetting about everything else. “GOTCHA!!,” I hear, as the door opened, we got covered in silly string. I screamed, “AH!” Austin looked at them, “Crap. Are you serious, Dave?!?!” He laughed, “Karma's a jerk, isn't it?” I sighed, getting up and walking to the bathroom. I cleaned the silly string out of my hair, then logged onto instagram. I had gotten 1,000 new followers! Cool! A lot of them were saying stuff like “You're so pretty!” and then the occasional “Are you and Austin dating?” but very few “Ew! Austin could do so much better!” I even found a Nicole_Cupcake fanpage! I smiled, following a lot of them back. I posted a picture saying, “@Nicole_Cupcake22: What a mess! Thanks a lot @AustinMahone @DaveBrytus -.- #Boys <3 them anyways.” I grabbed my phone, putting it back in my pocket, and walking out to the lobby. Austin smiled, “Hey.. You okay?” I nodded. Dave smiled, “Hey, Nicole. If I made you upset or mad or anything, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to.” I shook my head, “No! It's totally okay. Payback, right?” He laughed, “Good. I didn't wanna do anything to hurt you or anything.” I smiled, “Don't worry bout it. Just next time, we should team up and get Mr. Mahone over there.” He nodded, giving me a high five. I laughed, returning the high five. Austin screamed, “I heard that!” I looked at him. He was on the segway. I yelled back, “You were suppose to!” He rode over to me, circling around me, “Well whatever. I know where you live.” I rolled my eyes, “Oh, and I'm suppose to be scared? The worst thing you will do is kiss me to death.” He stuck his tongue out at me, “Whatever.” I smiled, walking up the stairs. I walked up to Justin's studio. I knocked on the door. Scooter opened the door, “Nicole! Hi! I was just about to tell Justin to call you. Come in,” he said, stepping out the way. I looked down at Austin, “Hey! Austin, I’ll be down in a minute.” He nodded, unsure of what I was doing. I walked into the booth, and was embraced by Justin's arms wrapping around me. I hugged him back, laughing. I smiled, “Hi!” He laughed, “Hey!” He let go of me, putting on his headphones. I put on mine, biting my lip. I began singing some of the lyrics that were written in front of me. He looked at me, singing along. I smiled, while he sang to me. I listened to his perfect voice. He's so into it when he sings. It's like... I don't understand how he can be so perfect. He honestly loves to sing, and preform.


After we recorded, I looked at my phone. 4 new calls from Austin, and 3 new texts.

From: Austin Mahone:

Where did you go?

From: Austin Mahone:

Are you mad at me?

From: Austin Mahone:

Nicole! :( Seriously. Where are you?!

I typed really quickly, so he wouldn't reply and freak out again.

To: Austin Mahone:

Calm down! I'm on the next floor, with Justin(:

Within the next 20 seconds, I felt my phone ring in my pocket. I sighed, rolling my eyes.

From: Austin Mahone:
Why are you with him?! :(

To: Austin Mahone:
It's a surprise, Austin. Don't freak out. <3 you(:

I put my phone on silent, then walk over to Justin, smiling, “So, what do we do now?” He smiled, “Okay, so now we listen to it. If we both like it, then we keep it. If not, we re-record it. But, I think this is great! Don't you?” I nodded, “Yeah! Our voices work well together.” He smiled, nodding, “Yeah. They do. Oh, here!” He took out his phone, “Let's take a picture together.” I nodded, smiling. He smiled, and took the picture. I smiled, “Aww! It's cute.” He nodded, smiling, “Just because you're in the picture.” I heard the door open. He looked at me and smiled, kissing my cheek, “You make everything better.” “Umm, what's going on here?,” a voice asked, in an angry tone. I turned around, “Austin!” He sighed, shaking his head, “No, Nicole... Just.. no.” I felt my stomach flip in circles, “Austin, please,” I begged, in a hushed tone. Justin looked at him, “Dude, nothing happened. I swear!” Austin shook his head, “I gotta go record.” He slammed the door. I looked at Justin, tears falling down from my face.

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