Luck & Love {A Harry Syles Fan Fiction}

Courtney is dragged to a concert by her younger sister and by fate meets Harry. She doesn't know him and doesn't listen to his music but he enjoys her company and witty remarks. When she goes to visit her mum in London, he can't help but want to go home every chance he gets. Harry charms her in every way but she can't help thinking of her old flame, Elijah, and the broken heart that came along with it.


18. Surprises

I made my way back home, the dress hanging in a black bag in the backseat. Parking the car, I grabbed my things and made my way up the stairs, passing John who was now sitting on the couch. I could smell some sort of food cooking and inhaled more of the good smelling scent. “What’s cooking John?”

“More like what’s done cooking!” he laughed, rubbing his stomach with his hand. “Kam and I made chicken stuffed with broccoli, some potatoes and carrots. It’s all in there for you Courtney, so eat up!”

I laughed at John, who was really a nice man. I knew he would never be my father, because I’d always have dad, but John was perfect for my mom. He was laid back and went along with everything and anything she wanted. He was a little taller than her, which was still pretty short, and his hair was a mixture of black and grey, showing his age. His best feature by far was his small pot belly, for he always used it to his advantage. He had no kids of his own, but treated Kam and I like we were his own, so it made no difference to him.

I hung my garment bag over one of the stools in the kitchen and helped myself to the food. It really was delicious and it didn’t take me long to eat everything off my plate. As I finished, my mother came into the kitchen, inhaling the scents as well.

“Was it good, Court?”

I looked at her and smiled. “Delicious, mum.”

“I can tell, it’s all over your face,” she said, trying to rub some of it off with her finger.

I grinned, backing away from her. “I’m saving this for later,” I said, motioning to my mouth and the leftover food.

My mom pulled me into a hug, squishing us together. “That’s so gross, Courtney.”

“Ooomf,” was all I could get out.

“Now, go and get ready. You always take the longest.” My mother released me from the bear hug, so I could grab the garment bag and rush up the stairs, giving John a thumbs up for his cooking along the way.

Upon inspection, I noticed that Kam’s door was still closed, but the music blaring from that direction sounded happier than when I had left, so I figured she had found something to wear.

I wondered if Kam had insisted on not coming to the boutique because mum had mentioned the bride and the dress. She probably didn’t want to endure what I had gone through, or worse if the bride had not liked the dress or gone through a meltdown. Sometimes Kameron was smarter than I gave her credit for.

I decided to put half of my hair up and curl the rest with my curling wand. I always liked doing it that way and with my naturally curly hair it always came out more like ringlets.

I followed Kam’s example of dark eye makeup to look mysterious and hoped it wasn’t too much or too black.

When the time rolled around that Harry was supposed to arrive, I took the dress out of the black bag and unzipped it before putting it on slowly. It seemed to fit my body perfectly, the only worry being that it was awfully short.

I quickly grabbed the nude coloured clutch from my closet, stuffing in some notes, my tube of lipstick and gum before grabbing my leather jacket and heels and walking out of my room.

Kameron met me in the hallway that separated our two rooms and my eyes just about came out of their sockets. She didn’t look like the 16 year old that I knew her to be. The tight red, long sleeved dress really was killer, and it made her look older than I. The fabric looked stretchy but the pattern that was on it also made it look classy and pricey.

“Holy hell, Kam,” I said as she walked closer to me. “Where the hell did you get that?”

“I designed it and had mum’s boutique make it about a year ago,” as she spoke, her hand ran down the front of the dress, smoothing out non-existent wrinkles. “I forgot I had it, not that I would ever have worn this before, but you know.”

“Well, you do it justice.”

“I could say the same about your dress.”

As Kam gave me the once over, I grinned. The dress I had chosen was short, strapless and gold. Small sequins had been placed over every centimeter of the dress, and it also had a fringe on the end of it, giving it a very 20’s look.

“I wondered if anyone would ever wear that.”

“You made this dress too?” I asked her.

Kameron sighed. “Court, I’ve been designing clothes for mum for a couple years now. I don’t think she’s told anyone or if she will until I’m old enough to start working for her.”

“But don’t you want recognition for your work?”

Kameron shrugged. “Right now? Not really. I’m fine with things the way they are. I get to design things that I love and mum gives me half of what she makes. There’s also a tag in the dress, it says ‘a Whilliams design’.”

“She does? Since when?” I was flabbergasted.

“Since I started designing things,” Kameron said, rolling her eyes and playing it off like it was nothing.

“Does dad know?”

“No, and I think I’d prefer to keep it that way,” she gave me a pointed look.

“Alright, alright! What are you going to do with all this money mum has given you?”

Kameron smirked. “She’s put it into a savings account for me. I think I’m close to 75 thousand.”

“75 thousand?” I gasped, gripping her arm.

“Courtney, it’s not eve that big a deal. I can’t even touch it until I’m 21 or something and I really don’t need to anyways. All it does is sit there and grow.”

“Kam, how did you get so much though?”

She shrugged again. “Mum’s stuff is expensive. She designs for lots of people and they all pay top dollar for it. She gave one of my hats to Kate once.”

“Catherine Middleton?”

“Yeah, she wore it to some derby here. But the highlight will be when a celebrity wears something of mine. Like a dress or outfit on the red carpet or a movie premiere.”

“What do you want to do with all this money once you get the chance?”

“Open up a Whilliams boutique in New York.”

So she had thought of something. I grabbed Kam and ushered her down the stairs, knowing that Harry would be here any moment. It kind of hurt to think that Kam was already building her future and she was 2 years younger than me. I was sitting here worrying about exams when I had a great opportunity in front of me. If I could show people my talent and spread the word, there would be no need to panic. But stage fright, I was afraid, would be the death of me. Trying to take my mind off of it, I changed the subject back to Kam.

“What about Victoria Beckham? Has she worn anything?”

Kam looked thoughtful as she tried to remember. “I think she was going to buy a dress once. But she ended up designing herself. It looked oddly similar to mine.”

“How amazing,” I breathed, stopping at the bottom of the stairs, to put my heels on. “Can you imagine? Designing clothes for celebrities. That’s all it would take, is one paparazzi to make your career explode.”

Kam sighed. “If only it were that simple.”

My mother’s voice grabbed our attention. “My, don’t you ladies look fabulous!” She came around the corner from the kitchen, a bowl of chips in one hand and salsa in the other. “Is Harry on his way?”

“He should be here any moment,” I said, hoping my mother didn’t hear our conversation. I didn’t want to upset her or Kam.

“Great! Make sure you don’t sleep in too late tomorrow Courtney, Kam and I have a special surprise for you tomorrow.”

I looked between the both of them. “Just for me?”

Kam flung her arm around my shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’ll absolutely love it.”

I rolled my eyes at her words. She was making me think about it and now I couldn’t help but be excited. But as soon as the doorbell rang, the thought popped right out of my head.

As I ushered Harry inside, my mother insisted on taking a couple of photos with Kameron’s new camera. I could feel my face heating up for every flash but Harry insisted he didn’t mind. When we made our way over to his car, I noticed it was still running but didn’t think anything of it. As I climbed in, the sound of talking hit me, so I turned around.

Sitting in the back seats was none other than the 4 boys from One Direction. They all smiled and said hello, and Kam just about fainted when she slid in the seat, next to a brown haired boy.

“Hi Liam,” she said shyly, doing up her seatbelt.

“Hey Kam,” he said back, smiling at her.

"You didn't tell me you were bringing the boys!" I said, looking over to Harry who had started the car and driven off after making sure everyone had their seat belts on.

"Surprise!" He yelled, grinning over at me.

Not but seconds after Harry spoke, the guys screamed surprise from the backseat.

"Best. Surprise. Ever." I heard Kam say, making everyone laugh.

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