Luck & Love {A Harry Syles Fan Fiction}

Courtney is dragged to a concert by her younger sister and by fate meets Harry. She doesn't know him and doesn't listen to his music but he enjoys her company and witty remarks. When she goes to visit her mum in London, he can't help but want to go home every chance he gets. Harry charms her in every way but she can't help thinking of her old flame, Elijah, and the broken heart that came along with it.


22. I Wanna Save Your Heart Tonight

“Does a kiss seal the deal?” I asked Kam the following morning, as we both sat eating cereal.

She looked at me with pity in her eyes. I didn’t want her pity, I didn’t want anyone’s but being home in New York was different. Harry wasn’t here he wasn’t a phone call or text away and it was really hard for me. Being around someone for that long then taking him or her away suddenly, was always hard.

It also didn’t help that the paparazzi found out where we lived and now camped outside our house, hoping for a glimpse of me. I had called Harry frantically when it first happened yesterday, leaving messages but there was never any response. Thank goodness the news hadn’t made it to school yet. I was already an outcast because of Amy; I didn’t want to become a freak.

“He hasn’t called you back yet?” she asked, genuinely concerned. I shook my head at her words, my eyes never leaving my hands. I felt like I had been used and then left on the side of the road.

What if that’s all Harry had wanted from me? Some company when his friends weren’t around. To be his arm candy, something to be shown off to the pap’s. These thoughts made me feel sick inside.

“C’mon, we’d better go, or we’ll be late.” I said, dropping my uneaten bowl of cereal in the sink. Kameron and I grabbed our jackets and school things before walking out the front door and locking it.

If anything good came from the experience it was that Kam picked out everything for me to wear now, right down to my boots. To me, it felt like I had jumped off a fashion runway, to her it was casual. Kam had made me wear a pair of dark wash jeans, a plain white shirt with a dark grey scarf and a leather jacket that I had gotten a couple years ago but never had the chance to wear. Kam insisted I was making the pap’s think I had a sense of fashion but as I swung my backpack over my shoulder I couldn’t help but think I just looked like a child playing dress up.

“Courtney, where are you off to today?” One of the pap’s asked.

“School,” I replied quietly, trying not to look at them as we walked swiftly down the street.

“Where’s Harry?” Another asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” I replied.

“You know Court, you don’t have to answer them,” Kam insisted in my ear.

I ignored her.

“How was your holiday with Harry?”

“My holiday with my mum,” I said, putting emphasis on the word. “Was good. Little rainy for my taste.”

Kam and I picked up the pace, the subway station in sight.

“Is it true you two are dating?”

It took all my might and willpower not to answer with an ‘I don’t know’ or an ‘I don’t care’.

“What happened on New Years?”

“I think I’m done answering questions, thanks so much,” I said, almost sprinting the last couple of feet to the stairs.

Thankfully the pap’s didn’t follow us into the busyness of the underground. When Kam and I finally found seats, I let out the large breathe that I had been holding.

“Why do you answer them?” She asked.

I was quiet for a couple moments before I spoke. “Because I hope it’ll make them go away.”

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I was talking about the pap’s or towards Harry.



“Do you find people treat you differently now?” Ailee asked that day during lunch.

“Yes,” I said, munching on one of the cookies she baked. “Case and point right here.” I motioned to the cookie.

“C’mon, I would’ve made those for you anyways,” she reasoned, taking off a chunk, much to my protesting look, before popping it in her mouth and chewing it with a grand smile.

“You’d like to think that you would, but I’m not too sure.”

Ailee laughed at my words and I felt a smile coming to my lips. After everything that had happened with Amy, Ailee had been one of the people to pull through for me. We had never been really close before, only acquaintances at best. We had the same circle of friends before the incident.

After the incident with Amy, she had been the one to find me underneath the bleachers outside, crying. It’s not that I was even upset; it was that I had been embarrassed and mortified that everyone else had to find out that way.

She had calmed me down and told me it would be all right. She had invited me over for ice cream. She had baked me cupcakes and cookies and slowly but surely she had gained my trust.

Ailee was the opposite of me, my better half, as I liked to say. I was artsy and quiet while she was into sports and would her mind to anyone at anytime. She was a foot or so taller than me and fit. One could always lose an arm wrestling match to Ailee (or at least I could). Her hair was impossibly long and a bright blonde at the moment. Her eyes were a chocolaty brown that warmed everyone’s heart. She was well like by everyone even if she could only call me close. Ailee was selective over her friends and whom she would trust things with. As far as I know, it was only me, Kate and Lilian that she confided with.

Kate and Lilian were still in the Bahamas, of course.

“Are you working after school today?” I asked.

Ailee shook her head, her mouth full of cookies. When she could swallow she answered. “Swim team meet then I have to go to a hockey game.”

“When are you going to do that lit assignment?”

Ailee waved her hand. “I did that over spring break, in-between margaritas. She gave us a month and it’s due next week. How far along are you?”

I sighed. In truth, I had the read the three books that were assigned but had not written the essay. I was always terrible with getting my words onto paper. “Still have to write it,” I replied miserably.

Ailee smiled. “I’ll read it over if you write it before this weekend? I have that away game, so I’ll be on the road for a couple hours.”

“Uh, that would be a life saver!”

“You’ve got two spares and two nights to make it happen!”

“I’ll do it, I promise!” I said with a quick laugh, hoping I would actually be able to do it.

After school ended, I waiting in my usual spot for Kam to show up. It was at the locker I shared with Ailee. She had left as soon as the bell rang because of her swim meet, wishing me luck on the essay.

When I looked up, I unconsciously took a step back. Standing there, in the flesh and blood, staring directly at me was Elijah. Naturally sine our horrible break up I had stayed away from him every chance I could and luckily we hadn’t ever had any classes together.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly, my voice devoid of any emotion. I didn’t want him to see how badly he could still affect me. Dammit, I wish Kam or Ailee were here!

“C’mon Court, don’t be like that,” he pleaded.

“Fuck off already Elijah. I don’t want to talk with the likes of you.” At my words, his expression darkened.

Elijah took a quick step towards me, pinning me against the locker, no way to escape. Where was Kam?!

C’mon Courtney, you can do this, I tried to tell myself.

“Get away from me,” I spat through my teeth, giving him a shove on the chest, gaining the littlest but of space before he grabbed my arms, pinning them to my sides.

“Now, now,” he said. “Play nice. I just want to talk.”

“Like hell you do,” I countered. Elijah just smiled.

“Take you hands off her,” came a threatening voice. When I turned my head and saw Harry there, I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not.

“Harry?” my voice showed my disbelief.

“This doesn’t concern you man, get lost,” Elijah said, standing up a bit taller.

Harry seemed unphased, still standing there with a menacing look. “Take your bloody fingers off my girl before I break them.”

Your girl?” Elijah said with a scoff, letting go of my arms to step closer towards Harry.

Harry closed the distance between him and Elijah in two small strides and as he stood half a foot taller than him, he looked down at Elijah.

Harry’s threatening words stuck in my head.

“Talk to my girl again and I’ll break your jaw. Go near my girl again and I’ll break your legs. Touch her again and I’ll kill you myself.”

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