Cherry and The ghost of Hogsmeade

A Girl ,with long black hair blue eyes, called Cherry has a big adventure as she tries to solve the mystery of the Ghost of Hogsmeade!! Sorry for any mistakes. :)


6. Saturday's mystery!

Cherry's P.O.V

It was Saturday and we were really tired but decided to go for a walk in the castle so that we can explore.We were walking along the 7th floor when we saw a Boy with a Slytherin tie and deep blue hair, he looked verry sad so Sarah and I ran over and talked to him. 

"Hi, I'm Cherry and this is Sarah! Are you ok? You look very sad!" 

The boy wiped his tears and spoke slowly "Hi my name is Adam, I'm 5th year. My best friend went missing we were playing tag this morning and he disappeared and no one has seen him!" 

"That is very strange, If he has not turned up tomorrow we could meet here and look for him!"

"Would you really? Ok meet here after Breakfast! Bye" He walked off.


Sarah and I carried on exploring but kept thinking about how our new friends friends had disappeared! 


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