Switching Sides

In this story an infection has taken over the world and it is turning humans into monsters every one is switching sides and it's a fight to stay human. During the apocalypse 7 children- Angel, Dylan, Mason, Lucas, Rebecca, Josie and Miranda have to fight to stay both human and sane but on the way they fall into a lot of trouble. Will they all survive this messed up world find out in Switching Sides.


11. Back to prison

“So did they hurt you?” I asked looking him in the eyes, “Cause if they did so help me I will destroy them until they can’t hurt anyone ever again.” The boy smirked ad rolled his eyes again.

“Don’t worry about me darling,” he said laughing, “No one even came in here while you were gone trust me.” I smiled and walked over to the camp bed slowly brushing the walls with my hands as I went.

“Good no one hurt me either but Cooper tried to,” I said sitting down on the edge of the bed as he sat up his eyes glistened with respect and mischief, “Oh hey I never asked your name.”

“Yeah there wasn’t much time to do introductions eh,” he said laughing, “But for the record my name is Dylan.” I smiled Dylan was a lovely name and it defiantly suited him.

“Thanks for letting me know,” I said looking up into his eyes, “My name is Angel kind of ironic eh.” Dylan laughed and his chest jumped up and down as he sat there.

“Yeah I see what you mean,” Dylan said smiling, “So are the evil zombies going to tremble in fear because an Angel will defeat them.” I looked at him as if to say seriously.

“Knock it off Dylan,” I said grumpily, “It’s not my fault that’s my name so just quit it.” He frowned and looked me in the eyes apologetically.

“Hey I’m sorry Angel,” Dylan said smiling, “Hey how do you know Cooper then he seemed pretty friendly with you if you asked me.”

“Why are you jealous,” I asked laughing, “No before this started Cooper was my boyfriend but that’s in the past and I would never go out with him now.” Dylan laughed and I could tell he agreed with me on the subject.

“So what do you want to do now,” Dylan asked, “Not that there is much we can do not in here anyway.” He looked at me and then he reached over and pushed the hair out of my face and I blushed.

“I want to go to sleep if I’m perfectly honest,” I said looking down as I slid off the bed, “Sorry for being boring I know you would probably rather go skiing or swimming.” He looked at my and laughed sarcastically.

“Here you can sleep on the bed,” he said getting up and yawning loudly.

“Oh no I couldn’t it wouldn’t be fair,” I said smiling as I walked over to the bed and sat down.

“No it’s my choice and I insist if you’re tired that you shouldn’t have to sleep on that floor,” Dylan said smiling at me as I turned over and lay down.

“Night then,” I said smiling at him as I closed my eyes and fell asleep straight away.

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