Switching Sides

In this story an infection has taken over the world and it is turning humans into monsters every one is switching sides and it's a fight to stay human. During the apocalypse 7 children- Angel, Dylan, Mason, Lucas, Rebecca, Josie and Miranda have to fight to stay both human and sane but on the way they fall into a lot of trouble. Will they all survive this messed up world find out in Switching Sides.


15. A visitor

We were about to round the corner and head back to the van when we heard a voice.

“Hey over here,” the voice said, “I saw you arrive this morning with the switchers are you one of them?”

“The switchers,” Dylan said puzzled, “Who are they?” I gave him a shove and answered for him.

“No were human just like you,” I said smiling into the darkness, “At least I hope you’re human.”

“I am,” the voice said, “My name is Molly.”

“Cool I’m Angel,” I said kindly, “And this idiot is Dylan.”

“Why are you with the switchers then,” Molly said question ally coming into the light so I could see her pale white face and brown eyes.

“Were their prisoners they are forcing us to work for them,” I said miserably, “So why do you call them the switchers then?”

“Oh it’s because they have switched sides and become one of the monsters,” Molly said sounding proud of her self, “Its clever isn’t it so why can’t you just escape?”

“It is clever,” I said sounding impressed, “We can’t escape because they will shoot us if we try.”

“Oh well I will follow you everywhere you go and eventually I will find a way to save you I’m very sneaky and they will never see me coming.” Molly smiled and pushed her hair behind her ear.

“Ok I trust you,” I said smiling at her, “Just be careful Molly don’t get yourself into trouble or even worse don’t get yourself killed.”

“I won’t trust me,” Molly said proudly, “When I say I’m sneaky I’m not kidding they think I’m dead so they won’t come looking for you as long as your with me, I’m very good at covering up my tracks.”

“I believe you,” I said frowning, “I guess we have to go now but we will see you tomorrow.”

“Goodbye Angel, Dylan,” Molly said smiling, “I will see you tomorrow.” And with that she disappeared back into the shadows and completely vanished.

“Come on,” Dylan said, “It’s been a long day and we need to get back before your boyfriend worries.”

“He isn’t my boyfriend,” I said grumpily and then I stormed off round the corner towards the van. I turned around and glared at him. “Come on I don’t have all day,” I said impatiently.

“Sorry my queen I’m coming, “Dylan said as he marched after me and once he had caught up we rounded the corner and got into the van together.

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