Witches & Faeries

There is a world beside our own; where things unimaginable run free.

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1. Prologue

When times were simpler, the kids would go out and play in The Field. It was the perfect place for their loud antics, being a few miles east, away from the newly constructed town of Willow. As the parents spent the early weeks of Willow, determining the layout of the city, and building shops and houses. The children would slip off to The Field and play their games. The Field was perhaps the size of a modern day American football field and was nothing but flat green land. They would shout and scream as they tackled each other into the crisp, jade grass. Which was a peculiar quality of The Field, because nothing planted there ever seemed to grow. This would later lead Old Man Davis and the more superstitious inhabitants of Willow to shun The Field and its strange magiks.

Even stranger so were the woods sitting beside The Field, which seemed to run on forever. The woods were a menacing and intimidating body of bark and limbs and no persons of Willow ever had the need nor the courage to venture into it. During a drunken evening filled with absinthe and debauchery a then young man Davis waddled into The Field and found himself a foot away from the entrance of the woods. He swears on his great-great-great grandchildren “God bless their souls when they arrive” that he heard a howl in the distance “too deep to be wolf” and when he stepped closer to inspect the shadows, to his astonishment he found red eyes peering back at him.

After a few tellings of the tale, drunk became sober, evening became night, and by coincidence that night happened to be a full moon. Through these changes and his boozy ways, his story and the many more to come were dismissed...despite some truth to the tales. The discussion of strange smells and moving shadows soon circulated around the town. Children would go to school and tell their friends about the time they threw a ball into an opening in the woods and a few moments later an invisible presence would throw the ball back. Odd things were happening in Willow, but the disappearance of Daphne Short was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

One afternoon shortly after the dismissal of the elementary school, a group of children assembled, despite the warnings, and ran off to The Field. Included in the posse were Emma Hall, Rosie Mann, Lucas Spencer, Darcy Daresbury, and Daphne Short. They played in The Field like any other day for a few hours, but around the time moths and lightning bugs venture out of their nooks, the kids decided to make things a little more interesting.

Rosie Mann, whom was the wealthiest of the bunch, challenged someone to go into the woods, promising the compensation of 10 dollars to whoever accomplished the deed. Lucas, the oldest, tallest, and self-proclaimed bravest, of the bunch was the first to volunteer. He walked until there was only 3 feet between him and the first tree. Unable to gather anymore of his courage, Lucas turned around and sullenly walked back to the group of his laughing peers.

Darcy Daresbury was the next to try, he managed to shorten the distance Lucas had offered but was frightened by a rustling somewhere in the trees and hurried back to his friends. A few moments pass before Daphne Short, whose family was in a time of financial struggle, separates herself from the group and walks, without hesitation into the woods. The remaining children laugh and cheer as Daphne’s time in the woods lengthen. Rosie Mann congratulates her on her win and tells her to come back for the 10 dollars, but a silence has overtaken the trees and not even a breeze rustles the leaves. The children stand in a stunned silence. They call her name a few more times before running back to Willow to inform their parents. Unfortunately, Daphne was never seen again, and her parents and family would mourn her until their deaths.

The Field was forbidden thereafter and consequently through time and old age, forgotten. Things moved along in Willow nevertheless. The town expanded, pushing west away from The Field, trying to accommodate the new people, with their beliefs and customs adding into the town, the same for the stores and markets.

The children grew into fine young adults and were married off to other fine young adults and together they would have the next generation of Willow. Emma Hall and Darcy Daresbury were married to one another by the age of 19 and a few years later would welcome a son whom would later be married off to the daughter of Lucas Spencer and Rosie Mann; who would also welcome a son into the world after their wedding. It wasn’t until their son, Alec, met and fell in love with Abigail Moore, that a daughter would wear her father’s name.

Piper was the firstborn, welcomed into the world during one of the harshest winters. Cara was the second born meeting her parents and older sister on a warm summer’s day. It wasn’t until some years later, after their births, that the urban legends of The Field would resurface and the woods would swallow yet another girl.  

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