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Cause talking to a stranger online is a very smart thing to do...


1. Internet Girl

You are now chatting with a random stranger, say Hi!

Stranger: Hi!

You: Hello :D

Stranger: ASL?

You: 19/F/PR, you?

Stranger: 18/M/London

Stranger: Where's PR?

You: Oh, it's a very little island in the middle of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. Ever heard of it?

Stranger: Not really...

Stranger: So what's your name love?

You: Kimberly, yours??

Stranger: Harry

Stranger: this is a really weird site, isn't it?

You: It is. I think this is the first time I have a ‘real' conversation with someone. Usually all the conversations start with "I have a large penis"or something like that :$

You: People in here can be very needy..LOL

Stranger: you're absolutely right

You: yeah, but it keeps me entertained, I think that's the main reason I keep coming here

Stranger: anyway, tell me something about yourself

You: my life isn't that interesting, trust me. The highlight of my day is coming home to my cat...LOL

Stranger: hahaha

Stranger: I like cats

You: random..but OK

You: well, I need to get going. Ned to get to class...ewwww.

You: nice talking to you Harry :)

Stranger: Wait!

Stranger: Do you mind giving me your e-mail? You're a decent girl out of all the ones I've met here and I would really like to keep talking

You: Well...

Stranger: Come on...it's just to talk

You: ummmm....

You: sure, why not. It's lola_pa92@hotmail.com

Stranger: thank you, well I'll leave you so you can go to your class, bye

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I closed my laptop and looked at my desk clock, noticing I only had fifteen minutes to get ready and go to class. I walked over to my closet and took out some shorts, a tie-dye tank top and my flip flops; my hair tied in a messy high bun. I wasn't the type of girl to get all dolled up when I was just going to the University and I wasn't going to start now. I grabbed my black backpack and walked out of my room. Thankfully, I was one of the few girls who were chosen to live inside the campus, so I didn't have to worry about traffic or missing the metro to get to my classes.

"Kimberly!" I heard my best friend Taylor screaming from the front of the classroom. I ran towards her and she did the same, meeting midway and hugging like we haven't seen each other in months. "So, you ready for today's class?" she asked. It was crazy how excited she was today, I mean, who cares about world history, right? But when you have our professor and they have their annual summer trip to some part of the world, who wouldn't be excited to know where the trip was this year.

"Last time they went to Spain, where do you he'll go now?" I asked Taylor as I sat on the floor, waiting for the professor to arrive.

"I heard something about Ireland or was it Iceland? I really don't remember, but wherever it is, I'm sure it will be an adventure" she smiled widely

Once the professor arrived, we entered the classroom and took our seats. He placed his computer on the desk and turned on the projector, where the words "Annual Summer Trip - 2012" appeared. I swear I heard Taylor squealing from behind me.

"Alright class, before we start today's lesson, I want to discuss the summer trip" The professor started and the class started cheering "We have three possible destinations" he said as he passed to one slide "Australia, Mexico and England" small pictures of each destination were shown. "Remember this is not a fun trip, it's a learning trip that counts for half your grade, so choose wisely. At the end of the week we'll all decide where we're going by your votes" He finished and continued with the regular class.

"England sounds fun" Taylor said as we walked out of the room

"I really want to go to Mexico, now that's a place with a lot of history" I said as we made our way to my next class

"But, Prince Harry is in England. Kim, you know my dream is to have cute little red head babies with him and live in that palace" Taylor said as she pouted

"What about Australia? You do love the Kangaroos" I laughed

"I do, but I prefer the red head Prince" she smiled "Come on Kim, why don't you want to go to England?"

"I just don't OK. Those other two places sound so much interesting than plain ol' England. Anyway, I got to get inside. See you later" I said as I walked inside my next classroom




Next Chapter will be up on Manday. Bye Lovers!<333


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