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3. Chapter 3




"From the top boys!" our vocal coach, Ashton, said as he got off the stage.

"Ashton, we've sang this song over five times already" Niall complained as he sat on the floor, his microphone still on his hand

"And you're going to keep singing it ‘til all of you get each part correctly. We're talking about the Brit Award's performance here" Ashton said "So Niall, get up, join the boys and take it from the top"

We all groaned and rolled our eyes, Ashton was a great person but when he was in charge, there was no stopping him. In just two days we are going to be performing in the Brit Award's and we were a nervous wreck.

"I'm broken, do you hear me. I'm blinded, ‘cause you are everything I see. I'm dancing, alone..." Liam started singing and we all gave it our best. Finally, after two more attempts, Ashton was happy with our performance so he told us we could go home. We all got in the black van and drove off to the flat we all shared.

"I think I'm going to call it a night" I said as I yawned and stretched my arms "Night guys"

"Night mate" Liam said as he sat down on the couch with the rest of the boys.

 I went to my room and closed the door behind me. I took off every layer of clothing I had on and went into the bathroom to take a shower. As I got off the shower I put on some boxer briefs and went to my bed. I took my laptop from under the pillow and placed it on my lap, turning it on. I just wanted to see if she was only, out of this crazy life, when I talked to her it made me feel normal, it was nice that I didn't have to talk with her about what I do for a living, I could talk about anything. Once I logged on, a little window popped up in the corner of my computer screen. ‘Kimberly M has logged onand then I started debating with myself if I should talk to her or not. For five long minutes I stared at the computer screen "Here goes nothing" I said to myself as I was about to talk to her, but she beat me to it!

Kimberly M said: Ello love!

Harry Styles said: hi!

Kimberly M said: how are you doing this lovely evening?

Harry Styles said: I'm doing great, you?

Kimberly M said: good good, a little bit tired though

Harry Styles said: rough day?

Kimberly M said: you have no idea and it still isn't over!

Harry Styles said: I know what you mean; I didn't have it easy either.

Kimberly M said: tough day at your top secret job?

Harry Styles said: you might say that...

Kimberly M said: hey, at least you're in your house. I'm still taking classes

Harry Styles said: wait

You're at uni right now? Are you in the middle of a class?

Kimberly M said: yes I am :)

And it's a drag Just a piece of advice, don't take a Biology course at 8pm It's not fun

Harry Styles said: Ummm, I think I should be the responsible one here and tell you to get off line and pay attention to your class!

Kimberly M said: you should and I should listen to you and do it.

But I know that's not going to happen Come on, would you pay attention to a middle aged woman who's always complaining about not finding the right guy and how she's going to die alone with 47 cats?

Harry Styles said: maybe not

Kimberly M said: see

Besides, everything she talks about is in the books, in the same order. So I can always turn to them if I don't understand what she's saying.

Harry Styles said: whatever you say

Kimberly M said: well, class is over.

I'm going to log off for a few minutes, going home Please don't log off :D

Harry Styles said: alright, I won't.

Kimberly M said: YAY! I'll be right back, just give me about five minutes :)

Kimberly M has logged off



Kimberly M has logged on

Kimberly M said: guess who's back!

Harry Styles said: you are!

So, how about we get to know a little about each other

Kimberly M said: sure! As long as you promise to keep it PG-13!

NO FRISKY QUESTIONS! At least not now...

Harry Styles said: alright, no "frisky" questions

Kimberly M said: I mean it boy, one of those questions and you can forget about being my internet friend

Harry Styles said: I promise, I won't ask you those kind of things, at least not yet ;)

Anyway, do you have any siblings?

Kimberly M said: 3, a little sister and 2 older brothers. You?

Harry Styles said: 1, an older sister

Kimberly M said: I always wanted an older sister...

Next question! Favorite song?

Harry Styles said: I have a lot, but I'll go with Free Fallin'

What's yours?

Kimberly M said: I have three favorite songs!

I can't choose one. They are: Rumor has it, Use Somebody and Marvin's room (Jojo cover)

Harry Styles said: nice choices

Any celebrity look-a-like?

Kimberly M said: Well, you know that blonde chick from the last Transformers movie?

Harry Styles said: WOW, yes

Kimberly M said: Well, DEFINITELY NOT HER!

Harry Styles said: Oh..

Kimberly M said: yup

Harry Styles said: Well, I don't have a celebrity look-a-like, so yeah

Kimberly M said: eh, you'll survive :)

Single, Taken or like facebook likes to put it, complicated?

Harry Styles said: you just went straight to the point, hahaha

Kimberly M said: like you weren't thinking about it

Harry Styles said: right...Well, I'm single. You?

Kimberly M said: I'm single...and it sucks

Harry Styles said: why?

Kimberly M said: cuz, all my friends are in a relationship and it sucks to see them getting all lovey-dovey with their gf/bf, knowing that the only thing I can cuddle with is my cat and sometimes he hates me, so I'm left with my pillow...

Harry Styles said: don't be like that, you'll find someone someday. But for now, just enjoy your ‘singleness', once you're in a relationship, you'll want it back

Kimberly M said: you're right. So, do you play any sports?

Harry Styles said: football, but just for fun. You?

Kimberly M said: boxing, I'm taking some classes :)

Harry Styles said: so you're a tough girl?

Kimberly said: yes I am, so you better watch it ;)

Harry Styles said: or what? You'll take a plane and fly all the way to London and beat me?

Kimberly M said: maybe...

Harry Styles said: Love, as much as I enjoy talking to you I need to go. Busy day tomorrow

Kimberly M said: alright :(

I'll go do something productive then, like study for my test or something

Harry Styles said: you should, you really should

Good night

Kimberly M said: Bye <3 take care!


Hiii guys what do you thing of the story so far? 

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