Story of my life. (Harry styles and louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Sarah and Darcy are both 19 and from a small town in British Columbia, Canada. They now live in London England. They go to a meet and greet with concert tickets and backstage passes and meet the boys. Sarah falls in love with Harry while Darcy falls in love with Louis. Read to find out more. Please leave comments!


2. The night it all happened. Pt. 2

AN sorry it took so long to get another chapter up, I've bin pretty busy with school but here we go! Please comment what you think so far! -Sarah 

Darcy's POV

I looked at Harry and seen he was looking at something. I tried to see what he was looking at and it was Sarah, of course. She was blushing so much! I just laughed to myself. She looked to me all confused. "What?" She asked "I think you and Harry had something going on there. Well come on its time to go meet them!" "Yay!" She said excitedly. 

Harry's POV

gosh that girl was so beautiful! I need to meet her. I wonder is she has backstage passes. Hopefully she does so I could get to know her better, maybe get her number. I think the girl beside her was her friend. I think Louis fancy her! Great now it's time to meet some fans, I love our fans dearly but they scream a lot! The guys and I walked into the back stage pass room and there were two girl who weren't screaming. I started to walk over to them and I noticed that they were the two girl from the meet and greet, they were even prettier than I remembered. This was it I was gonna figure out her name. "Hello love, what's your name?" I asked "Sarah, and this is Darcy" she said "those are both beautiful names!" I replied "thank you!" They both said in sync "you're welcome, so are you ladies big fans?" "Yes, we love your songs 'cause they come from the heart" Darcy said "thank you very much" I said "so are we going to be able to meet the other boys too?" Asked Darcy "yes! Come with me, I'll introduce you" they both followed me to the other boys. "Lads, I'd like you to meet Sarah and Darcy" I said "hello! I'm Louis, but you probably already knew that. Over there is Liam and Zayn, and right over there is Niall" Louis said "hello ladies, nice to meet you!" They all said in sync "hello, nice to meet you too" Sarah said. I need to get her number, she's so beautiful! "So Sarah, do you have a phone?" I asked "of course I do, why wouldn't I? She said all bubbly "may I see it?" " sure just let me unlock it first, here you go Mr.Styles" "thanks!" I took a selfie of me me then added my number and picture to her contacts, I text my self quickly so I had her number. "Here you go!" I said handing her phone back to her. 

Sarah's POV 

He asked me for my phone, I didn't want to be mean so I unlocked it and handed it to him. He took a selfie, I just laughed to myself. He gave me back my phone and I went into the history to see what he did. He added his number into my phone! I grabbed Darcy from Louis and told her about it. She was pretty excited about it 'cause now she might get Louis' number. "So Sarah what are you doing after the concert?" Harry asked me "um nothing, I think just going back home, why?" "Oh, I was wondering if you and Darcy would like to come back to our hotel after and well just hangout I guess" "sure, we'd love to!" I said "alright meet me in our dressing room after the concert and we'll go to our hotel and bring you home after that" he said "ok!" " we need to go do the show now, see you in a bit love" he said "have fun" I said. 

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