The lost friendship

A cat and a dog become best friends and then are split up will they ever find each other again?


1. A new start


"Come on girl" Kerry whispered to Dandy her black labrador dog, she was having puppies and so far she was up to 7 (5 bitches and 2 dogs) but there was defiantly more coming! "Nearly there bud!" It was 4:30am and both of them were tired. Kerry was 11 and woke up in the night, then tiptoed down stairs to get a drink. But as usual she checked the animals down stairs before going back up. The parrot was ok and so were the cats, ferrets and dogs but she heard a whimper as she was going back up stairs so she went back down again and in one of the dog baskets was Dandy giving birth to puppies. She was lying down in the basket and when Kerry saw her she thought she was asleep she knew she was in pup but they were not expected until at least a few day yet! But when Kerry went examen closer she saw there were already 3 out however Kerry didn't dare wake up anybody else or leave Dandy on her own for any longer so she sat with her dog and helped along with her birth.


After at least 30 minuets there was still more coming and there was already 7 out. Kerry began to get worried the most their other dogs have had was 6 yet Dany was already on 7 with more to come. 


Up to 11, it looked like that was it! Kerry breathed a sigh of relief as she stood up and stretched. Then she scooped up all the puppies and gently lifted them down in a large pen they couldn't get out of. Then she got Dandy in the pen too (Dandy could get out of the pen if she really wanted to.) so she could feed her puppies. Kerry watched in delight as the puppies sucked at their mum.


After few minuets the door opened and her mum peered in, Sam. "What on earth are you doing down here?" Sam bellowed at Kerry. 

"Dandy has just had puppies!" 

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