Till' Death May We Part

Crystal, and her sister Jade are left alone one day, the day the world as they knew it would go horribly wrong. They find Crystals boyfriend and set off to find survioirs and a place safe. (I AM REALLY BAD AT DESRIPTIONS BTW ITS BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS)


10. Tears

They sorround him. theres no room for him to escape. "No!!" I shout tears rolling down my face. " Jared!!" I Jump off the boat. Tears trickiling down. "No Were not leaving with  out a fight, You hurt him so I'll hurt you twice has bad you son of  bitch, how dare you!" I shout, voice shaking. Suddenly there's gun shots comeing from where Jared was. They fell over and there he was.  "Run Cc Get on the damn boat!"Jared yells I run and he runs  on to the boat also. " drive Jade!" we yell. and then we're driveing. Away down the river. "Jared." I say as I hug him. "Don't you dare do that again do you hear." He smiles a strained smile he wipes the tears  from my face. "don't, it makes me sad when you cry, Im here now,were all safe" I look at him. " well for now  anyway" Jared says as he takes in the sorroundings. Jared turns my face towards him and kisses me. "I love you Cc don't you forget that I will never leave you ". Jared says. I don't know what will happen now but what ever happens we'll fight till the end. we will stick together. For now we'll get to Jared's aunts house then check on our family's. Then I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see.  
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