Till' Death May We Part

Crystal, and her sister Jade are left alone one day, the day the world as they knew it would go horribly wrong. They find Crystals boyfriend and set off to find survioirs and a place safe. (I AM REALLY BAD AT DESRIPTIONS BTW ITS BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS)


2. Escape

                                                     Chapter 2         I look at Jade. " What's happend?!" I-I- dont understand"Jade says worringly. " It's like out of one of thoese zombie films".  All of a sudden there was a loud crash and a scream coming from the neighbors house.  "Jake!!"Jade screams as she runs to open the door to get to  Jake. Jake was our neighbor. He was friends with Jade and he had a older brother called Jared whom I am dating. "No Jade." I say to her as I grab her before she opens the door.   Jade hugs me and she starts to cry.   "We have to help them,"Jade sobs "Yeah,but it'll be hard though.Follow me and do as I say okay?"     "Fineee..,"Jade sighs. I tell her to go  and get me a pice of wood. I grab them and hand one to her "Be careful with this only use it if you really need too."I say Jade nods.  
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